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  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke 13 days ago

    Oh man, what great summer memories! A personal favourite of mine is back in 2010. I had a PS2 and a Wii hooked up to a 26 inch CRT. No HDTV or HD consoles as of yet, and certainly no powerful PC. I had gone into a local GameStop at the time to see what there was, and amazingly, they still had new PS2 stock at the time. Persona 4 was one of those games. Got it for €20 'cos it looked so damn cool.

    Waking up with the sun on my face, fan whirring, hearing the 'click click click' of my CRT turning on and just playing Persona 4 in the morning; every day getting to see more and more of its wonderful was just pure bliss.

    Posted in Playing Pokemon Instead of Doing my Job, And Other Summer Gaming Memories

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke 26 days ago

    Here's hoping my 1070 + Ryzen 5 1600 + 16gb RAM is enough to run it at 1440p60. Whenever Cyberpunk actually comes out, that is. If we're talking five years down the line, I might upgrade something haha.

    Surprised that a 600W power supply is enough to power all that beef tbh tho. I have a 850W power supply JUST IN CASE.

    Posted in Cyberpunk 2077's E3 Demo Ran on a $2,000+ PC

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A month ago

    Yep, I love this rabbit hole so much. Of the Atlus Oeuvre , I've finished P4, P4G, P5, Devil Survivor 2, Tokyo Mirage, Catherine and Radiant Historia. Loved them all. Dabbled in SMT3, nearly finished P3P (it just went too long for me), P4D, and various Etrian Odysseys. Looking forward to diving into Strange Journey!

    Posted in Playing Strange Journey Redux as a Persona Fan is So Weird Yet So Familiar

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke 2 months ago

    I welcome it. I'll be playing Strange Journey once I'm done with God of War. :)

    Posted in Nintendo Promises New 3DS Software for "2019 and Beyond"

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke 2 months ago

    Oooh, I love this! What a great idea.

    I'd saaaay....

    Persona 4
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

    And I'm torn between Splatoon and Dark Souls for the 4th game. Kingdom Hearts II is the fifth game. :P

    Not necessarily a list of my faves, but the most influential.

    Posted in What Four Games Would You Say Helped Define You?

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke 3 months ago

    @catymcc I am much the same.....or at least I was. For the first 10 hours or so (let's say..chapter 3?), I felt the exact same. Rushed, not as vibrant, not as distinctive, not as special, these unfamiliar systems (so much loot?! and wtf even am I doing in Skirmish mode); I was close to dropping it.

    Buuuuuut.....a couple more hours in, I'm actually hooked. There wasn't moment specifically where it happened, but the introduction of building your kingdom was the catalyst for this change. Slowly, but very definitively, everything intertwined. Side quests and errands were also introduced, and gosh, with how they benefit the kingdom, they are ADDICTIVE. Not only that, that Ni no Kuni charm we know and love comes out during these side quests. Did you know Roland can't stand bullies? Neither did I, until I saw his usually reserved but confident demeanor disappear as his feathers were ruffled to go on this particular quest, which I found upon returning to Goldpaw (in Chapter 5).

    As a reward, bringing in citizens from these side objectives into your kingdom is incredibly satisfying. Assigning them to their roles according to their talents, seeing them walk around the kingdom all happy to be there, and all the while your kingdom is growing its resources and facilities is a rare feeling to experience in many games I feel, let alone a JRPG. It's a different feeling of unity. The kingdom building and citizen recruiting also made Skirmish mode more interesting!

    Since hitting the lvl 20s, the combat system has improved for me as well. It's still an easy time, but it's not the mind-numbing cakewalk that it was at the very start of the game. I've actually had a game over at one of those tainted enemy fights (and it was 10 levels higher than my party, which earlier in the game didn't mean much), and had to use healing items a number of times. The kingdom also benefits this, as you get new spells from your research facilities, and busting out a powerful new spell feels GREAT.

    Tying all of this together, is the sense of progress. Every time I boot up the game, I make progress. Whether I complete side quests, progress the main story, grow my kingdom, or grow my party, I'm always moving forward. It's an overall pleasant experience. It's not quite what I had in mind when I thought of Ni no Kuni II, nor am I playing it for the reasons I thought I would be, but I'm very happy to say that I'm greatly enjoying it now. To be clear, my change in impressions happened throughout chapter 4, and solidified in chapter 5, which I'm currently on.

    I doubt that it'll improve to the point that I'll think it's better than Ni no Kuni I, but yeah, I'm glad I'm not thinking of trading in the game anymore LUL.Edited 2 times. Last edited March 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Community Conversation: How Are You Liking Ni No Kuni 2?

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago


    Greenlight all of them!!!

    Posted in The Persona Spin-Offs That Should Totally Exist Someday

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    I thought the 3DS was already dead, then Fire Emblem, Culdcept Revolt and BoxBoxBoxBoy were announced. And there's still Ever Oasis which looks pretty good.

    What a great system. I sold my Vita and I don't miss it one bit, but I'm not where close to doing that with 3DS. Also Curtain Call is indeed, the best. :)

    Posted in I Will Miss You, Nintendo 3DS

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    Truly a wonderful game. As a eurobro we didnt even get the game officially until the DS release, though its reputation was apparent if you just did a little digging. Would love a HD conversion for PS4 or something, love me some HD spirtework. Could keep in the same aspect ratio, I wouldn't care. I know what you mean when you said it feels too big to fit on a DS.

    Dunno if you played it, but Radiant Historia is often brought up as a modern day Chrono Trigger since it's got time travel and a fantasy/others setting. It's plenty different from CT especially in terms of tone and battle system, but RH is also an absolute cracker that's much too overlooked. I love it when Atlus try new IPs.

    Posted in I'm Finally Playing Chrono Trigger for the First Time, and Holy Crap Does It Live Up to Its Reputation

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    Honestly, next year is the year I'm excited for a PS4. Finally. Don't get me wrong, the past 3 years have been good, but 2017 is exciting, very exciting to me.

    Gravity Rush 2
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Persona 5
    Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (probably 2018 let's be real, but anyway)
    Danganronpa V3
    Nier: Automata
    Crash Bandicoot Remakes
    Kingdom Hearts 1.5,2.5,2.8.....maaaaybe 3? The collections are awesome to see anyway.
    Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

    Most of the above are day one purchases.

    Also interested in:

    Yakuza 0
    Resident Evil VII
    Tales of Berseria
    Mass Effect: Adromeda
    For Honor

    A truck load of indies like Heart Forth, Alicia, Cosmic Star Heroine, Vane, Pyre (!!), Dreadnought, Chasm, Yooka-Laylee..

    And the Wii U will get its swansong in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Heck, even 2018 is already shaping up with Bloodstained and Yakuza 6 confirmed for that year. Damn great time to be a gamer. This is probably the best year in gaming so far in my life!

    Posted in Seven Thoughts From PSX 2016