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  • Avatar for Animeteal Animeteal 4 years ago

    This might be long and rambly but I'll try and make sense, also in this I hope to not offend anyone or their opinions. I think there were things that FFXIII did, that they did right and for some reasons. When people talk about how linear this game is but, as one person says, is okay in X because of the plot. You have to think about the right now when it comes to whats happening; the characters really couldn't go back or take the time to explore all that much. Like when they were in Palumpolum they were being targeted by the psicom and f they got caught they would be executed on the big screens. So when duing that time could they think,"Let me go back towards the group of people that want to kill me and do a sidequest for them." Yeah, that wouldn't happen at all, and if you were in such a situation you do it either.

    My point is that the linearity in 13 makes sense, all the times when there was a sense of go from point A to point B, I never disagreed, not because i'm blinded by the aesthetics or some other nonsense. But because I know it makes sense, you can't go back because people want to kill you. In 10 you go from one location to the other because you have to go on your pilgrimage, defeat sin. However you can go back as much as you want because they are not in the same boat as the 13 characters, as often, you know what event i'm refering to.

    The characters, I thought some of them were fine and some of them needed work. Snow was my only porblem, because whenever there was a dire crisis Snow would always pop into the scene and talk about being heroes, it was sweet but annoying. Lightning is cold and stoic because thats just who she is and I don't see a problem with it, she is a soldier, how much emotion should a soldier convey. Vanille and Fang were two women who dealt with the pain of their focuses and the guilt that came with it. Vanille is commendable in my eyes because I find her to possess a lot of guilt over the completion of her focus and cursing Dhaj, let's not forgtet, but still puts on a happy and bubbly personality. Regardless the characters are nice one should just try and understand from the characters point of view,and think about whats happening around them. We can't ecpect to understand and feel for the character immediately because they are going through some things that we are probably not going through,or ever will hopefully. Such as societal oppression, going on an adventure with strangers here and there.

    The gameplay was nice, and it provided a challenge to people,but if you read the directions and the library you had the resources to do well in battle, it just relied on you to mmaster it. All without being spoonfed the entire way,honestly it took me sometime to learn some of themechanincs but I feel more rewarded after I took the time to learn the skills I need to be ruthless and a tridistator on the battlefield.

    In conclusion,I think that the game was very good for what it was, is it But is it the worst thing ever, I think it was a good step forward. It offered great world design,character design, battle gameplay that kept me constantly thinking, and the characters were nice too.

    Posted in It's Time to Admit Final Fantasy XIII Wasn't Actually That Bad

  • Avatar for Animeteal Animeteal 4 years ago

    @XingHua31 on the bright side it was something they fixed in FFXIII-2.

    Posted in It's Time to Admit Final Fantasy XIII Wasn't Actually That Bad