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  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 3 days ago

    I don't even know what a "battle pass" is and I think I'm glad of that, really.

    Posted in Two Legal Experts On Why Battle Passes are Better Than Loot Boxes (Legally Speaking)

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 3 days ago

    @Kat.Bailey I know what you mean about being bummed out by@Funny_Colour_Blue 's comment, but you've got to consider the difference in the two industries. Hitchens could get away with going full gonzo on his reviews because, frankly (and speaking as an avid reader myself), nobody cares about books. God Of War sold three million copies or so in its first week of sale. The entire Fantasy genre of books sold only twice that in the whole of last year.
    Hitchens could get away with writing as he did because he was writing for an audience who were not reading his reviews as book reviews at all, much as Jeremy Clarkson does not actually write/perform for an audience of car buyers. They both perform(ed) their acts for the benefits of those outside of their notional target audiences.
    Gaming audiences, on the other hand, are far larger and far more likely to be reading a review to know whether they should buy a game or not. They're not there to ask or answer fundamental questions about whether games can be art. I'm pretty sure the reviewers of the 1990s answered that question satisfactorily in the affirmative; any current glances towards that question in a games review really are pretty masturbatory on the part of the reviewer. We don't need to answer the question of whether games can be art in a game-as-art game review any more; we want to know if a game is a good game-as-art or a bad game-as-art, the same way as we'd want to know if this year's Madden flubs on its passing mechanics.
    I don't read Polygon, but I've just taken a look over the SotC2018 review. As an article on games preservation and the timelessness of the medium, it's a fair piece, if a little lighter on details than I'd like; as a review it fundamentally fails because it doesn't contain any writing that justifies the score it awards the game. It barely discusses the game at all, in fact. That's simply not going to wash when your audience is definitely going to be at that article to discuss that score and why it's there, and not for an opinion piece on whether the game should have been made in the first place.
    Of course, I'd probably be happy to read a review like that here that included such a discussion, but even then I'd probably be dissatisfied by the piece because it fundamentally fails to answer the question of whether the game's a worthwhile purchase or not.

    Posted in The IGN Plagiarism Incident Once Again Highlights the Strange Place Occupied by Game Reviews

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 7 days ago

    Well... not to be a downer on the matter, but I'm not entirely sure I trust news brought to me by @random666_kys", on the basis that that Twitter handle really looks more likely to be a troll account...
    Maybe they're legit though.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch VR Feature Triggered by Dataminer

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 8 days ago

    Y'know, the more "triple A" games get released in early- to late-beta stages, the less inclined I am to ever buy the damn things. Especially at release.

    Posted in God of War New Game Plus is Out Later This Month

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 9 days ago

    Pokemon, like Yoshis, are tools to be used and then discarded.

    Posted in It Turns Out Most People Don't Name Their Pokemon

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 9 days ago

    I'm finding many of the same sort of problems in Subnautica. There's a real disconnect between having an all-conquering submarine fleet, but still having to pootle around out into the water to hack off a bit of coral with a knife.
    I feel like a lot of these survival-style games only really work as "bare survival" simulators, and never really plan for an endgame where you've built a self-sufficient colony.
    Some deal with this well, like Don't Starve which (at least when I was playing it regularly) never lets you get to a comfortable place, and you're always in danger —it avoids the high-power endgame completely— and others, like NMS and Subnautica just shrug their shoulders at you and keep on sending you out to do drudge work.

    Posted in 5 Things That Are Driving Me Crazy in No Man's Sky Even After the Update

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 9 days ago

    I keep looking at the Switch, but to me it looks like a home console with portability built in. It just seems like it's suited to a home environment while allowing parents/partners to boot you off the main TV.
    The 3DS is a portable console through and through and it's always seemed to have those slightly slower-paced put-down-pick-up games that you can play for five minutes at a time; plus the second screen helps immensely in eliminating map/inventory screen transitions that take five or ten seconds of gameplay away from you in a normal game, which make a big difference in that pick-up-and-playability.
    I just can't say that there's anything on the Switch that speaks to me as an essential *portable* purchase that could convince me to move away from my 3DS.
    And of course, the biggest problem with the Switch as a 3DS replacement is that a 3DS folds up and fits in my pocket. I don't know about what anyone else is wearing, but I don't think I've got any pants big enough to hold a Switch.

    Posted in There's a Reason the Nintendo 3DS is Sticking Around

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 17 days ago

    "the standard Switch owner has purchased roughly 4 Nintendo games for the console."

    Purchased roughly 4 games, yes. Not necessarily Nintendo games, though.Edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Lifetime Sales Almost at 20 Million as Nintendo's Financial Report Confirms Nintendo is Not Doomed

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 17 days ago

    I made it all the way through to Banner Saga 1's final battle, which was crushingly, miserably, fatally difficult (I believe it's since been patched to relieve some of that horror), and I never made it past that.
    I picked up the sequel but couldn't actually pick it up and start playing it. It was just too much for me.

    Banner Saga was certainly an excellent game with a very well crafted story, but so much of it was (or appeared to be) determined by the combat deaths you suffered, and my initial (only) playthrough wasn't me at my most competent.
    Dark narratives are far more bearable in films. Those at least play themselves out without my active participation. With Banner Saga and the infamous Spec Ops: The Line, the only winning move is not to play.
    And so I haven't.
    I stopped playing Banner Saga, and I stopped playing Spec Ops. The games are both asking me to inflict terrible suffering in order to progress, and I don't want to do that, so I haven't.
    I'm not sure that's particularly productive.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God Reviews Banner Saga 3

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 22 days ago

    Gotta say, these "slow burn" season passes don't really do anything for me except put me off buying a game at launch.
    I don't want to buy this game until all of the game is available, so I'll be waiting until 2019 to get it.
    Meanwhile, casual spoilers will have made it a less-than-fresh experience for me by the time I get round to it.
    It all seems a bit silly.

    Posted in Three Ni no Kuni 2 DLC Packs Revealed, First Launches Next Month