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  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke 10 months ago


    Greenlight all of them!!!

    Posted in The Persona Spin-Offs That Should Totally Exist Someday

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke 11 months ago

    I thought the 3DS was already dead, then Fire Emblem, Culdcept Revolt and BoxBoxBoxBoy were announced. And there's still Ever Oasis which looks pretty good.

    What a great system. I sold my Vita and I don't miss it one bit, but I'm not where close to doing that with 3DS. Also Curtain Call is indeed, the best. :)

    Posted in I Will Miss You, Nintendo 3DS

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    Truly a wonderful game. As a eurobro we didnt even get the game officially until the DS release, though its reputation was apparent if you just did a little digging. Would love a HD conversion for PS4 or something, love me some HD spirtework. Could keep in the same aspect ratio, I wouldn't care. I know what you mean when you said it feels too big to fit on a DS.

    Dunno if you played it, but Radiant Historia is often brought up as a modern day Chrono Trigger since it's got time travel and a fantasy/others setting. It's plenty different from CT especially in terms of tone and battle system, but RH is also an absolute cracker that's much too overlooked. I love it when Atlus try new IPs.

    Posted in I'm Finally Playing Chrono Trigger for the First Time, and Holy Crap Does It Live Up to Its Reputation

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    Honestly, next year is the year I'm excited for a PS4. Finally. Don't get me wrong, the past 3 years have been good, but 2017 is exciting, very exciting to me.

    Gravity Rush 2
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Persona 5
    Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (probably 2018 let's be real, but anyway)
    Danganronpa V3
    Nier: Automata
    Crash Bandicoot Remakes
    Kingdom Hearts 1.5,2.5,2.8.....maaaaybe 3? The collections are awesome to see anyway.
    Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

    Most of the above are day one purchases.

    Also interested in:

    Yakuza 0
    Resident Evil VII
    Tales of Berseria
    Mass Effect: Adromeda
    For Honor

    A truck load of indies like Heart Forth, Alicia, Cosmic Star Heroine, Vane, Pyre (!!), Dreadnought, Chasm, Yooka-Laylee..

    And the Wii U will get its swansong in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Heck, even 2018 is already shaping up with Bloodstained and Yakuza 6 confirmed for that year. Damn great time to be a gamer. This is probably the best year in gaming so far in my life!

    Posted in Seven Thoughts From PSX 2016

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    Oh man, another awesome game at the beginning of next year. Will have to wait on this one as my heart lies with Gravity Rush, but it will definitely be acquired later. DQVII is actually getting me into Dragon Quest (after trying ever since VIII on PS2 came out) and I'm really looking forward to DQXI now!

    Viva la JRPG revolucion, Persona 5, Dragon Quest, FFXV, Ni No Kuni II

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII Comes to 3DS on January 20

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    Gimme dat Theatrhythm Dragon Quest <3

    Posted in Square Enix "Committed To Bringing More Dragon Quest Titles" West

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    God I can't wait. My most anticipated game of all time. In my time on this earth, P5 has had that honour. Only skimmed through the article as I want to go in knowing as little as possible, but it's great to know the hype is real and justified. Hope the game sells absolute truckloads!

    Posted in Persona 5 Import Preview: Two Hours and I'm Already Hooked

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    Waiting on PS4 Pro's release. Quite an annoying game to play. Only reason I'm getting it is because it's 50 euro more expensive (because of the HDD size difference), so I might as well go for the extra power. Couple of games came out recently that are on my mind the most which is what makes waiting so annoying; Inside and Clustertruck. Inside seems to be a masterpiece and Clustertruck just seems to be unadulterated, pure fun. Probably gonna be the first games I get whenever I pick up a pro, ironically.

    My lack of a PS4 has made me go and revisit the humble little Vita though. I've really gotten back into Rogue Legacy and Persona 4: DAN.

    Finally starting to get good at Rogue Legacy and it's really just as addicting as ever, it's so good and utterly perfect on Vita. P4: DAN I actually hated when it came out because I didn't like how the icons were kinda hard to see flying across the screen, the weird control system....but it's grown on me. The control scheme being unique has been a nice challenge and the game is still kicking my ass on Hard on some songs, but I can feel myself getting better. Theatrhythm Curtain Call is a great entry point into rhythm games with its gentler grading system, but P4 DAN really doesn't hold your hand. Offbeat rhythms make it easy to miss notes and 10 or so misses and you've failed the track. Brutal. Getting really into it though. I love most of the remixes and I forgot the sort of visuals the Vita could actually pump out, P4: DAN has some really damn nice production value, stellar graphics. Also need to play story mode still haha.

    So yeah, the Vita everybody. Great little system.

    I also got Darkest Dungeon and it's a great, stand out indie game, but they need to fix the UI and its navigation. The UX of it is utter shite, please fix it or hire a UX Designer, I'll wait till the game is updated to continue it. Within the dungeons it's not too bad but outside of the dungeon hooooooooo boy the devs need to go back to the drawing board. Have they ever used a controller before? Cripes.

    Posted in September 2016 Community Poll: What Games are you Playing Right Now?

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    I would love to see this get an awesome physical release for Vita in the US & EU. Let's see it happen, Square! I love that they're bringing World of Final Fantasy physicslly to Vita, would love to see it happen for Saga as well.

    Posted in Saga: Scarlet Grace Details Recall PSOne Classic Saga Frontier

  • Avatar for FirLocke FirLocke A year ago

    HDR is the thing to be excited for. If only 1080p TVs had HDR...

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your View on 4K Gaming?