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  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX 5 months ago

    I would never even momentarily consider buying a game with loot boxes of any kind. I'm not trying to act all superior here, but the inarguable fact is that barring government intervention, they aren't going away until such time as a critical mass of consumers think like this.

    Posted in After Two Days With the Final Review Version, Star Wars Battlefront 2's Loot Boxes Are... Tolerable

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX 8 months ago

    Yeah, I need the 3D. That's the whole point of the system, and its absence is a total dealbreaker.

    Posted in Nintendo New 2DS XL Review: The 3DS Model You Should Own

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX A year ago

    I'm sure all the new content is great and all, but I gotta tell you...after playing DQVII 3DS, I am feeling seriously Dragon Quested out. I kinda forgot this, but it was true in the original and it's all the more true in the remake: the game is TOO DAMN LONG. All the tablet stuff that makes up, more or less, disc one of the PSX version is great, but after that it just goes unforgivably slack, and it was an effort of will for me to plow through to the end--and just FORGET ABOUT me doing any of the extra content. A hundred fifteen hours is substantially more than enough, and though I may feel differently in the future, right now I'm quite sure that if I never see that Toriyama aesthetic or too-clever-by-half DQ-style localization again, it will be TOO SOON.

    DQVIII--the original version, anyway--didn't have this problem so much, but I WAS well ready to be finished after seeing the alternate ending. I felt no impulse to spend any extra time fighting dragons and whatnot. As such, I can't help thinking that even MORE content is just going to be wasted on me, as tempting as NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS sounds.

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX A year ago

    This is hella rad. I don't know what lame-ass excuse I have for not having finished Plague of Shadows yet, but I'd better get on that in preparation.

    Posted in Shovel Knight's Specter of Torment Will Be Even More Different Than You Think

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX A year ago

    I dunno--I suppose I can imagine a game where an easy mode would obviate the entire point, but sure, they're fine in general; why wouldn't they be. I will SAY, however, that I was not a fan of that damn tanooki suit appearing to tell me, hey, it looks like you suck at videogames; why don't you just stop trying? You're clearly not good enough. THE FACT THAT I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH IS NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. I'm totally cool with them including it as an option, but being able to toggle the damn thing on and off from the start would've been appreciated.

    (Though really, the bigger problem with that game was that SO MANY LEVELS that were teeth-grindingly hard with regular Mario were rendered trivially easy by an ordinary, garden-variety leaf).

    Posted in Quit Gettin' Mad at Easy Mode in Video Games

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX A year ago

    I'll admit I've been enjoying the DQVII remake; in fact, I've liked ALL the DQ remakes. I think I might skip this one, though. It just feels like the difference between the 3DS and PS2 are such that it's not going to be a very different experience, and as much as I like the series, I'm not THAT enthralled with the idea of bits and pieces of extra stuff.

    OH, WHO AM I KIDDING? Sure I say that NOW, but me breaking down in the end is all but inevitable.

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII Comes to 3DS on January 20

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX A year ago

    Sorry, I can't resist...

    Square Enix's enigmatic RPG turns out to be as substantial as it is adorable.

    You mean, not very?

    Posted in World of Final Fantasy Review-in-Progress: Day 1

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX A year ago

    This game has the most anti-climactic ending EVER.

    Posted in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Hits Smartphones this Winter

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX A year ago

    Happy to say that they are indeed Mac-compatible.

    I wouldn't play them out of order, though. What I really admired about the second game was how thoroughly it subverted whatever expectations you had based on the first one (what I DIDN'T like was the way they sexualized the hell out of the sexual-abuse-victim teenager. Very unsavory.) So maybe they can do that again! I shouldn't underestimate them! But boy, they certainly have their work cut out for them. Not to spoil anything, but I just CANNOT imagine how they can bring back Monokuma AGAIN without it seeming contrived as hell. Not that I'm not plenty curious to see them try.Edited September 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in New Danganronpa V3 Coming to Japan On January 12, 2017

  • Avatar for GeoX GeoX A year ago