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  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    Going out strong, Pete. Thanks for all the joy and insight you brought into your columns and reviews. I remain hopeful that the growing distaste for cookie-cutter Western MMOs/FPSs/twee indies/whathaveyou will lead to more people turning to Japanese games for something with personality and originality. It's been a great run and wishing you the best in the future.

    Posted in JPgamer: Why I Love Japanese Games

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    @jeffk I was under the assumption that Pete was, you know, out. If somebody is here representing even-handed criticism, you can be damn sure I'll support it. Feel free to piss off.

    Posted in Our Most Anticipated Games for the Rest of Summer 2014

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    Great to hear. I've only played Ayesha, which I picked up on a whim, and was blown away. Oustide of the remarkably shrill dub (which I turned off in 5 minutes) I was surprised by the quality of the writing, music, and art direction. As I posted on one of your previous articles, the ending theme is one of the most stirring moments I've had in gaming for a long time.

    Long story short, I was going to pick up the original version of Rorona, but now that I've seen this, I'll definitely pick up this version. On my Vita, of course because WE NEED TO SAVE THIS SYSTEM!! Thanks, Pete.

    Posted in Atelier Rorona Plus PS3 Review: A Good Game Becomes a Great Game

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    "The Tales series is probably the least offensive of the anime-style RPGs out there (apologies to Pete)"

    What a lovely generalization. The Kat/Jeremy thought police continue their xenophobic crusade.

    That said, Tales is a joy, and Xillia has an atmosphere and battle system that are anything but light.

    Posted in Our Most Anticipated Games for the Rest of Summer 2014

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    Great article, Pete. I make it a point to finish all the games I go through, since I feel like I owe it not just to myself but the creators that put so much time and effort into developing a story, top to bottom.In the case of multiple endings, like Neptunia Mk2 or Time and Eternity, I got one ending and then put it on the back burner for a bit until I go in for the true ending.

    One game that I had a unique experience with was Asura's Wrath. Played through, loved every minute, unlocked the secret ending, and anticipated a sequel. When the sales were lower than expected, the studio actually took the time and effort to release a true ending to the story as DLC,instead of just abandoning the story/sequel, which shows what a labor of love the project was. It was epic, bittersweet, and absolutely beautiful.

    Posted in JPgamer: On True Endings

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    I'm very nervous about these articles drying up, but I'll take what I can get. Glad you are still delivering on these swan song pieces as the niche continues to be filtered out of the mainstream. Nier was an absolute joy to play through.

    The soundtrack matched the melancholy tone, and two scenes compeltely wrecked me:the point of Emil's transformation and the death of the wolves(Hell, the entire second playthrough is ridiculously moving. Emil is turned into this goofy doll-thing but it's played completely STRAIGHT which makes it that much more effective and painful. Will miss these kinds of unique, heartfelt games on the big systems...Great to see you still producing great articles, Pete.

    Posted in Nier: Underappreciated Classic of the Outgoing Generation

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    Sorry, repost...Edited 3 times. Last edited June 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in Nier: Underappreciated Classic of the Outgoing Generation

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    Well, bye USGamer. It's been fun, but with Pete as the last remaining member that looks at Japanese games without derision (unless it's a roguelike or out of Nintendo), I'm gonna see this site as another one that nitpicks at plotholes and game mechanics instead of finding joy in interesting plot developments, original concepts, and fun characters (unless it Western-developed twee like Child of Light). Good luck to y'all and bye bye. May the remarkably miserablist Jeremy and Kat lead y'all to a more pessimistic, contrarian future...

    Posted in Welcome to USgamer, Part II

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    "'s not Borderlands 2's fault that the Vita has no shoulder buttons..."

    But it is YOUR fault to claim that the Vita has no shoulder buttons.

    Some slowdown is acceptable on a handheld port. Same thing happened in about 3 sequences in Ninja Gaiden 2's port, but reviews harped on that way too much as well. Will probably pick this up at some point, but this seems overly critical.

    Posted in Borderlands 2 PS Vita Review: Lost in Translation

  • Avatar for Dogislander Dogislander 4 years ago

    Another great article, Pete. One of my favorite songs that struck me would be the opening of Asura's Wrath. In fact, that entire first sequence actually had me in tears with the sheer beauty of the music, action, and choreography.

    Also, anything in Nier (Drakengard 3 on the way!!!).
    The latest piece to actually take my breath away a bit was the final boss theme in Atelier Ayesha. The rest of the soundtrack is lovely and mild but this piece suddenly, completely elevates the mood. Great stuff.

    Edited 2 times. Last edited May 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in JPgamer: The Fine Art of the Earworm