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Active Time Babble taught me to love rpgs, and I have been playing them ever since. Very infrequent writer at my blog, upbeatgaming.

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis A month ago

    Nethack is such a great choice. I personally never got into it, but it was an ATB podcast back from the 1up days that introduced me to it, and eventually this led to my discovery of Brogue, which is probably my favorite and certainly my most played game. Where nethack, Angband and their cousins had the potential to be weeks long journeys, Brogue is a little shorter (5 hours can see you to the end, theoretically) and captures the do anything spirit of the genre without holding 10s of hours of your time hostage. It also has a beautiful tileset available from oryx, which makes an already (to me) pretty game even more amazing looking.Edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis A month ago

    Whoo, Kat and Nadia are playing Slay the Spire. Hopefully it can get a boundary pushing mini review on the RPG podcast. Up there with my favorite games of the past calendar year or so. All the fun of learning a new meta in a collectible card game without the need to grind or pay for new cards. Come join the slay the spire reddit for the amazing daily discussions on cards/relics/bosses etc!

    Guess I'll probably go back and finish Pokemon Black 2. Only iteration of Pokemon games I never finished, other than Ultra Sun/Moon. From what I've played so far it's actually one of my favorites, but I've never enjoyed victory road in any of the games and the one here is one of the least fun. Hopefully I can push through.Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis A month ago

    I don't think I've seen Slay The Spire mentioned on USG at all this year, which is pretty sad considering how amazing of a game it is. Glad Into the Breach is getting some recognition, though! Great year for Indies.

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis A month ago

    I had almost the same thoughts when I read that Kotaku article, and it's nice it see them laid out so well here!

    I personally take it one step further though- once I feel games don't have any more new ideas or places to show me I tend to put them down. As a result I can't count the games I've quit right at the final boss, when the only thing left to do was overcome the final "challenge". I play games to play, not to accomplish something, and when the playful part of the experience is over I tend to quit.

    Unless I'm playing something like Hollow Knight, but that's a different story.Edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis A month ago

    Man, I find this to be such a bad look for the community. Ridley finaly gets added and people find something new to complain about instantly. I wouldn't want to make smash games either when the community acts this way.

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis A month ago

    @The-Challenger I think it's almost certain it will be one of 4, 6, 7, and 9. They've put their systems driven Final Fantasy on the list, now it'll be one of the "classic" ones.Edited last month by Unknown

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis A month ago

    @pdubb If she hadn't said there were only two final fantasy games on the list I would have thought FF13-3 would have had a chance to at least appear! I think Kat quite liked it, though that might have been Jeremy.

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis A month ago

    I really enjoyed the time I spent with tbe job system in FF5, but think the pacing and structure were very poor. I couldn't get myself to play through the third world after finishing the first 2, in part because I felt I had already "solved" the job system by doing the monk/ninja mix that just let me steamroll over everything. I wouldn't have put it on my top 25 list, but I'm in part glad to see it here because it shows just how much opinions on games can change in time.

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis 3 months ago

    I don't think I agree with your characterization of the problem with casual mode. At its core the problem isn't that Fire Emblem should be "Brutal" or that the being difficult is a key part of the series identity- I strongly disagree with that. I think making the games easier is really good, especially if it helps invite new people to play the games. I just don't think casual mode is the right way to do it.

    The tactics in Fire Emblem are completely based around the value of individual units, and being able to sacrifice them completely breaks the game. Until the very end of the game you'll always have enough prepromotes to win every single battle with no strategy at all if you can let the rest of your units die. At this point the question becomes why have battles at all. Is it just to give experience points and relationship points to your characters to "develop" them?

    Instead, I wish easy mode broke the game into shorter segments, perhaps with a generous autosave, so that you had many chances to try to think your way out of bad situations. That would preserve the nature of the game, help people slowly get better at the it, and be a lot more fun in the long run. That said, I don't really feel that strongly about this aspect of it- people should feel welcome to play the game however they feel is best, it's just sad that people clearly aren't interested in Fire Emblem as it historically has been, they just want to be playing Final Fantasy tactics with an extra side of anime.

    Which is just something I'm not interested in at all. The most FFT like component is the accumulation of skills, which I detest. It turns Fire Emblem into spreadsheet simulator. If I lose one more battle because I failed to notice that a random enemy has lunge I think I might give up the series for good. And since this is clearly the direction the series is headed, I suspect it won't be long before I stop buying the games entirely.

    But that's really ok. I'm sad to see a series I enjoyed more than any other in gaming turn into something I can't play, especially when nothing else like it exists, but I'm clearly outvoted here and can accept that.Edited 5 times. Last edited April 2018 by Unknown

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  • Avatar for FTLMantis FTLMantis 4 months ago

    I feel like modern JRPGs are built with a revisionist, Final Fantasy emphasizing history in mind. Developers look at the sales of JRPGs, see that Final Fantasy games (especially the less experimental ones) sold best and decide that this is what they should be building from. What they maybe don't see is that, while Final Fantasy reached out into the mainstream best, the hardcore fans of the genre who are still looking for new JRPGs to play enjoyed the variations of the JRPGs that came out in the 90s more than they're attached to any individual one. The fun of that period was the experimentation and the wide differences between games and the systems that drove them. Even Square was aware of this and changed up the Final Fantasy formula pretty drastically between every set of games. I think players don't want a Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy 7 clone- they want a game that takes the simple elements that were available back then and does something clever with them.

    Which is basically what Kat said, but it's something that's been bouncing around in my head for a while as well.

    I'm also a little frustrated that the Switch DQ11 is coming out later. They've clearly been planning a Switch version for a long time now, and the game has been out for a while in Japan. What's taking them so long?Edited 2 times. Last edited April 2018 by Unknown

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