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  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    @jeremy.parish Ahh, now that you mention it, that's a valid point. There was a deliberate pace in the classic NES series that made it great.

    On the other hand, I also find that hard to translate into 3D, and Lords of Shadow was, I think, as good as we were gonna get at that point. The transition between offence and countering and vice-versa was what I felt was the 'rhythm' of the game, the same way Castlevania 1 had a 'rhythm' of whipping and jumping. It may not be an accurate translation of the old classics, but it's a modern interpretation, I would say IMO.

    Do you have any 3D games in mind that successfully translated that Castlevania pace? Dark Souls will probably be the one that comes to mind for most people, but I figure there must be at least one other, more action-oriented series that nails it.

    And yeah, Mirror of Fate was a bit of a letdown.

    Posted in Mercurysteam + Metroid: An Opportunity Lost? Or a Bullet Dodged?

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    I enjoyed my time with the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection (the first one and Mirror of Fate HD "bundled" together), and I can't fathom why people are saying "It's not Castlevania".

    To be fair, my view of Castlevania has always been skewed towards the older games, and the definitive Castlevania for me has been Super Castlevania 4, not Symphony of the Night. Lords of Shadow felt, personally, a very welcome return to that straightforward action style from Castlevania 1-4 and Dracula X / Rondo of Blood.

    I am also one of the few who found little complaints with how they handled Other M, but that's another, LONGER, story for another time.

    Would I have been happy with MercurySteam handling Metroid? I don't know. The closest parallel to a Metroid-ish game that I've played from MercurySteam is Mirror of Fate HD, and that was a bit simplistic for a Metroidvania. A new Metroid, at this point in time, needs to be handled with a bit more finesse than MercurySteam could pull off. As mentioned in the article, Metroid fans are hung up on Samus as a tough, silent protagonist, and it could be hard for MercurySteam to get right.

    Not saying that they COULDN'T, but that it's a big risk. I think even Nintendo is treading carefully at this point, hence, the lack of Samus in Federation Force.

    Posted in Mercurysteam + Metroid: An Opportunity Lost? Or a Bullet Dodged?

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    @andrewjameschua87 Definitely beatable solo, although some bosses may end up being wars of attrition if you don't have really good lethal guns. By "lethal" I mean "non-tranquilizer and non-shock" weapons, so even if you go for a pacifist approach for the other missions, don't forget to research for your assault rifles and such for the bosses.
    @bobservo Was there any "transfarring" for the HD version of Peace Walker? I'm quite tempted to restart, but if there was an option I'd go for it.

    Posted in Comfort Food Games: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    @chiptoon The great thing about Peace Walker is that the entire game is broken into 5-10 minute chunks. You can squeeze in a couple of story missions into half an hour of play (accounting for cutscenes). It's what makes it so conducive to portable consoles.

    I played the entire game on PSP. Switching to Vita, I had to tone down the look sensitivity to allow for the right stick remapping, but once you tweak that, it works.

    Posted in Comfort Food Games: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    @bobservo I've been dying to ask, Bob... Horse-sized Cardboard Box?

    On another note, will there be multiplayer Side-Ops like Peace Walker, or is all multiplayer ffocused on Metal Gear Online?

    Posted in Don't Think You're a Metal Gear Solid Fan? The Phantom Pain Will Change Your Mind

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    @pennybags Sonic and the Secret Rings was... OK. It does say a lot, though, when I've actually finished Sonic '06 but not Secret Rings... so count me in that very small group that actually had some fun with '06.

    I will agree that pushing more towards exploratory gameplay hurt Sonic Boom 3DS. It felt more like a 2D Sly Cooper game than a Sonic game (oh hey, Sanzaru made the last Sly game, too), and I'm not completely sold on how they're attempting to rectify that.

    As long as they're not citing Sonic Labyrinth on Game Gear as an influence...

    Posted in What's Next for Sonic the Hedgehog (and friends)?

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    Very interesting read, Mike and thankfully bereft of sensationalist prose that permeates other articles on the topic.

    I come at this from the perspective of an Asian, so fair warning given.

    European fantasy hasn't been very common here until the Lord of the Rings movies blew it up to mainstream acceptance here. So as a society, we've only been catching up to the swords & sorcery medieval fantasy genre. We've never really given much thought to the "whiteness" of a fantasy work simply because, to most of us, all foreigners are white, and that works in favour of medieval fantasy because it adds to the mysticism.

    (Remember, not all Asians are fair-skinned people. South-East Asians are predominantly brown-skinned, which is what living near the equator will do to your complexion.)

    Having said that... It also bothers me that most Western developers eventually default to Tolkien-esque settings when developing fantasy works. Considering we're not as exposed to these tropes as other cultures it's a noticeable trend.

