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  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    I didn't know it was possible to make it even darker than The Silver Case.

    Needless to say, I am incredibly excited. The art style is slick, hard to believe it used to be a mobile game. It's going to be a treat to see it on wide screen.

    Posted in Suda51 Returns to his Original Indie Work With The 25th Ward

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    @nadiaoxford I was replying forcefully there, I'm sorry.

    There's no definitive proof out there but Nintendo's explanation is simply not true. Most plausible theory is licensing issues with Sugiyama to use the orchestrated tracks whereas they don't have to go through it if they arrange it themselves. Nintendo might have been unwilling to spend more for the western version.

    Most people who knows their way around a 3DS will be able to appreciate the orchestrated soundtrack but what puzzles me most is the heavy compression of voices. It doesn't make sense considering the japanese version is pristine.

    For loading times, details are in this video :

    Loading times are a little bit faster in the downloadable version (and a New3DS)

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    @nadiaoxford It says "During a recent panel at PAX West, Nintendo confirmed that the orchestrated music from the original release would not be available on its handheld port. In exhange, you’ll get to hear Yangus scream “Cor blimey!” about a hundred times throughout the playthrough. I can live with that."

    The author is talking about an exchange, not a trade-off. There is no mention of them ditching orchestra in favor of voices and even if there was, it's an indefensible stance when the japanese version of DQ8 has brand new voice-acting AND brand new orchestrated version.

    Even worse, we already know from DQ7 that orchestra and synthesized music weighs exactly the same. Many tinkerers has been able to inject the orchestrated music into their western copy as easily as a drag and drop. It is not a matter of space, it has never been so. And to add insult to injury, the western version has highly compressed voices that sounds like they're talking out of a tin can whereas the japanese version does not.

    There is also a lack of 3D effect, the missing cel-shading effect that is an essential part of the visual identity of the game, Jessica's new and underwhelming voice, longer loading times with 5 seconds of black screen for every battle (2 for the PS2 version). There is much to love in this version, but it's also lacking in many areas that are just unacceptable. If you listen to Nintendo, everything is fine to them, but in reality we're getting a game that is in many aspects inferior to our version 10 years after.

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    The insistence of USgamer to heckle Final Fantasy XIII to gloss over Final Fantasy XV's shortcomings is becoming a little tiresome. The exact same article was made with the same arguments a month ago.

    Posted in After the Review: Let's Talk About the Second Half of Final Fantasy XV

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    Iit has a high chance of being a "story over gameplay" pitfall for the last stretch, this is the big issue. I think we're sour enough about open-worlds that some linear tracks aren't as offensive as it was before. But here lies the big difference with 6. The shift in 6 is part of its character-driven story, tt gives itself 15 to 20 hours to make us care about the characters we play as and the world you live in. After that, it gives a pretty easy question : do you want to get all of them back ? Do you want to discover what happened to them ? Are you engaged enough ?

    It's fantastic, it's well thought-out and why it's one of the finest piece of videogaming. FF15 doesn't have that as the show is reversed. It's a matter of "are you going to go through this whole linear slog for the sake of the story" ? If the story is as messy as the transmedia content were, what will make people want to go through it, and why would they be happy that freedom will be taken from them ?

    Back then, we could trust the developers to know how to balance things out. Considering the rocky development of FF15, there's a big chance that this last stretch betrays the studio's inability to reconcile freedom and linearity and that we'll only have in front of us a final stretch duct-taped to fit a story they couldn't tell inside the limits of their own system. If this happens, this will truly be unprecedented in the series.

    Posted in Will Final Fantasy XV's Big Twist Ruin The Game?

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    I am Alive needs more love!

    Posted in Steam Halloween Sale 2016: Best Games to Buy

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    Shadow of the Colossus. I'll just wander around the world, look at the colossi I've slain, soak up a life of freedom and melancholy through the TV screen while awaiting the end.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: You Can Only Play One More Game. What Would it Be?

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    @Namevah Just like saying that the gamecube controller/adapter for Wii U was not targeted towards hardcore gamers is debatable, but was the gamecube adapter really created to satisfy some kind of nostalgia crisis from old gamecube players or was it created to accommodate a huge subset of smash players in a growing scene that values the efficiency of this controller ?

    Nintendo has long stopped to exclusively value the mindset of the average, casual player to spend more time focusing on pleasing its huge following that browses website like this one. That's okay.

    We have a huge consensus on the "purity" of the experience, of playing games on their original support that is prevalent pretty much everywhere. A lot of people still value the fidelity over convenience but still don't commit to it because it's too expensive, too cumbersome, or too long to set-up. The NES Mini cuts right down to it by offering a piece of hardware in a simple, small box that does its job.

    Why would this console not fit in an ever-growing market of retro-nostalgia that saw the rise of many lucrative small businesses ? Why would it be the prime product of the disenfranchised and not the product of retro amateurs, especially when most users have lived in the middle of this asinine visual fidelity console war for as much as they can remember.

    I really feel this is mainly a product for us.

    Posted in NES Classic Edition Hands-On Impression: Big on Fun, Light on Features

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago


    Nadia's article was focusing on the point that people wanted the NES Mini to play cartridges, which doesn't make sense because the console isn't made to be a NES-lite but a nostalgia product to play some NES games. This is what is okay.

    You're theorizing that the extent of the NES Mini market revolves around middle-aged mall shoppers parents who will suddenly go into a nostalgia crisis, and that we shouldn't expect any more from this because it doesn't cater to us even though, us WILL be prime consumers of this product. Disregarding the audience of USgamer and other gaming site when they all put the spotlight into this console as prime target consumers is something I can't wrap my head into. You can play all the NES games and have five NES emulators on your phone, you would still want this product because it is a blast from the past and a novelty.

    Posted in NES Classic Edition Hands-On Impression: Big on Fun, Light on Features

  • Avatar for Dreamboum Dreamboum A year ago

    @Frosty840 The vast majority of NES Mini consumers will come out of the people who read this site and other gaming sites. If you think that there is a huge market out of people discovering this gem in the corner of a toys'r'us are gravely mistaken.

    There is a gap between being a casual player and a hardcore "every system with an upscaler on a PVM" player. The in-between is where the market stands, and guess what, this is the bulk of the people who are willing to pay for it, and they read this website too !

    Availability of games isn't something that is specific to a subset of gamers to begin with, everyone has their favorite game, the NES Mini could have accommodated them to satisfy their nostalgia itches or even their discovery as a new NES player. Furthermore, manuals are an integral part of what was the NES experience, hiding them behind QR codes isn't exactly the best kind of experience you can get reading them.

    Anyway, the NES Mini certainly doesn't apply to everyone, it doesn't mean that it's okay that it doesn't give us more. Making a NES that would accommodate everyone while being more profitable for Nintendo (a market place like setup) isn't hard to do.Edited September 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in NES Classic Edition Hands-On Impression: Big on Fun, Light on Features