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  • Avatar for Evilishu- Evilishu- 3 months ago

    First and foremost, the characterizations of Chloe, Rachel and to a point David were inspired and beautiful. Had Deck Nine chosen to stick to this strength this would be a very different comment.

    I found some of this games most important twists to be absurd in light of the original and quite embarrassingly shallow in others. First, that a man as powerful and supposedly intelligent as James Amber could be made to look like an ineffectual tumbler ready to kill to protect his daughter is a travesty and worse than crappy fan fiction. He had the strength of the local justice system at his disposal to jail any negative influences that could have corrupted Sera, Rachel's birth mother. An intelligent man would have understood that fanning the flames of secrecy about Rachel's mother would never turn out well. Instead we're left with a caricature of a madman willing to resort to murder rather than accompany his daughter to meet her mother. For God's sake, Sera was not Charles Manson or the devil incarnate. Boo Deck Nine for trying to pass that off as drama.

    Next why were there choices that could lead to Chloe accepting David in her life three years before Life is Strange Season 1. Ridiculous! David is a lost soul to be sure because of his service in the Army, but giving Chloe any opportunity to see that at the tender age of 16 when she clearly didn't see it until the final moments of the original. There had to be a more plausible way of handling this.

    As I mentioned, the three main teenage characters could have carried this prequel to the promised land. Whether Chloe was bisexual or lesbian matters less than the fact that life at that age is full of rocky moments without that added feature of her life. She needed someone to understand her and bust the bubble of self-destructiveness and sadness that pervaded her life. Rachel was that person and Steph was a confident self-assured role model that could and should have had a bigger role in her coming-of-age story. Deck Nine failed to deliver the kind of respect this story could have provided.

    Finally, just for the record I loved the story after the original play through of all three episodes. But two playthroughs later I feel empty and betrayed by the promises Episodes 1 and 2 seemed to make. The best ending for this should have been Chloe kneeling James in the balls and beating the hell out of him as she screamed the truth to Rachel. After all, Mikey said that Chloe's crotch punching abilities were second to none.

    Posted in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Season 1 Review: Fire Walk With Me