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  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 9 months ago

    @garion333 XSEED's bringing more of their console releases to PC very soon (Fate/Extella on July 25, and Trails of Cold Steel either this July or early next month (the current Steam page is a placeholder)), so they're still in the running for Falcom localizations so long as Cold Steel (II) PC does well for them. But even if they can keep Trails to the very end, NISA's likely got Ys for at least a while since VIII's gonna sell a bunch, which it deserves to. Who knows about Aksys and Tokyo Xanadu sequels. XSEED's likely to bring a Falcom game or two to Switch just to see if they can tap a more eager market and get Falcom's attention that way.

    Falcom's historically resistant to platform changes, which is why they set up their move to PSP as last resort if and when their PC business finally became untenable. What seems to have happened is Kondo's more open to multi-platform coverage and licensing than his predecessor. I doubt they're going to really develop beyond one console ecosystem if that makes them uncomfortable (Sony's given them everything from game engines to Chinese/Korean localizations), but they'll likely try mobile development on the side at some point.

    Posted in Why Trails in the Sky Developer Falcom is Embracing the PS4, and Their Thoughts on the Switch

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata A year ago

    Maze Walker's not especially good, but it's fun and not a bad play every once in a while. The first area theme has nice music, too; I wouldn't call its controls "clunky" unless you're using the analog pad. Glad to hear you love Power Drift! It's such a great late-'80s SEGA racer, as good as I expected it to play.

    Posted in SEGA 3D Classics Collection 3DS Review: Virtuous Console

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 2 years ago

    We need more Falcom characters, and I'm being serious. Mail and Adol would be great contrasts to the Fire Emblem roster. And maybe the Drasle Family (or Dogi or even Tatt and Gaw) would be great for Assist Trophies.

    Posted in 12 Characters That Should Be in Super Smash Bros

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 2 years ago

    Speaking of the PC Engine (a marvelously-built and shaped little console), the PC-FX looks really cool, with its purple-yellow logo and embossed shapes that reminds me of a Michael Graves post-modern building. It's definitely of a piece alongside NEC's PC-98 line in terms of aesthetics, for better and worse. And still it looks better than a pizza-box Mac from that era or a Packard Bell contraption.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the Coolest-Looking Games Console Ever?

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 2 years ago

    Good to hear about the upcoming Trails in the Sky podcast!

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Episode 32: The Highs and Lows of Bethesda RPGs. Plus: Another Giveaway!

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 2 years ago

    @Kat.Bailey The N-Gage port uses the PC version as a base, though, not the other way around. Even the Japanese Wikipedia page doesn't bother to list the N-Gage version as having existed—that doesn't mean Japanese fans don't know about it, but Falcom released the Xanadu Next demo movie right around mid-2005 and it's the version everyone knows, and which Falcom most likely gave to ScriptArts.

    Just because the N-Gage version was finished and released ahead of the original PC version doesn't mean they weren't both in development around the same period, with Falcom taking longer to release a far better game.Edited October 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in The Extra 10 Percent: XSEED Succeeds in the Age of Digital Distribution

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 2 years ago

    South Korea once made non-MMO video games for PC (and even some for consoles despite the government's hostility towards TV-based gaming platforms) back during the 1990s, as well as some years before and after. We even got some of those games overseas via localization, as they were mostly built for MS-DOS and Windows (some exceptional ones came out for Mac and other systems); games like Iron Blood were innocuous enough to come out in the U.S. market at least. Great to hear that South Korean developers are making a stand outside corporate boundaries, but I'm just as concerned that, because of dwindling historical sources and access to old games, their national video game history might disappear from circulation and education.Edited October 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in More Than StarCraft: Korean Developers Make Their Presence Known at the Busan Indie Connect Festival

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 2 years ago

    BEEP Shop, a franchise of stores devoted to selling Japanese PC games and more, is opening their Akiba shop this October, so that's another place to check out if anyone's into these old games and (for the purposes of playing them after purchase) has some way to dump the game contents. They also sell old magazines (LOGiN, MSX-Fan, the works) and seem to be growing despite the stagnation both in Akiba and in other regions traditionally conducive to video game shopping.

    Posted in No, Tokyo's Video Game Culture Isn't Dead Yet

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 2 years ago

    Kileak is much less a Doom clone than a souped-up yet anemic action-based dungeon crawler, a genre better serviced by Space Griffon VF-9 a while afterward. Still Genki was (as described in Adventure Pals) playing to their strengths prior to hitting it big with Shutokou Battle, so to make this, Robotica, and a few other of these games within just a few years isn't trivial.

    Posted in Debut Duds: The Worst PlayStation Launch Games

  • Avatar for Don-Rumata Don-Rumata 2 years ago

    I saw this one a while back, glad to see it's apparently decent. Really I just want a Lupin III game closer to the style of The Odd Gentlemen's King's Quest, where there's plenty of setpieces but also multiple ways to clear segments of episodes and enjoy content that opens and closes depending on past choices.

    Posted in Blues and Bullets Episode 1 Xbox One Review: Telltale Noir