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  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe 8 days ago

    @TheEndless I found the whole Kawakami romance story line to be problematic. Kawakami's confidant storyline is really good. The previous student as the source of her guilt, her desire to help her student, the blackmailing parents forcing her to find maid work. It all really works and fits into the themes of the game!

    The fact that you can romance her and that she continues to play along with the maid persona seems to fly in the face of the game's themes.

    As mentioned above Kawakami is your teacher and you have blackmail material against her. There's some seriously messed up power dynamics here. A teacher is never in a position to have a relationship with their student that isn't tainted by that power dynamic. I'd also say the protagonists's situation of possessing career destroying blackmail is similarly fraught. Add to that the huge age and experience gap and there's nothing about this romantic relationship that isn't problematic.

    Posted in How Games Mess up Romance

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe A month ago

    Whoop! I am really excited to play this game and a Switch port will be how I play it. I enjoyed the first CSH report on Axe of the Blood God.

    Posted in Cosmic Star Heroine Likely Coming to Nintendo Switch, Creator Says

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe A month ago

    @Galgomite Jokes do not need to contain inappropriate material to be funny and there's the big caveat of know your audience. Coworkers are never the appropriate audience for offensive jokes, especially if they are bigoted, sexist, misogynistic, etc. Don't make the work environment hostile for others on your team.

    An making passes at a work party is a big deal when you have a position of power over those you are making advances toward. Having an executive forcibly kiss you or try to hit on you is an awful abuse of power. That person can fire you, make your work life hell, etc. That's predatory behavior.

    I'm really disappointed at all the people trying to deny these charges already. It was posted in La Monde, it went through Editorial review, they have 15 corroborating sources. At the very least that means there is something going on and there should be a proper investigation.

    Posted in David Cage Accused of Fostering a Toxic and Inappropriate Workplace at Quantic Dream

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe 3 months ago

    I want Super Mario Run, but forcing me to play it with internet killed my interest. That's not what I want.

    Posted in Super Mario Run Has "Not yet Reached an Acceptable Profit Point:" Nintendo

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe 4 months ago

    I've come to loathe grinding as I get older. I recently tried to play FFIV and was having an okay time until I hit a point where it felt I needed to grind and I just bounced off it. I had a similar problem with Fire Emblem: Awakenings with all the random side battles. I had to tell myself I would only play story missions and nothing else or I just lost interest.

    On the other hand I thought Persona 5 was great. I never did any grinding. Just moving through the dungeons, methodically fighting the enemies made me strong enough for every boss and also allowed me to cruise through Mementos without even thinking. I do feel like P5 had some places where it could be cut down.

    As@Talraen said I would much rather have a game that's tight, focused and short than padded and long. Same thing with movies and oftentimes books but we are seeing bloat in all those formats.

    Posted in Down With Grinding

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe 4 months ago

    Due to a misread bus schedule I made it to my target 15 minutes after opening. I walked in, bought a SNES classic and walked out 5 minutes later. They kept the units at the service counter (right inside).

    For the NES classic the same store just opened the doors and allowed the line of people to rampage through the store. It was a total crapshow. So I'm much, much happier with this year's experience.

    Posted in Hopeful SNES Classic Customers Face Long Lines at Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, but Most Come Away Happy

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe 5 months ago

    I could almost see a platform system working for a Final Fantasy game but Square-Enix would need to really pull back on the scope of their games or at least showing some patience. It's hard to make a platform when you save the entire world in the main game.

    I imagine a series of connected story lines with well developed characters where you can really get to know a world over hundreds of hours. Each story line develops the world, shows you the movers, shakers and those caught in the undertow and gives you different perspectives by telling an intimate tale. These intimate tales connect or maybe just inform each other giving the world more context. They can show a world growing and changing and dealing with conflicts, dangers and disasters.

    Multiplayer outings are slotted in carefully. Maybe the last story resulted in a battle so the multiplayer focuses on that large scale battle. Or players are tasked with a search and rescue mission on a place devastated by a summon.

    I don't think it's likely but there could be a way to do a platform right for a single player game. FFXV is not it.

    Posted in Square Enix: "Gone are the Days in Which Single-player Games Were of Primary Status"

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe 6 months ago

    I'm just so disappointed in the whole debacle. If Nintendo wants to continually play this game where a fanatical minority gets the product at the expense of the general consumer so they can prove the value of their brand they can count me out. I love Nintendo games but I don't want to have to shiv someone on the 3rd day of my Best Buy camp to get one of their products. Maybe I'll stick with a laptop with Steam.

    Posted in The SNES Classic Pre-Order Debacle is a Bad Look for Nintendo

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe 6 months ago

    @JamesSwiftDay I don't remember the details but the GBC's screen construction has a reflective layer that is adhered directly to the screen and can't be separated without damaging the LCD. Colin has a video about this too

    Posted in There's a New Game Boy Color Mod and It's "Lit"

  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe ArdeaAbe 8 months ago

    Metroid: Samus Returns
    Mario Odyssey

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Is Your Favorite Game of E3 2017?