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  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 5 days ago

    Between his path action and battle abilities, Alfyn has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to my party. I started with Primrose, Olberic and Tressa, in that order, so he's filled the big void I had at healer (after some experimentation - thankfully, the game remembers the effects of previously discovered concoctions), but he's also been really handy at breaking shields, with his more offensive-based concoctions, axes and ice spell. Also, that skill he can learn that cures all status effects AND immunizes against them for X amount of turns is, like, so damn great.

    Inquire is easily my favorite of the path actions so far - worst case, you learn some interesting back story about one of the NPCs living in the world, and it can often provide context to help explain why Tressa can't, say, buy this harpoon that's sitting in their inventory or why this old lady will wipe the floor with Olberic in a duel. Sometimes, you'll discover the locations of useful hidden items and, occasionally, those items will have some significance to the NPC you just learned about - a child might tell you the location of some candy, for instance, while a long-retired warrior trying to live out their days in peace will give you the location of their old weapon - or even learn information that will help you complete sidequests. It's an ability that's all about world building, and I am all about that.

    I might be more invested in my other party members' stories for now, but Alf is probably my favorite character to actually use.

    Posted in All 8 of Octopath Traveler's Characters Ranked from Worst to Best

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 6 days ago

    Ugh, you could probably ask me this same question every day of the week and I'd give you a different answer each time, but at this moment, I'll say Dragon Quest V.

    Granted, like most Western players, I didn't actually get to play it until the DS remake was localized, but my goodness, what an absolute treasure of a game.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Sprite-Based RPG from the Era That Inspired Octopath Traveler?

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 7 days ago

    I think I'll finally get started on the Prologue Demo tonight and then jump right into the game proper once I get it tomorrow. I'm really excited for this one.

    I know some people are disappointed that Octopath Traveler doesn't appear to have a grander, more epic quest (and don't get me wrong, I love me some epic RPG questing), but frankly, it's pretty refreshing to have a JRPG that's primarily interested in stories with smaller, more personal stakes.Edited 1 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Octopath Traveler Review: 40 Hours Played and Counting

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 7 days ago

    Those are some top-grade toe beans right there.

    Posted in Octopath Traveler Review: 40 Hours Played and Counting

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 8 days ago

    I'm definitely hoping that Switch can fill the "mid-tier Japanese development" projects void that the 3DS and Vita will leave in their wake, but that lack of full portability still gives me some pause. As much as I love my Switch (and I do), basically all of my off-TV play is still inside my home.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Octopath Traveler Heralds an Oncoming Wave of Switch JRPGs

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 8 days ago

    For someone that has played Captain Toad before, how would you say the Switch's pointer/gyro controls compare to the original Wii U version's (admittedly, occasionally goofy) gamepad functionality?

    Granted, there's a learning curve anytime you have to adjust to a new control scheme for a familiar game, but is it something that becomes more natural/intuitive with time?

    Posted in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Switch's Best Level is a Return to New Donk City

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 8 days ago

    I'd totally play every Yakuza game on the Switch if I could, but I can understand why they're very wary of going back to a Nintendo console, even an incredibly healthy and successful one like the Switch, after the way the series just completely bombed on Wii U. If I remember right, 1 & 2 HD sold less than 2000 copies its first week, which is, uh, not... great...

    Posted in Yakuza Producer Doesn't See Switch as "The Ideal Platform" For Series

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 9 days ago

    I really adored the central cast in Persona 4; thanks in large part to their social links, I felt like I really knew, and was invested in, all of these endearingly dorky kids (plus the Dojima family) by the end of the adventure. One of my very favorite RPG parties ever.

    Hmm, I think I'll give the P4 soundtrack another listen to celebrate the occasion.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Persona 4 is 10 Years Old Today. Here's What Made It Great

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 10 days ago

    Captain Toad is such a sweet little cinnamon roll of a game, I really hope more people give it a try this time around.

    And heck yeah, Octopath Traveler is (finally!) almost here! It's only been a year and a half since it was revealed during the big Switch presentation, but it feels like I've been waiting ages for it.

    Posted in When I Played Pokemon on IRC and Still More Summer Gaming Memories

  • Avatar for Godots17thCup Godots17thCup 13 days ago

    I remember Yakuza 2 being the game where I truly fell in love with the Yakuza series, to the point where I still consider it my favorite, and the first entry that felt like "Yakuza" as we now know it, but I also haven't played it in nearly a decade. I'll be curious to see how the second game (or, at least, its remake) holds up now that SEGA has crafted another half-dozen or so really good-to-great entries based on its foundation.Edited 2 times. Last edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Yakuza Kiwami 2 Demo Available Now on the PlayStation Store