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  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien 2 months ago

    @VotesForCows I can hear my PS4 through my headphones, it sounds like it's going to take off. Poor thing, it doesn't get used since last may, then suddenly all this heavy lifting. Blame capcom for holding off the PC release until Autumn!

    Posted in An Ode to Felynes, Monster Hunter's Fur-Bearing Rodeo Clowns

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien 3 months ago

    @Fade2Gray It feels like a conversation about Skyrim today can't take place without mentioning the modding community. But I got the Switch version because Mods can be such a a distraction. I've owned Skyrim, all the DLC's for years, and have 200 hours odd according to Steam.

    But how much of that was just playing and enjoying the game was limited, partially because I couldn't resist the allure of the mods. Playing on the the Switch where it's not available has lead to a rediscovery of the game and in many ways i feel like I'm playing it for the first time (and greatly enjoying it). Though I do miss the cosmetic mods and their improvement of pretty much everything.

    Posted in Skyrim's Long Overdue Reappraisal

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien 3 months ago

    With the WIi U, I struggled to give it screen time, against the PC, heck my PS4 was barely played last year except for Horizon.

    I would be happy for Nintendo to port the entire Wii U first party catalog over because I might actually get a chance to play them on the Switch.

    Posted in 2018 Will Be the Year of the Switch Port

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien 4 months ago

    @Vaporeon I find myself laughing at how much I care, and how much i get wrapped up in it and the OTT epic music in the background.

    Posted in The All-Consuming Emotions of Food in Video Games

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien 4 months ago

    If the format of this game intrigues you there's an anime current in it's third season called Food Wars (Shokugeki). It's about a kid from what appears to be a pretty standard family run diner getting accepted into an elite cooking school where people solve arguments and advance their academic careers via ludicrously dramatic (but as far as I can tell, well researched and grounded) cooking competitions.

    It's tropey and entirely ridiculous but me and my wife love it. We have to be eating dinner while we watch it though or we just get hungry all the food looks gorgeous.

    That show is the main reason i bought the game :)Edited December 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in The All-Consuming Emotions of Food in Video Games

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien 9 months ago

    I rather liked the phrase: "God shits in my dinner once again" because it was so absurd and yet so apt, and the delivery just sold it. I'm hoping I remember to steal it for my personal use.

    Posted in Castlevania Netflix Review: Fans Will Cry Bloody Tears Of Joy

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien 10 months ago

    I really like Heroes of the Storm.

    As an adult with all those commitments and responsibilities that come with it MOBA's tend to be a daunting prospect, as much as I really like the general idea of them.

    It is an easier game to learn than most, but with plenty to master in the long term, especially with new heroes being added at a rate of about one a month, and these usually coming alongside hefty reworks of existing characters to open up new play-styles and to try and diversify talent choices.

    That Penny Arcade comic did wind me up a little as maps aren't complicated (it's usually; do objective thing > objective thing gives advantage/hurts the core) and matches are generally over within 20 mins unless the two teams struggle to find an advantage

    2.0 brought me back to it after lapsing in the first year when the game did have issues. I think I'll be playing it for quite a long time.

    Posted in On its Second Anniversary, Heroes of the Storm Has Finally Turned a Corner

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien 11 months ago

    I was going to buy this, when I realised what I wanted was a straight up Tetris game, like the much adored Tetris DS that I lost entire days to.

    So I'll leave it for now, but I end up owning tetris on every handheld I own (going back to the original chunky gameboy), so if this is the only Tetris that comes out for Switch, it's an inevitability!

    Posted in Puyo Puyo Tetris Review

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien A year ago

    Considering I recently shifted all my wii u stuff to a friend so he could play BoTW, I'd be down for both bayonetta's remastered and rereleased on the PC!

    Posted in Is Bayonetta Finally Being Freed of Her Last-Gen Prison?

  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien Barelyhomosapien A year ago

    Playing the Treasure Trove and Bind of Isaac: Afterbirth on my commute at the moment, since "finishing" zelda (killed ganon, but intend to return to just explore and do side quests after a break)

    Posted in Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Review