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  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark 4 months ago

    Trying to seriously get into sim games. Currently playing Gran Turismo on psx, if starting something I rather do it properly. I wish to break down the reason why these games are fun.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What New Genre of Games Are You Trying to Get Into?

  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark 11 months ago

    After scrapping many kickstarter goals such as crafting, cutting content, cutting characters and delays. I guess a decent game is the best expectation.

    What I read doesn't sound too enticing to me. And 20hrs is short for an rpg and especially short for a crpg.

    But it does sound like they nailed player choice. I honestly see it being appealed to mainstream success than the cult of the prior games. And I think leaving a bad after-taste devalues the game quite a bit.

    Posted in Torment: Tides of Numenera Review

  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark A year ago

    That is a nice artwork.

    I am not sure how much I am looking forward to it though. Once I heard 'Tales' producer most of my expectation waned down. Tales games have some juvenile and contradictory writing, even the gameplay has some obvious breakers which can easily be fixed if they wanted but they never do.

    Posted in Square-Enix Announces New RPG Called Project Prelude Rune

  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark A year ago

    I registered here because I genuinely loved one of the write-ups here. While I really hate jumping to defend in another's stead somehow this time I cannot help but do so.

    The reviewer, she already told you *why* she rated it low in the review. If you have played the game and have counters to her arguments then I am sure she and others will at the very least find it worthwhile to give your comment more than a passing glance and dismissal. And you can convince some other people to buy the game if your points are valid enough.

    Pointing to the majority and saying because the majority says this, doesn't make it valid. Especially on something subjective as thoughts and enjoyment of media.

    Also, insults and rude comments really helps no-one. And it usually just ends up devaluing you.

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn Review

  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark A year ago

    That last paragraph is on point. It is one of the best multiplayer arena game I've ever played.

    The only problem I have with it are the network troubles. Quite frustrating when you are having an intense match and get kicked because of some rubbish.

    Posted in For Honor's Multiplayer is Brutal, Bone-Crunching, and Brilliant

  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark A year ago
  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark A year ago

    Loved the game. I can understand the trouble, for just regular playing you need to atleast play to lvl10 before you can competently just wield the base mechanics.

    Then it took me another 2 days to master 1 class with most of its nuances, the tutorial only teaches the very basics, class specific skills and things like attack feinting need to be learned on your own. Lvl2 AI is better than 95% of the player base. It's hard to master but I felt rewarded when I just became competent.

    One of the best multiplayer game I've played.

    Posted in Damn! For Honor is Really Difficult to Master!

  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark A year ago

    Resident Evil was always cheesy, campy and fun. From the very first game. The remake tried to change it, but failed at the time. RE4 embraced the chesse, camp and fun; and brought the gameplay forward. RE5 and RE6 are the results of a game trying build upon itself. The spirit of the series was always alive and kicking with camp, cheese and fun. But yes, the gameplay went off the rails a bit too far. The Revelations games were the ones that didn't feel like RE for me, the gameplay was quite good and it nailed the balance b/w action and horror but the characters started looking more real, less cheesy and very little camp. Revelations 2 continued that. And to be honest, I don't consider the revelations games to be in the same line as the main. Anyway, basically RE7 was what happened from what Revelations was slowly building into, along with the VR tech and the PT director the franchise eventually turned into RE7. To me RE1-6 are the RE games, the rest are simply games masquerading as Resident Evil. And with RE7 the series has gone for a new beginning. I think that's fine, it is the eventual result of any franchise that runs too long. My only regret is that Jill Sandwich wasn't there in the final game, but considering what she went through in 5 its fine.

    Anyway, the death of something is the beginning of another. RE7 even if it uses the rest of RE it is a reboot, it is a reboot of character, tone and gameplay. I feel I have made peace with the franchise, where-ever it goes from here I'll still follow but with different and new expectations. No game can survive without changing and nothing is great unless it ends.

    Posted in Opinion: Finding Resident Evil Again Requires Letting Go Of Resident Evil

  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark A year ago

    Judging by the writing quality that was on display with Dead or Alive 5, I think that's a most appropriate sentiment. Hopefully Nioh has half-decent... .. . atleast tolerable writing.

    Also, Ninja gaiden 3 on the Wii U is quite good, so team Ninja really are capable in the gameplay department.Edited January 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Team Ninja: "[Ninja Gaiden] Needs to be in the Shadows for a While"

  • Avatar for DedicatedDark DedicatedDark A year ago

    As a gamer who would love to play local co-op games but can't find people to play with Switch is great, finally I can force the people I know into gaming and game series like Monster Hunter without compromising on the single player aspect. Switch is definitely for me.

    Posted in Opinion: Switch Isn't for Everyone, But It's Definitely For Me