    Heck, most prominent Western devs (Blizzard especially) make fantasy games that fall into one of two settings, medieval fantasy and sci-fi. And, just to mix it up, post-apocalyptic.

    Other people have noted Japanese anime/manga settings and I think that speaks to the variety of fantasy settings brought about by not having a genre-defining work hanging over your shoulder. Naruto has vaguely Japanese elements, but includes a whole world with a fully developed mythology and several cultures represented as different countries. One Piece has a setting where seafaring is the predominant way of life and the society that evolved from that. Dragonball's is... I don't know, Oriental-ish Sci-fi?

    Each of these is fantasy, but each of them has a very distinct flavour that doesn't reflect the others. But the one thing I noticed about them: they represent different cultures aside from the main characters (In Dragonball's case, even alien cultures).

    European Tolkien-esque fantasy is great, but I'm with Mike: We need more fantasy realms to visit that don't adhere strictly with that tradition.

    Posted in On The Witcher 3, Race, and Fantasy Homages

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    @SOUP32 Oh man, I'm surprised another person loves the PSP Go. I got the PSP Go as my 2nd PSP, for the bluetooth and form factor. As a weirdo who uses the PSP as a media player, it was one heck of a system. It also forced me to favour digital releases for the PSP... which was good because a lot of the newer ones I bought were Vita-compatible (except for Phantasy Star Portable 2... which I miss so terribly much). I let go of it once I got my Vita because it's become somewhat redundant, but many times I still wish I hadn't.

    Unfortunately, I can't nominate the PSP as my favourite handheld game system since I used it mainly as an iPod replacement. The 3DS wins hands down for sheer breadth and depth of the library (and I've amassed quite a bit of DS and 3DS games).

    Vita a close second though... for its semi-backwards compatibility and for its better than expected battery life. My venerable launch Vita can still manage better battery life than even my new 3DS XL some days (although whether that's down to me using it mostly as a music player than a gaming system or not is probably open to scrutiny).

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your All-Time Favorite Handheld System?

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 2 years ago

    A lot of portable games are incredible, but I'm going to skip over some of the really nice games that just don't translate well to the portable nature of handhelds. I play handhelds often on commutes and while waiting in crowded places so most RPGs and Rhythm games are not conducive to those environments (I'm sorry Ouendan and Rhythm Thief)

    So, my picks come down mostly to Sonic Rush, Dragon Quest IX (yes, I know it's an RPG) and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

    Sonic Rush - I've found Sonic games are the best pick up and play platformers because the whole point of the game is to 'go fast', and if I've got 5 mins to play, I'll want to go fast. I'm going with Sonic Rush because it's what I feel is the best of the Sonic Advance series. Also, that Hideki Naganuma OST is the most Sega-ish OST of any recent Sega game I can think of, except JSRF (no suprise).

    Dragon Quest IX - While, yes this is an RPG with a pretty long campaign, Dragon Quest games in particular work well for those 'zoning out' moments. Those short sessions where you just grind out stuff or do small things, like treasure map hunting and such, are perfect for portables and Dragon Quest has that goldilocks ratio of grind to progress (just when you think you're all grinded out, somebody levels up).

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Because you never know when somebody somewhere will call for an impromptu hunt for a monster and you somehow feel obligated to join in. Because hunting that Zinogre one more time hoping that it will drop that one last material you need for that weapon you're crafting can't wait. Because you just found out that the materials you need for that armour are available from that Gathering Quest that'll take you just 7 mins to complete. Because you just completed a whole set of equipment that you just wanna try out.
    Any Monster Hunter game works, but MH4U's vertical combat adds a new dimension (pun not intended) to hunting, and the terrain suddenly becomes another tool in your belt.

    Honorable Mention: Strangely, of all the MonHun-ish clones I've played, the one that I've really, really loved is MGS: Peace Walker. It's not a clone per se, but some elements that make Monster Hunter what it is make it to Peace Walker (grinding bosses for materials and multiplayer-centric missions being obvious ones) and I believe MonHun influenced Peace Walker's development in some way.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's your All-Time Favorite Handheld Game?

  • Avatar for Asintador Asintador 3 years ago

    This reminds me of the time when I told a friend I couldn't stomach playing Hotline Miami because it was basically a game about senseless violence.

    But I play CoD and enjoy it so... does that make me a hypocrite? :)

    Back to MonHun though, it's definitely a testament to Capcom's animators that the monsters feel so lifelike, from the way they stumble and trip and fall down, to the way they clamber and fly and try to chew your head off. Even how that Popo's body twitches after you kill it... (Sorry for putting that image into your head).

    Dangit, can't wait for MH4U.

    Disclaimer: I am an omnivore.

    Posted in Monster Hunter and the Conflicted Vegetarian