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  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 4 years ago

    Lots of lovely stuff was approved today. Most exciting for me is Oniken and Legend of Iya. The pixels please me so.

    Posted in 100 New Games Greenlit on Steam

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 4 years ago

    2 thoughts on Shadow of the Beast, for which I am very excited:

    1) I hope the new game places the same emphasis on eerie, haunting sound design that the original did. That esoteric music has stuck with me for my entire life.

    2) I hope that some folks from the now defunct Psygnosis are working on this new one. That would grant so much legitimacy to the project.

    Posted in Sony at Gamescom: The Round-Up

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 5 years ago

    "FFXII is one of my favorite games ever"

    It's comments like this that remind me why I followed Jeremy Parish to this site in the first place. Keep on being that bastion of good taste JP!

    Posted in Is Final Fantasy Dead?

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 5 years ago

    Another spot on piece Pete. It's reassuring to read about your personal struggle with social anxiety, as your experiences mirror my own. I was a fighting game enthusiast for most of my young life. When online gaming finally became the norm with the XB360, and PS3, I was so excited to enter a world of infinite play and endless opponents for Street Fighter, DOA, etc. Then reality struck hard. The constant mockery and garbage language made me feel so unwelcome that I could never have any fun, and still can't to this day . . . unless it's local multiplayer. It can be tough out there for those of us who go online expecting fun and basic human decency.

    Posted in The Importance of Wheaton's Law

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 5 years ago

    Those graphics are really reminiscent of PS1 era 2D treats. I'm getting a strong Tomba vibe off of the character sprites for some reason. I'm definitely interested.Edited July 2013 by Unknown

    Posted in You Should Play Fortune Summoners

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 5 years ago

    Featured prominently in my imagination: A celebratory Shantae retail release that features the original and Risky's Revenge on one cart for the 3DS. A boy can dream.

    Posted in Virtual Spotlight: Shantae

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 5 years ago

    I'm just going to take the opportunity to be the guy who grumbles about how Media Vision needs to stop making mobile RPGS for Square, and Shining games for the PSP . . . and needs to pull themselves by their bootstraps, give Sony a call, and make me a new Wild Arms. Not having one on the PS3 is an endless source or sadness for me. The optimist that I keep sequestered in a corner in the back of my head keeps telling me that these are the projects that they're doing so that they can fund a new WA title . . . but I don't hold out much hope for such things.

    Posted in Chaos Rings Coming to Vita

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 5 years ago

    I was just at the show in Allentown, PA last night (07/14). These guys put on a heck of a show. Certain bits were alittle hokey, but they've gotta put stuff in there to appeal to the younger folk in the audience with no attention span. The Mega Man, Casltevania, Shadow of the Colossus and Chrono Trigger/Cross arrangements made my evening. Plenty of pleasant surprises.

    Posted in Twitch Streaming Video Games Live This Weekend

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 5 years ago

    I've always been pretty indifferent to this series, so I can't speak from experience; however, your concerns seem super legitimate. They echo my fears about the current state of the zombie genre not just in games, but in film, television, etc. Zombies used to mean something. Romero used them as powerful metaphors. With the exception of the simplest "crowded modern life" commentary, the zombie fad today seems to just be an excuse to showcase and celebrate brutal human on humanoid violence without worrying about moral outcry.

    Also, the return of human psycho enemies is confirmed for 3.

    Posted in 3 Reasons I Worry About Dead Rising 3

  • Avatar for BitBrushStudios BitBrushStudios 5 years ago

    Oldschool MH fan chiming in. I still have my launch day copy of MH for the PS2. I bought a keyboard and the network adapter solely for that game.

    Posted in In Monster Hunter, It Takes a Village to Raise a Child...