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Having been abandoned by society, I was raised to adulthood by wild computers. Most of the stupid things I did were during the internet&#039;s early days, back when Overclocked was an emulation comic instead of a remix site, so there&#039;s no way you&#039;d find out about them now.<br /> <br /> (I hope.)

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  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 15 hours ago

    Time to dust off all those skills you honed monitoring Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.

    Posted in Night Trap is Coming to Switch 25 Years After Nintendo Said it Would Never Appear on Their Consoles

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 12 days ago

    It feels kinda like they're attempting to promote another pokemon like Lucario and Zoroark. I'm not really feeling it though, and legendaries are already the least interesting thing about the games by now. They're so powerful that they're banned in the battle tower, in regional and online tournaments, and everywhere else that matters, so they're paradoxcially useless.

    Posted in Zeraora, a New Mythical Pokémon, is Revealed for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 16 days ago

    @sketchlayerjosh I felt similar when I played Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon and the Kangaroo and the Penguin and the Yeti and the Monkey. What were all those extra playable characters doing there?, I thought. And they were all gated off separately; it wasn't like you could explore the whole level with all of them and feel smart for figuring out which character you need to use where.

    I suppose Spyro 3 is perhaps the precursor to the modern Triple A era, where developers think cramming as much stuff into a game as possible is what makes it good, rather than focusing on a core concept or two and performing various twists and surprises with it. Remember some of the absolutely insane supercharge jumps you had to do in Spyro 1? Did we ever see anything like that in the sequels?

    Posted in Spyro Reignited Trilogy Coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Fall, but Switch Misses Out

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 16 days ago

    If you look at the announcement tweet from@SpyroTheDragon, the responses are mostly people asking when the Switch version will come out. I'm gonna look forward to playing it on Switch in a year or so after Smash Bros impacts like a meteor and everyone has had time to breathe again.

    UPDATE: I think Nintendo UK screwed up. 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Spyro Reignited Trilogy Coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Fall, but Switch Misses Out

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    At long last, Sega finally realizes where the money is.

    I guess I'll get it for Switch; it'll be portable and have no Denuvo that way. But I'd really like to see it released on Good Old Games. Its mere presence there would be shorthand for Sega turning over a new leaf after decades of infighting and brain-dead business decisions.

    Posted in Sonic Mania Plus Adds Bonus Characters and Other Content to the Game

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    Oh my gosh, now I know what it feels like to die to Kirby's Mike ability.


    Then Twitter asked if I wanted to translate that from Indonesian. Apparently it thought I was speaking in tongues.

    Posted in Watch Smash Bros Fans Go Crazy at the Nintendo World Store After Switch Announcement

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    I'm saying it's going to be a port of Smash 4, with all the Wii-U and 3DS content rolled into one package just like Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. The reason I say that is because it's releasing before the year is out. The only way they could get it done that fast is if they were recycling most of the assets.

    Which I don't mind at all; it sounds like we'll get Mega Man again that way. I do miss my old mains, the Ice Climbers, though. I hope they return.

    Posted in Nintendo Direct Recap: Smash Bros, Splatoon Expansion, and Ports, Oh My!

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    Hoping and praying that the Inklings will get to fight the Ice Climbers. The only reason they were cut was because they didn't work on the 3DS version.

    As long as Link is sporting a new Breath of the Wild look, let's also get the blue bomber in there again with his new Mega Man 11 look. It'd make sense since the Switch has been running with the theme of updated re-releases of Wii-U titles.

    Posted in Smash Bros is Coming to the Switch in 2018: First Details

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    I'm not going to let this spoil my enjoyment of today's Minecraft snapshot and Nintendo Direct.

    Posted in Trump's Video Game Meeting Today: Everything You Need to Know

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    Kirby is one of the most intelligently managed mascots of our time. I understand Hal Laboratories has him on rotation, so everyone gets a mainline platformer one year, then a spinoff the next.

    Kirby plots tend to have interesting twists too despite how simple or throw-away they seem. Watch the intro cinema and you see what looks like the heart of a Galactic Nova (from Milky Way Wishes and Planet Robobot) bombard the galaxy. It strikes near Wispy Woods, Meta Knight, and King Dedede, turning them all evil. Then it strikes Kirby directly, but his body seems to naturally absorb and reconvert the attack, giving him the power to un-brainwash the residents of Dream Land. What are the invaders going to think about him turning their power against them without him even having to inhale anything?

    I'm gonna be all over this.

    Posted in Kirby Star Allies Adds Brainwashing, is Still Relentlessly Cute