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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 3 years ago

    I think Nintendo should do Darksiders... but that's really because I thought they SHOULD'VE BOUGHT VIGIL GAMES WHEN NO ONE BID ON THE TALENTED TEAM. I know their mentality is 99% in Japan and they don't give a sh** about EU or NA developers that much, but seriously, SOMEONE at NOA should've pushed for them to buy the developer when they were "in the bargain bin". Especially because of their proximity to Retro Studios. They absolutely could've just been used to help Retro out with stuff until higher ups were like, "Alright; you've earned a shot. You may do something original".

    Speaking of which, at the very least, they could've gotten a talented engineering and art outsourcing studio out of the deal; for cheap too! Because, I must emphasize, NO ONE BID ON THEM IN THE THQ AUCTION! And Nintendo needs more action games, something recognize and are trying to address. Imagine if Bayonetta 2 led into Devil's Third led into Darksiders III, they wouldn't seem like such anomalies. They'd seem like Nintendo had seriously bulked up their output to include some awesome, violent action games for older games.

    For frick's sake, Devil's Third RUNS ON THEIR DARKSIDERS 2 engine! Somehow, Vigil's DNA is living on in a Nintendo exclusive. That's so close to how it should be, jeez.

    Obviously, Sony + Activision for a new Crash or Spyro solo adventure (preferably handled by Sanzaru Games now). Also, Nintendo or Sony should fund a new Bomberman. Can't imagine that would even be expensive. I just wanna see a new one, dangit. Another $20 downloadable title, yeah? That'd be great. Or a similar digital Klonoa production, or a new Mystical Ninja.

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 3 years ago

    Ayane from Dead or Alive is my vote; don't even gotta think about it.

    I love DOA for being a great fight franchise, and as far as characters go, there are few who avoid the sometimes pervy overtones (that, thankfully, have disappeared a ton since Itagaki left) like the purple haired Kunoichi. She's just a really cool character; in a series with a lot of bubblegum-y anime archetype females, she has that "just shut up and fight"-attitude I really appreciate. And as far as playstyle goes, she is just really, really fun to play. Very tricky, a lot of rolling, flipping and spinning around the screen. It's fun to play as her because you get to control distance and disorient opponents. Plus, she's also in Ninja Gaiden, where she's both faster and bloodier than Ryu (at least in Razor's Edge). Love that girl.

    Though I also like Street Fighter's Ibuki for a lot of the same reasons.

    As for 2D games, I love Terry Bogard from King of Fighters & Fatal Fury. I know that everyone loved Guile as the de facto "American guy" back in the 90's, but as soon as I saw SNK's "American guy", I was like, "THAT GUY, I can identify with. He has a hat!" (I was, like, 7). He's fun to play too, and he was also pretty cool in the Fatal Fury anime, which I remember from the 90's also thanks to Sci-Fi Channel's Saturday Anime block.

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 3 years ago

    Y'know the best thing about Wario's Woods? It has a battery backup, which makes it a valuable "donor cart". Which means you can send it to, say, and have them turn it into, say, Earthbound Zero for <$30 :D

    Also, Yoshi's Safari needs more love in general. It's super forgotten, but I remembered it recent-ish when I was half-jokingly arguing with a friend about how Nintendo may have invented the FPS. My brain pulled that up though, and then I got genuinely curious about that game. It's DEFINITELY ONE OF THE FIRST FPS' in the 90's, right? Technically? I dunno.

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 4 years ago

    @Stevegasm : Other M wasn't a reboot though. It slotted into the series right after Super Metroid, remember? I mean... to me, that's the real problem with Samus' portrayal in that game. She's a complete idiot, and a bit of a wuss, and dependent on others. Those are all qualities that scream "ROOKIE STORY!" to me.

    If it was made as a prequel to the very first game, everything would be justified in an instant. You may not like it, but it would've made sense, right? After Super Metroid though? Which is like the 7th game in the series since all 4 Prime games (don't forget Hunters) are sandwiched in before that? It's insulting.

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 4 years ago

    "The white hair and badass red trenchcoat may be gone for now, but they are not forgotten" - yeah, it is gone for now... or whiners could've spent 2 seconds looking up some info on the game and found out that "classic dante" skin was in the game and they could play through the whole game as this guy:


    Jeez louise. No game this gen has pissed me off more than DmC. Because it's fantastic and idiots dismissed it for THE DUMBEST REASON EVER. Ninja Theory gets no respect. And yeah, I know DmC did over a million units sold... too bad this was the generation where a million units sold (PLUS!) means, "What a disappointment! Time to close a studio!". Ugh.

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 4 years ago

    @neems: Or, y'know, gamers could play some of the games you bought during the various sales earlier this year that they never even installed in the first place ;)

    That's what I'm doing, anyway. Not a fan of the whole, "UGH MY BACKLOG BLAH BLAH BLAH" mentality, personally. Whiners.Edited July 2014 by Unknown

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 4 years ago

    Personally, I'm waiting for Freedom Planet, which releases next week. It is a perfect love letter to Genesis action games, notably mascot platformers like Sonic & Rocket Knight and run-and-guns like Gunstar Heroes. It's really rad. I remember seeing KR-17 though before, and am surprised it's coming out (unless I'm mistaken, it failed a crowdsourcing campaign or two); I might nab that.

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 4 years ago

    Sad to see some 3rd party gems go unnoticed, especially from western devs. Where's Tony Hawk 2? Vicarious Visions' Tony Hawk GBA games were excellent stuff, and the beginning of their close partnership with Nintendo.

