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Having been abandoned by society, I was raised to adulthood by wild computers. Most of the stupid things I did were during the internet&#039;s early days, back when Overclocked was an emulation comic instead of a remix site, so there&#039;s no way you&#039;d find out about them now.<br /> <br /> (I hope.)

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  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 6 days ago

    It sounds like Dragon Quest Builders may be best used as a source of inspiration for what to build in Minecraft. It would be a lot of fun to rebuild everything you constructed in Alefgard except with secret passages, defensive lava moats, and redstone machinery hidden everywhere.

    Posted in Dragon Quest Builders on the Nintendo Switch Isn't Just a "Minecraft Clone", You Platypunks.

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 8 days ago

    I maintain that Superstar Saga is essentially the quintessential Mario movie. It has an excellent dramatic plot that's paradoxically themed around jokes and the Mario Bros. themselves act as a pair of Charlie Chaplins guiding us through the whole thing.

    Posted in Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Why He Put his Faith in Illumination Entertainment for the Animated Super Mario Bros Movie

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 13 days ago

    I'm not very familiar with Star Wars or Star Trek; I grew up with Red Dwarf instead. I did enjoy episodes 7 and 8 in theaters, but not without caveats. Episode 7 taught me to never watch another 3D movie ever again since the glasses barely fit my head and the added visual depth just made the whole thing look EXACTLY like a Paper Mario game, while 8 warned me what kind of experience I was in for early on when it couldn't decide if there was gravity in space or not.

    I do fully support the idea of sharing the license with other developers though, if not confiscating it from EA entirely. And as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, I know what it's like to see your favorite franchise suffer for years on end. May Star Wars one day experience that Sonic Mania-style revival.

    Posted in Star Wars Should Do for Video Games What It's Doing With the Movies

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 28 days ago

    I kinda want a secret boss battle against Shovel Knight just to bring things full circle. It's not necessary at all, but it would bee SO heartwarming and might even signal Sony opening up and doing more smart things like allowing cross-platform play in Rocket League.

    Posted in God of War Release Date Confirmed as April 20

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    I really wonder what's happening with the new cartoon. Seems like it would be better for its Mega Man to be more like the classic we all know for the sake of a unified brand push.

    I did like the robot masters that were glimpsed in leaked promotional images. More focus should be put on them when they market the show. And if there's still going to be... urp... "Mega-Mini" in it, I don't think I'll be able to digest that until I see some sort of adversarial relationship with Proto Man and Proto-Mini.

    Now someone announce his return in Super Smash Bros. 5 already.

    Posted in 2018 Will be the Year of Mega Man

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    Man, I remember when Notch offered to fund Psychonauts 2 all by himself. Those were such idyllic times.

    Posted in Psychonauts 2 Will Miss Its 2018 Release

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 2 months ago

    Minecraft did it first! The Minecraft Survival Games were a thing long before PUBG existed, and they were directly modeled after The Hunger Games.

    But seriously, it's fascinating how long these tails tend to get when you follow them. The entirety of human existence, in fact, is thanks to people being able to copy and refine the ideas of people that came before them.

    Posted in PUBG's Creator Wishes Games Had Better IP Protection Because of Copycats

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 2 months ago

    @SIGGYZtar That's a good question and one that's worth repeating to get people thinking. I went and voted to try to prevent all this though. My conscience in clean.

    The problem ultimately seems to lie with how corporate money influences politics. If there's any one factor that turns the political system into a factory that produces the same old clones so our votes don't matter, that's probably it. I understand that a lot of politicians themselves hate how much time they're required to spend on the phone begging for donations too. They sound like hostages at times.

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 2 months ago

    This isn't just about the internet; this is about democracy itself. At least 80% of the population didn't want this, and it happened anyway. That teaches citizens that the government doesn't deserve their faith, that it's not worth engaging with or even defending.

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 2 months ago

    If I cannot beat the Stop to Start shrine, I will be unworthy of playing Mega Man 11. I cannot let mere spikes defeat me.

    Posted in Champions' Ballad Reminds Us of the Best and Worst of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild