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  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru 7 months ago

    I got one!!!!!!!! Somehow.
    Seriously, just ended being in the right place at the right time. I guess late night interwebz surfing pays off in the end! Got a confirmation email that mine went through, but still nervous...Best Buy royaly messed up my Switch preorder, damaged my trust with the company and its simple ablity to get me the system to me on release day. But, they went up first, and I didn't know if I could wait on Amazon (which I guess if I would've stayed awake longer I could have!). Here's hoping for no cancelation or release date delays!!!!!!!!

    Posted in SNES Classic Pre-Orders Were Up... and Now They're Gone

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    Fascinating piece Nadia. This perfectly summarizes why I am head over heels for Breath of the Wild. The "Green" apocalypse is easily one of my favorite settings, for video games, novels or movies. Yes, the "apocalypse" has been way, way overdone in recent media depictions, but not a natural decay or "Green" apocalypse. There is some so beautiful and haunting, overgrowth covering up human (or Hyrulian) structures and decay of what was once known. It's the most realistic apocalypse scenario out there, just look at the Mid-West here in the USA. Abandoned malls, factories, skyscrapers, schools and entire neighborhoods. I find it quite incredible what Nintendo was able to pull off with Breath of the Wild in many more ways than I could possibly explain. This, the beautifully broken world of Hyrule is one of the greatest aspects of this game, and look forward to seeing what Nintendo does next.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Based Around a Perfect Apocalypse

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    Do I smell an Adventure Time reference?!?!

    Posted in Hylians React to Naked Link

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    For me, it has to be the Nintendo 3DS launch. That was the first system I bought on launch day, after saving up allowance money and birthday/Christmas money. I had been hyped since E3 2010 and I knew I had to have the 3DS! I was in a complete "Nintendo fanboy mode from 2009 to mid-2011/early 2012. Preordered the system in December 2010, and ran into a small snag. My younger brother had a basketball tournament out of town the weekend of the 3DS launch (the 3DS came out on a Sunday if I remember correctly). Now, we would've been back late Sunday afternoon, but I wouldn't take "no" for an answer (I was very adamant that I needed the system the second Gamestop opened...I was a bit of a drama queen :P). So I (somehow) managed to convince my parents to let me stay with some friends for the weekend and get my beautiful Cosmic Black 3DS the second Gamestop opened. Which is exactly what I did. Pilotwings and Super Street Fighter IV 3D...God, what a blast it was. One of my favorite memories from when I was a teenager. Even though I've upgraded my 3DS many times now, that Cosmo Black beauty still holds a special place in my heart.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Most Memorable Console Launch?

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    I think the indie issue is something NOA and NOE are going to have explain on their own. NOJ and Japan (in general) has a...bizarre relationship with Western Indie's. So NOA and NOE need to be able to show up and show off what Indie games are going to look like on the system. So we will see...

    Posted in Reaction: This Was Pretty Much the Switch's Worst Case Scenario

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    Leave it to Parish to accurately summarize how I've felt about the NX/Switch for the last six months. I've been a handheld gamer, for almost all of my gaming life and considering I'm younger than most users here...that really isn't that long PS2 glory days the mid 00's were when I really started. It is my fear that in the Post 3DS/Vita (and to a point, the Post-Sony handheld gaming) world...where do the little guys go from there? The Vita (and to a lesser extent, the 3DS) are the last bastion of several smaller "mid-tier" developers and publishers. A few of the bigger ones, Atlus and Xseed and even some like Falcom could make it on the PS4, yet their main audience is handheld gamers especially after the last decade or so. The Switch has an opportunity to connect handheld and console, more so than the Wii U. 3rd party support is going to be key, and I think these developers matter (and will definitely make dry spells less miserable), but Nintendo needs western support to remain we shall see...we shall see...

    Posted in Nintendo's Switch: Last Bastion of the Mid-budget and Niche Game?

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    Despite the little flub I noticed about the GB Pocket and the lockout switch, this is an excellent piece! I saw this earlier this morning and was looking at those fascinating little screens. I've actually tried putting some of these GBC Exculsives into my Pocket (so yes, no lockout switch there!) and it's kinda funny to see these little screens. Nice to see not all of them were just plain boring text about how it was a GBC only game! I didn't know that he had put together a gallery on all the Super GB boarders...I'll have to spend the rest of my morning gazing at them (the Dragon Quest 1 & 2 ones are stunning)

    Posted in Begin Your Week With Fascinating Relics of Gaming's Patchwork Past

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    Um Jeremy. You're the one doing Gameboy World right? Because...The Pocket doesn't have the little tab to lock in the games! (And neither did the Light) The OG Gwmeboy is the only one to have that little feature. Surely you should know this!!!

    Posted in Begin Your Week With Fascinating Relics of Gaming's Patchwork Past

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    Oh god...I think I would have to pick an RPG. So...Either Chrono Trigger (DS or SNES) or Dragon Quest V (again. DS or like Jeremy and Nadia I'd say a fantasy SNES version). Those two are easily two of my favorite DS games of all time, RPG's of all time and, probably, Chrono Trigger is my favorite game of all time. Would love to have one last go as the world implodes...fitting seeing how Lavos brought the world to its knees.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: You Can Only Play One More Game. What Would it Be?

  • Avatar for HandheldGuru HandheldGuru A year ago

    God, I'm not sure what I'm more hyped for this or the 3DS remakes. Or maybe it is just the fact that Dragon Quest is back! (Sorta!) It's been a long wait for those 3DS remakes...and they'll be well worth it. Hope this one turns out to be well worth it too. Despite the lack of a physical release on Vita, I'm still buying this full price digital on day one!'s been too long since we've had all this joyous Dragon Quest goodness...

    Posted in Fall Games Preview 2016: Dragon Quest Builders Makes a Fine Cornerstone for the Series' American Reconstruction