    What about Wayforward's Sigma Star Saga? A combination RPG and sidescrolling schmup... though I personally would downplay the 'RPG' part - it reminds me more of a Zelda or Blaster Master. That is an AWESOME game.

    Also, ever heard of Rebelstar Tactical Command? From the creator of XCOM, it's an isometric, turn-based squad tactics game... but with much more attractive art than XCOM. It's got an anime aesthetic that totally outshines the real-deal in games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. A real gem, that one was!

    I know it's supposed to be "a few examples", but man, this ignored way too much. Gotta go outside the box a little more. It's a system with a massive catalog of games, and you stood with a lot of Nintendo staples and Castlevania games. Not to mention, stuff like Mega Man Zero - a fantastic choice, but you'd have to be crazy to opt for the individual GBA titles when you could get the collection on your DS instead. You could've mentioned dozens of more games including Scourge: Hive, Drill Dozer, the 2D GBA Rayman games (the original game, and the excellent 2D version of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc), the amazing Sonic Advance series (especially 2), Mario Tennis Power Tour, etc. You guys really missed out on some great GBA games when it was on the market.Edited July 2014 by Unknown

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 4 years ago

    I'm sorry Kat, but why didn't you once mention who, exactly, Morishita was? I mean, why would we have heard of the President & CEO of Gungho before? Puzzle & Dragon isn't popular HERE, after all. I assumed he was a designer from GungHo, based on little context (he's friends with Suda). Had to Google it. That seems like something that should've been unnecessary.
    Anyway, Let It Die looks awful, but sounds vaguely interesting. Either way... I don't care. R.I.P. Lily Bergamo. Wish this game was an interesting AND good-looking game, with a cool female protagonist instead of generic underwear prisoner guy, instead of... this cynically dirty/gritty violent nonsense.

    There's no reason the game announced at last year's TGS as Lily Bergamo has to now be this. Just put that game on the backburner; make this something else. But nope. Now we know something promising is dead. I think this stings even more than seeing Overstrike become FUSE. I wish having personality and color wasn't such a bad thing in this industry, boy.

    I also never understand the point in saying that, "(A) is gone. It has become (B)". What good does that do your new product? It only does negative buzz, right? It doesn't say, "We're starting from zero. Go and stand on your own, new product!". It says, "That thing that has already gotten some people's attention, that some people - no matter how small - are looking forward to? LET'S MAKE SURE THEY KNOW IT'S DEAD BECAUSE OF THIS! Now, go work with all that negative energy, new product!". Ugh. *shakes head*

    But hopefully this is good for Grasshopper. They haven't made a great game since No More Heroes 2. The string of disappointments listed in the article above (don't forget Diabolic Pitch and Shadows of the Damned) has really just... sucked. For everyone. If the Gungho buyout EVENTUALLY leads to good games again (not this one), than I'll be happy for him

    Mostly though, I just want to see something as good as - if not better than - No More Heroes 2.Edited June 2014 by Unknown

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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit Critical_Hit 4 years ago

    You're super right I'm "salty". This feels like it's some small team at Nintendo trolling people, like me, who took one look at the Wii U gamepad when it was unveiled and said, "Oh. Obviously, they're going to make another Pokemon Snap for that thing. Use the screen as a viewfinder, move it with the motion/gyro sensors, hold it up to the TV... yeah. Duh".

    I mean... just like you said. THAT's POKEMON SNAP! WITH TOAD! There's Toad, in a cart, on a pre-defined path through the level, holding up a camera - controlled with the gamepad - and throwing stuff at Pirahna Plants! JUST. LIKE. POKEMON. SNAP. My God Nintendo is frustrating sometimes.

    Reminds me of why Yuji Naka put in the 3D exploration platforming into Sonic Jam; just to rub it in Sega Technical Institute's face after Sonic X-Treme fell apart. Just to show, "Hey, we could totally do it if we wanted. We're not going to though".

    It does look totally cute though. Looks like a great puzzle game. And a Mario-universe title that isn't a super safe, very boring, direct follow up to an unambitious platformer (Mario 3D World to Mario 3D Land, any of the New Super Mario games) is a welcome one. Let's them do what Mario needs a lot more of; mess with formula and try new things. I mean it really does look wonderful and worth picking up, and I'm happy to see Snap-esque gameplay regardless of how they make it.

    I'd be especially happy if it's an eShop game. I have no idea why Nintendo doesn't support their own digital service with more original smaller productions, and puzzle stuff like this (or games that hearken back to their arcadey path, like a new Punch Ball Mario or Mario Clash) would be PERFECT to push that service even more. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Dr. Luigi is their only original eShop exclusive Wii U eShop game, right? And they didn't do ANY original Wiiware or DSiWare titles for the entire lifetimes of those services, yes?

    And jeez louise Jeremy - Adventures of Lolo? Man, that would be a PERFECT candidate to resurrect for an eShop title! Also, HAL's Trax, and Mole Mania. But until Eggerland returns proper (if ever), at least Wiiware got Mouse House from Big John Games (the guys who do Thorium Wars). It's pretty much the same design with new puzzles, reskinned to star a rather cute mouse.

    Still though, where's Pokemon Snap U? I like new things, which is why I liked Snap in the first place. But it's been 15 years, and it's a perfect fit for that controller - something Nintendo's been struggling with ever since the machine launched. Seeing this just hits a nerve for me.Edited 7 times. Last edited June 2014 by Unknown

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