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  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle 9 days ago

    Parents are always deciding whether to give their kids food or just eat it all themselves. It’s a really hard job.

    Posted in God of War Creative Director Compares Game's Combat to FIFA

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle 16 days ago

    Clicking in the sticks is the worst type of input, I don’t have any particular mobility issues to overcome but I still clench up and click the sticks by accident all the time. The worst is Enter The Gungeon, I fire off my blanks accidentally all the time, it’s so frustrating.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Fan With Mobility Issues Praises the Game's Accessibility

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle 25 days ago

    The thing that's always kept me from jumping into this series is the idea that it basically has to be played co-op to get the "real" experience. Is this worth getting into if I'm just going to play it as a single-player game?

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Review: A Sublime Safari

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle 26 days ago

    I know you guys want to feature a variety of games on these streams, but I really enjoyed watching the PUBG streams that USgamer did over the past couple weeks. Hope you'll do another one sometime just for old times' sake.

    Posted in USgamer Lunch Hour: They Are Billions [Done!]

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle 27 days ago

    It's a shame that games like "Wolfenstein 2, Prey, Evil Within 2, and Dishonored 2" might no longer be economically viable since that basically describes the kind of AAA games that I like.

    But I also remember back 5 or 10 years ago when the big industry trend was something like "game development is splitting into either big dumb 'AAA' games like Call of Duty 4, or mobile games; there will be no middle ground left". That turned be true, sort of, for a while, but somehow the games that I like still kept coming out.

    Things will continue to change, and as people like myself who grew up in the 80's/90's move into middle age, there may come a time when the industry just stops making new games that are in the lineage of the kind of games that I grew up with. That's probably OK though, since I think that I would be fine if I had to just stop playing new games and instead play through my backlog and the occasional new indie title.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Finding a Place for the Linear Single-Player Experience

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle 4 months ago

    It's a bit ironic that the eliminationist rhetoric employed in this marketing campaign parallels that of actual Nazis/fascists so closely. I get that that's probably intentional but honestly I find it pretty gross when it's used to sell video games.

    Posted in Wolfenstein 2 Launch Trailer Asks Americans to Stand Up Against "Fascist Nazi Pigs"

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle 4 months ago

    @Captain-Gonru They would have to add new, epic time-wasting behaviors, it would be too costly to develop.

    Posted in FIFA 18 Review: The More Things Change...

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle A year ago

    @Captain-Gonru nothing aggravates a hangover like the vague recollection of posting something "hilarious" on the internet... I know this feeling well.

    Posted in It's OK for "Girl Games" to be "Girly." They Just Need to Stop Being Dumb

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle A year ago

    I always enjoyed Working Designs' games going back to the Sega CD days, and I'm not even one of those people that freaks out about their localization style. But I just find these tchotchke-drenched special editions embarrassing. Also, I played their Summon Night 5 release for a couple hours and it's honestly beyond me why anyone would spend their gaming time on it nowadays when there are so many great games available. Maybe there's something I'm missing that sets it apart from Idea Factory otaku-gruel, but that's how it seemed to me.

    Posted in Summon Night 6 to Bring PlayStation Devotees the Closest Thing They're Gonna Get to Fire Emblem in Feb. 2017

  • Avatar for DogNozzle DogNozzle A year ago

    For those of us that use RPGs as a surrogate for actual human relationships, this is absolutely ideal.

    Posted in Persona 5 Ruins Relationships, Launches on Valentine's Day, Feb 14, 2017