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  • Avatar for Bander Bander A year ago

    No Turtle Village from Golden Axe?

    Posted in The 10 Best Turtles in Video Games

  • Avatar for Bander Bander A year ago

    Landstalker was on my mind very recently also.

    This was because of the indie/fan project that is trying to make a low-res 2D Zelda game but with physics more comparable to Breath of the Wild. I was reminded of just how amazingly solid everything in Landstalker seemed to be, and that the game let players pick up and throw or jump on and ride on so much, even if it was already moving. And that was a 1992 cartridge game that also boasted good animation, decent difficulty and length, lots of puzzles and plenty of charm!

    Posted in Starting Screen: Why Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Already the Fastest Selling Game in the Series' History

  • Avatar for Bander Bander A year ago

    For a company that is primarily about software, it's remarkable how far they are falling behind in this area when their hardware is looking pretty good (Xbox One S, Scorpio, the success of the Surface range, forward thinking projects like Hololens, and even their phones boasted some of the best cameras and displays out there).

    Falling behind on software has largely been the problem with Windows Phone 7/8/10 Mobile also. How do MS keep making this mistake? It strikes me as unlikely that it's beyond their ability, as the original Xbox had incredible success in attracting lots of enviable exclusives despite MS starting from scratch as a games console maker.

    I'm very sad about Scalebound. And it's apparent many others are also. We wanted to see what Kamiya and Platinum could do next with a completely original game on modern hardware.

    If it's true that the game was cancelled because of missing development milestones, that's an incredible shame when compared to Sony's willingness to wait so much longer for The Last Guardian.

    Posted in Revisiting Xbox E3 2014: Remembering All The Games That Died

  • Avatar for Bander Bander A year ago

    Batman VR?

    Skip to 21 minutes 25 seconds.Edited October 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Batman: Arkham VR PlayStation 4 Review: A Real Stand-Up Hero

  • Avatar for Bander Bander 2 years ago

    I always thought of Starglider 2 (Amiga, 1988) as being Star Fox's main precursor. Visually they have a lot in common:

    Starglider 2 wasn't on rails, but Argonaut did port Sega's After Burner to the Amiga and Atari ST as well.

    Posted in Argonaut's X, the Rough Draft for Star Fox, Highlights the Compromises of Game Design

  • Avatar for Bander Bander 2 years ago

    I'm a bit late clicking on this, but the idea of a Transformers augmented reality game using real vehicles has very much sparked my imagination! Not sure how it could be a game, or even if it needs to be. But I suspect object recognition is going to need some time to mature before it's viable.

    As for other franchises that could have features away from your gaming system, I always thought Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast missed a trick when it didn't have a Visual Memory program to let players feed their MAGs. That wouldn't have been something that would have required location-based services though.

    Posted in What Other Game Franchises Should Receive the Pokémon GO Treatment?

  • Avatar for Bander Bander 2 years ago

    @sean697 I remember thinking that the GX400 had to be more powerful than the Master System, as the screenshots on the back of the SMS Fire and Forget II box looked much better than how the SMS game inside appeared, and I had no knowledge of the game being on any formats other than SMS and GX4000. That, and the GX4000 was newer and slightly more expensive, so it had to be better in some way, right?

    But I've looked up the game on GX4000 on YouTube just now and it looks worse than the SMS version I played, quite a lot worse. I'm guessing the misleading screenshots came from a version I didn't know about, maybe the Amiga one. The GX4000 may not even have been able to match the SMS at scrolling and sprite handling.

    Posted in Consoles You've Never Heard of: Amstrad GX4000

  • Avatar for Bander Bander 3 years ago

    It always struck me as odd that Sega thought Monster World IV wouldn't be popular, yet in the present day, there seems to be a new 2D low-res Metroidvania every few days and people are lapping them up.

    Oddly, there was a delay for this series that went in reverse also. Japan didn't get Monster World II (also known as Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap) in its original Master System form, even though Sega did release it elsewhere including in the US. Japanese gamers had to either wait for the Game Gear port three years later, or get Dragon's Curse on PC-Engine two years later, which was slightly odd-looking (the extra colours on the re-drawn sprites didn't work with the animation as well as they did on Master System).

    Posted in The Long Journey West: 8 Japanese Games that Took Their Time Making it to America

  • Avatar for Bander Bander 3 years ago

    Greatest shooter? With such a huge proportion of console, arcade and computer games involving shooting, that's like picking a favourite game out of half of all games I've ever played!

    If pushed I'd have to go with Space Harrier though. A shallow game, but that didn't stop it taking over my imagination from the moment I first saw it. But I could almost just as easily say Radiant Silvergun, Pulstar, Power Strike and Aleste 2, R-Type. Panzer Dragoon Orta, Child of Eden, Halo 2, Titanfall, Gears of War, the first Star Wars arcade game, Gunstar Heroes...

    I know I'm going to think of more as soon as I post this.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your all-time Greatest Shooter?

  • Avatar for Bander Bander 3 years ago

    The "the first truly 3D first-person shooter (by which they mean "totally made out of polygons")" that I played is Driller, a game for home computers from 1987. It did allow for full movement and rotation along x, y and z, (more apparent once you found the flying vehicle) and used filled polygons.

    However, Driller ran sluggishly on the hardware at the time. It was more of an adventure game than an action one, although it did still include shooting.

    Posted in Revisiting Descent, the Most Literal Interpretation of "3D Shooter"