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  • Avatar for FreeRPGer FreeRPGer 2 years ago

    Indeed, thanks for writing this -- 'tis a very good article.

    Back when FF XIII came out in 2010, I got it for the PS3.
    At first I hated it -- got rid of it.
    Then over 5 years later I bought it again -- now I like it lots.
    Let me explain:

    I started playing it after I got it, eager, but by the time I got about 15 hours into it I found that I hated it. I'm an avid video game collector, and I brought my PS3 version back to the used bin, which is something I usually never do, especially since I'm highly into JRPGs and classic FF games. I pretty much love every SquareSOFT Final Fantasy game, with FFX being the last one I really liked.

    Back when I got FF XIII, the battle system seemed too “auto pilot” to me, and the story didn't pop out at me enough; it seemed too vague, with a bunch of titles being thrown around in the dialogue that were never explained.

    Then, recently in 2016, I found the entire FF XIII trilogy together for dirt cheap, but for the Xbox 360, so I bought it again.
    Willing to give it a 2nd try with a fresh mind, I started playing the 1st one again. By 20 hours into it, the battle system grew on me because I set the battles' default to “commands” instead of “auto,” and I understood “staggering” better. Also, this time I followed the story much better, because I kept reading the story logs as I went through the game, keeping me more up to speed with the plot and lore.

    Tips that worked for me:
    Story-wise, my best tip is to read up on the story logs as you go, to get a better grip on what's going on with the tale.
    Battle system-wise, I went with reading the tutorials, and then I flowed with the fighting more, and went for the staggers. This battle system has its ups & downs, as it’s faster paced. I prefer turn based. Fighting Eidolons was the most frustrating thing about this battle system at first, but once I got the hang of it, beating them felt very rewarding.

    Yeah, FF XIII is linear, but it actually works with this game. It’s a different feel.

    The bottom line is I think that classic FF fans have certain expectations with the "Final Fantasy" name, and with something so different like this, it throws fans off. I do highly prefer the older games, but this is a new & different twist that keeps one on one’s toes.

    Summing this up, I can say that I really like Final Fantasy XIII now. And since I bought the whole trilogy, I can’t wait to play the 2nd and 3rd ones right after this.Edited 4 times. Last edited April 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in It's Time to Admit Final Fantasy XIII Wasn't Actually That Bad