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  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 11 months ago

    I got the strategy guide through nintendo power and read it cover to cover multiple times before I ever played the game but it was still a mesmerizing experience that is one of the best gaming memories I have.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 1: How an Intro Began Redefining the Zelda We Knew

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 A year ago

    Even the Master Sword? I keep hearing everything can break but how can the Master Sword break down? Is there a story explination?

    Posted in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 A year ago

    Thanks Kat for another great article. Your weekly Starting Screen has become required reading for me every Monday. Thanks for the great work!

    Posted in Starting Screen: Why Madden NFL Needs its Own Super Bowl

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 3 years ago

    Isn't cards against humanity just apples to apples with a different name?

    Posted in BOARDgamer: The Perfect Party Games

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 4 years ago

    If/when you decide to start playing them, start with 4 or 8. In my opinion two of the best in the entire series.

    Posted in JPgamer: Dragons in Your Pocket

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 4 years ago

    I hate to say it but I still don't see anything that will make people go out and purchase a Wii U. I would think that after the recent reports of Wii U sales figures, they would have showcased every big game they are planning to release in the next year to try and build some positive hype.

    Posted in Nintendo Direct Roundup

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 4 years ago

    Is Final Fantasy dead? As far as older gamers understand Final Fantasy to be, yep it's dead. What the older generation of gamers consider to be Final Fantasy probably ended with FF 9 or 10 but I would actually be curious to see what a younger gamer would think. Someone who turned 18 this year would have been born in 1995 so there is a fair chance their first Final Fantasy game would have been FF12 around the time they were 11 years old. To that age of gamer, Final Fantasy 13 and all its sequals/iterations are the standard for the series and based on the sales numbers of FF13 being the 4th best selling FF game in the whole series, they and everyone else seems to be OK with that.

    Basically, to old gamers it's dead but to younger gamers it's going strong and they are OK with that.

    Posted in Is Final Fantasy Dead?

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 4 years ago

    cool article. Indie games are so unique and I look forward to more interesting games like this being highlighted on the site.

    Posted in Dear Mother and Games for Expression, Not Entertainment

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 4 years ago

    This probably sounds lame but jokes in a news story about people losing their jobs isn't the best idea.

    Posted in Capcom Restructures, US Boss Leaves

  • Avatar for ChrisOwens1980 ChrisOwens1980 4 years ago

    What I would love to see is a system where if there is mature content in a game, it can be censored through an options menu. There are a number of games I'd like to play but I personally prefer to not have some of the mature content but have no choice in whether it is there or not.

    Posted in We're All Adults Here... Right?