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  • Avatar for Deus-Ex Deus-Ex 2 years ago

    Have to say that inevitability the realization that your parents are not going to live forever hit me recently, ps4 although in this case is not so much the loss of cognitive functions as the fact that the body degrades, you are xbox one not as resistant to cerebro disease as you once were, and the weight of some unhealthy habits in the past finally catches up to you. My mother futebol recently had the worst case flu she ever had in her life, she had to go to the hospital when the sites interessantes situation went critical. My father on the other hand suffered a recent Hypertension crisis, hearthstone decks he was on the verge of suffering a stroke. A change of diet and constant medication followed. Both are better now but if those are just the first signals of what might come later well, this makes you reflect on what you have and appreciate it. I wish I could say something that could help with your mother, but outside of Sudoku and similar Math games, I don’t know what else to recommend. In any case, thanks for sharing and I wish you and your mother the best.

    Posted in Alzheimer's, Aging and What to Play When You Reach Life's End Game

  • Avatar for Deus-Ex Deus-Ex 2 years ago

    It really seems like anything is fair game to wish for. Considering Mario 64 is already for Wii U (N64 VC), DS emulation times mais ricos do brasil on the Wii U is the silliest way ever to time mais rico do brasil play Mario 64. Also, the extra playable characters are really annoying because now you have to switch characters a bunch to times mais ricos do mundo get many stars, which is time consuming. Google says no, they didn't include analog support. Mario still walks in 8 directions and you time mais rico do mundo gotta hold a button toggle running. Sure, you can use the analog stick AS a D-pad, but that is still a notable handicap. I remember playing the game on my DS when it came out, and I got by, but it certainly was more difficult to make jumps. You had to set them up more carefully because of the nerfed movement options.

    Posted in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 is Coming to Virtual Console with its e-Reader Content Intact

  • Avatar for Deus-Ex Deus-Ex 2 years ago

    I feel as though it would slow the game down and, while I like that it could really change certain aspects and a few times mais ricos do brasil match ups, making SFIV any slower doesn't do it any favors in my opinion. I live on a steady diet of Third Strike, but time mais rico do brasil booted up SFIV over the weekend to try to get ready for the Ultra update. Honestly, I might pass on it; I loved vanilla times mais ricos do mundo when it came out and was down for all of the previous updates and I stand by what I said before about constant time mais rico do mundo updates being good for everyone, but I just don't think I have it in me any more to relearn this and get serious about it now that it's been so long since I've played it. Good review, Mike, but this one's not for me.

    Posted in Ultra Street Fighter IV PS3 Review: Let's Play One More Round

  • Avatar for Deus-Ex Deus-Ex 2 years ago

    I was working full time at an auto parts store while going to school full time, trying to keep a roof over me and my xbox little brother's head. An HD tv wasn't going to happen. We had a flat tube tv, and enjoyed earlier consoles until I finally purchased a used PS3 in 2009. Having been so busy, I xbox missed out on a lot of releases during those years, and never took the plunge with the 360 after hearing the times mais ricos do brasil curses of other students about the ring of death. While most of my dorm-mates were picking up 360s and settling into Call of Duty 2 and Dead or Alive 4, I was still kicking it with my PS2 time mais rico do brasil and my recently-acquired Gamecube. Resident Evil 4 had released earlier that year, so I was still riding the hype train from that world-changing experience, and around that time times mais ricos do mundo we were starting to see had seen Epic's Unreal Engine 3.0 tech demo reels including assets from what would soon become known as Gears of War. Of course, at that time I was holding out for an actual Unreal 3, and the inevitable Unreal Tournament 3 on my PC to come from that shiny engine too bad time mais rico do mundo one never happened and the other one was awful. I didn't actually pick up a 360 until the Reach bundle came out, after I had graduated. To this day, my 360 library is still a tiny fraction of my libraries for other consoles, and funnily enough I think I have more XBLA games -- ports of Sega's Model 2 arcade games, Treasure's Saturn-era output like Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes.

    Posted in The Xbox 360 Turns Ten this Weekend

  • Avatar for Deus-Ex Deus-Ex 2 years ago

    Thing is, in RE4 you're really not supposed to use freelook at all. I'm still not even sure why they put it times mais ricos do brasil in the game. The whole game was perfectly balanced around its tank controls and they time mais rico do brasil really shouldn't be altered, even with the move to a mouse. That extreme level of polish is what I think makes RE4 still one of the best third person shooters ever despite times mais ricos do mundo other games having more advanced controls. Dead Space 2 is kind of an ironic game to bring up, because its developers even strongly time mais rico do mundo suggested PC users play with a 360 pad. But more importantly, its control system or somethi. I am sad to say I already own 2 or 3 versions of this game but the PC one is still tempting me. It is one of my favorite games.

    Posted in Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition PC Review: Loss of Control

  • Avatar for Deus-Ex Deus-Ex 2 years ago

    Is it just the teenagers that show up as playable characters or is it a whole smattering of people like in P4 Arena times mais ricos do brasil am I gonna get the chance to have Adachi in my party and be awesome/creepy. How many characters in the actual exploring party, 5 time mais rico do brasil like the standard convention for these types of games? Also please please please please tell me there is a Galactic Punt times mais ricos do mundo move for Chie. Definitely going to get this, at the very latest during the next Atlus sale on time mais rico do mundo the 3DS e-shop. Shouldn't be too long, since those tend to happen pretty often. Glad it turned out so well, more Persona is always a godsend. I just ended up caving in and ordering the Special Edition. I simply cannot wait! This is going to be awesome.

    Posted in Persona Q 3DS Review: Extracurricular Activities