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  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 2 days ago

    I still haven't purchased a physical game for my Switch since I got it at launch. A 200gb Micro SD card was a day-one purchase for me.

    Posted in Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in May, but Not Everyone Is Happy About It

  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 29 days ago

    Played an hour or two on PC after I got it during a Steam sale, largely due to the coverage it got on Axe of the Blood God. However, I just had to wait for the Switch version.

    I'm loving it. The narrator makes the game, IMO. Apparently Red Hook found the voice actor from his Lovecraft audiobooks. Amazing fit for both!

    Word of caution: Apparently the Crimson Court DLC for the Switch version is bugged where some of the longer missions fail to save your progress in the dungeons.

    Posted in Darkest Dungeon is a Must-Own for Nintendo Switch RPG Fans

  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 5 months ago

    @Thad Protip: The "L" button automatically Talks/Checks based on the context.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #17: EarthBound

  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 7 months ago

    @Kat.Bailey I have a technical question about the screen that might be hard to explain.

    On standard LCD screens (at least, low resolution ones), you can see each pixel individually due to a tiny gap between each one.

    However, on a 3DS screen when you turn off the 3D, you cannot see any gaps between pixels in a row. It makes things look kind of blurry with 3D turned off.

    Here's an illustration I made if that helps:

    Does the 2DS screen have the gaps, or does it look like a 3DS screen with 3D turned off?

    Posted in Nintendo New 2DS XL Review: The 3DS Model You Should Own

  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 7 months ago

    I didn't play the NES version, but I did play the Metal Gear 1 and 2 on the Metal Gear Solid HD collection in anticipation of MGSV. I think they were tucked away in the collection's version of MGS3.

    I had a lot of fun with them, and it was surprising to see just how many things from these games Kojima brought back in the later iterations.

    Posted in On Its 30th Anniversary, Revisiting the Original Metal Gear

  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 7 months ago

    @Kat.Bailey So silly you still have to find save points, but thank goodness sleep mode is now a standard.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Review: A Near Perfect Remaster of an Underappreciated Gem

  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 7 months ago

    This and Persona 5 have been my most anticipated games this year.

    FFXII is a game I put a fair amount of time into, but I think my WoW habit and the release of the Wii/Twilight Princess a few weeks later ultimately distracted me away from it. I always wanted to go back to it, but I feel like the transition into the new generation of consoles made it more difficult. That, and the damn PS2's disc read problems.

    I enjoyed the logic that went into the gambit system. Fine tuning your party's behavior and watching battles play out exactly how you intended was immensely satisfying, and unlocking another slot or action was always very exciting.

    Count me in as someone who was hoping for a PC release, but I've realized having PS4 remote play as an option is a huge plus for me.

    Can't wait to dive back in. I've had it preordered since January, but Amazon's currently delivery estimate is Thursday, which sucks but you can't beat the Prime discount!

    Edit: Of course, I'd prefer it on Switch!Edited July 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Review: A Near Perfect Remaster of an Underappreciated Gem

  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 7 months ago
  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 9 months ago

    Not a party scenario, but on break at work. I generally play games on my breaks (usually on 3DS, but now that the Switch is out I've been bringing it most days) and I work in a room with 5 other people doing data processing and some light programming. So yeah, it almost goes without saying most of them like to play games here and there.

    I realized that Mario Kart 8 was pretty much a requirement for me to buy due to my work environment, and also that it seemed like the perfect way to show off the multiplayer capabilities of the Switch.

    On Friday, when break time arrived, I handed the right joy-con to the coworker closest to me and we were off to the races. We passed the controller around to a few other people and had a blast.

    The built-in multiplayer aspect of the Switch wasn't really a selling point for me, but it's turning out to be a damned cool feature. I'm excited to bring it to my next family gathering and challenge my dad and nephew to a few races.

    Posted in Strangers Bond over Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for BrianClark BrianClark 9 months ago

    I actually disabled 3D through the parental controls on my original 3DS. The technology was neat, but having to hold the device at the exact right position gave me flashbacks of the original GBA's very dim, unlit screen.

    On my New 3DS XL, I actually have it enabled most of the time since the screen can be viewed from a much wider angle with the added face-tracking 3D. Really, the 3D is just a neat little gimmick that just gives the games a little extra oomph on such a low resolution screen. Fun fact: 3D mode technically doubles the horizontal resolution of the top screen. Of course, each eye is seeing a different set of pixels so the games still look the same resolution, but I've always felt there's just a little bit of extra detail in 3D mode.

    Then again, the frame rate tanks in a lot of games in 3D mode (I'm looking at you, Pokemon X and Y), so sometimes I still turn it off.

    But, honestly, I would've taken a higher resolution screen than the 3D one we ended up with. Good riddance 3D; even though I still use you, I'd drop you in a heartbeat.

    Posted in The 2DS XL is More Proof That 3D Was Kind of a Bust for Nintendo