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  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 11 days ago

    I've been looking forward to this one quite a bit! I've read of frame rate struggles in other reviews as well, so hopefully the devs cleanup the frame rate for the Switch version at some point soon.

    Posted in Dead Cells Review

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 3 months ago

    Great game, but they're asking too much for a port, that was originally $49.99 and then down to $19.99 at the end of its life on Wii U. Come on Nintendo, why the grubbing here? Your console is already wildly successful and this type of pricing is unnecessary!

    Posted in Tropical Freeze Abruptly Disappears From Wii U eShop Ahead of Switch Release

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 4 months ago

    There's a chapter about this game in the book Blood, Sweat, and Pixels that's pretty good and worth a read if you're interested in this game's development (and some other bigger games as well).

    Posted in Stardew Valley Creator Wanted to Avoid "Underpaid, Overworked" Game Industry Culture

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 5 months ago

    This is pretty bad. If you don’t care about game stats then you’re welcome to ignore them (and maybe Nintendo can provide an option to stop tracking them too if a user pleases), but to a lot of users they’re important. While it’s disappointing that Switch doesn’t have any form of achievements like other modern consoles (or detailed stats like XONE or Steam), at least it had this to track how much time you spent with a game. Such a disappointment they got even this wrong. Hopefully it will be fixed (and expanded upon) soon!Edited March 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Your Nintendo Switch Time Played Counters Might Be Resetting Soon [Update #2]

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 6 months ago

    I'm always going to want full ownership of my game library, and really dislike the idea of some games going away because of a subscription lapse. This is the reason I never get the "free" games with PS+ and XONE title with Xbox Live (though with Xbox live there is the added bonus that X360 games you redeem you actually do own indefinitely, and you can buy a game you got for "free" with the service by clicking "buy to own" at any time).

    This is a nice idea, and it's cool that if offers a discount if you to opt to buy anything in its catalogue, but for someone like me, it makes little sense. In fact, it's just plain odd when you consider the fact that was pointed out above; MS would be losing money if they put out more than 2 exclusives in a year, so why put them on the service day one? What does this mean for their plans of exclusive content, when the entire industry agrees this is where they've faltered the worst.

    At the end of the day, more options for people is always good, just as long as we don't lose the ability to "own" things that we really want to, or see weird price manipulation to keep people from wanting to "buy to own."

    Posted in How Xbox Game Pass Affects the Future of Microsoft's Console

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 6 months ago

    So did they give the option to import/export saves via PC?

    Posted in Darkest Dungeon is a Must-Own for Nintendo Switch RPG Fans

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 9 months ago

    The way they've described the three monikers is:

    - 4k means the game runs in native 4k
    - HDR means there is HDR
    - Xbox One Enhanced means that there are other additional bells and whistles like higher framerates, more effects, and higher resolutions that aren't native 4k, etc.

    Not too confusing if you know the difference, but I could see someone who has no idea what these mean thinking all things run in native 4k. eplains it.Edited 4 times. Last edited November 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in "Xbox One X Enhanced" Doesn't Always Mean What You Think It Does

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 9 months ago

    Digital Foundry has a pretty rad tech breakdown of this thing if you’re into the real nitty gritty,

    They found some huge improvements over base hardware (e.g. Witcher 3 loading a full minute faster than base hardware, Project Cars, and 360 titles like Bayonetta and MGR keeping a steady 60fps, plus the games that are patched to take advantage). Worth checking out imo if you're interested at all in this stuff. They basically give a big thumbs up for it, especially if you play a lot of 3d party titles.

    Posted in Xbox One X Review: Our Verdict on Microsoft's Premium Console

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 11 months ago

    Here's hoping they add a few more bells and whistles beyond 4k, especially for those on 1080p sets.

    Posted in The Witcher 3's 4K Upgrade May Be Coming Soon to the PlayStation 4 Pro

  • Avatar for BigPrimeNumbers BigPrimeNumbers 11 months ago

    @Mega_Matt I did the same. Got the confirmation email and hour later, shows in my purchase history, and has charged my credit card. Seems like it went through, though this whole SNES Classic situation is a mess.

    Posted in Walmart's SNES Classic Pre-Orders are a Mess... Again