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  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces A month ago

    Nice classical reference.

    Posted in PUBG Killcam Catches Cheater in the Act

  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces 2 months ago

    Now the question is what they'll name the next legend of heroes series. There's no way their stopping at this point. It's making way to much money. So far they've had Gagharv, Trails in the Sky, Crossbell, and Trails of Cold Steel.

    Posted in Trails of Cold Steel Ends With the Appropriately-Titled "The End of Saga"

  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces 4 months ago

    I've played a lot of old JRPGs, but the games that started on the Turbo CD, 4 Cosmic Fantasy and ~5 Far East of Eden, are blanks for me.

    Since I heard about it recently I've wanted to play Illusion City, a Phantasy Star style Bladerunner RPG in all but name. The version of the intro track for the MSX Turbo R is great.

    Edited October 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's a Major Series That You Consider to Be a Huge Blindspot for You?

  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces 7 months ago

    They fixed the Steam version of Little Kings Story, well as much as possible anyway. AKA XSEED activated the Durante signal.

    I'm curious if you played it after the big fix in February? A lot of people seem happy with the fixes and some people still have to many problems with bugs.Edited 2 times. Last edited July 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Our Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age Review

  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces 9 months ago

    The odds of the new Call of Duty depicting lesser known theaters like the Balkans, the Winter War/Finland, or the China Burma India Theater have to be minuscule at this point. Weirder things like the Anglo-Iraqi war with the WWII battle of Fallujah are right out.

    At this point, if they don't at least include the Battle for Castle Itter they may as well throw in the towel (narrative/plot allowing of course). If you can't shoe horn in the battle where German and US Army soldiers and a gaggle of the highest ranking French prisoners joined together to fight the SS at a Castle after this many games your not trying.

    As a side note I've always found the list of French VIPs pretty ridiculous. You've got 2 former Prime Ministers, the 2 Commanders of the French Army during the war, de Gaulle's older sister, a union leader, and a tennis star.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Call of Duty: WW2 Needs More Than a New Setting to Refresh the Series

  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces A year ago

    I'm still salty I didn't buy that humble bundle with Legend of Grimrock 2 on the pay anything tier.

    Some good games that hit their lowest prices to date:
    Satellite Reign 4.49 -85%
    Ys Origin 4.99 -75% Was also this price on the Humble winter sale.
    Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim 4.99 -75% the same price as Humble winter sale, origin is better
    Mega Man Legacy Collection 7.49 -50%
    The Age of Decadence 7.49 -%75
    House of the Dying Sun 12.99 -35 If your waiting to buy because of low content/short gameEdited December 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Steam Winter Sale 2016: What Are The Best Games to Buy?

  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces 2 years ago

    The Trails in the Sky SC entry is missing a listing for PC availability. You can purchase it on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.Edited November 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer's Holiday Shopping Guide: Perfect Gifts for the Game Fanatics in Your Life

  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces 3 years ago

    I got into PC gaming in '95 as well. The first game I purchased was MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat. I was blown away by the three intro videos and the atmosphere of the game. The setting of the game was great from the way your drill instructor insulted you to the glossary of terms in the game really set it apart from anything else I'd ever played. I've been a fan of the setting ever since. My user name is actually from the setting used in MechWarrior.

    Posted in Greatest Years in Gaming History: 1995

  • Avatar for HellsBlackAces HellsBlackAces 3 years ago

    Great games from 1998 not in the article:

    Dance Dance Revolution

    Myth 2: Bungie made a nice Real Time Tactical game.

    Radiant Silvergun

    Panzer Dragoon Saga
    Parasite Eve
    Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

    Fighting Game:
    Guilty Gear
    Tekken 3

    Starsiege Tribes
    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

    Flight Sim:
    Falcon 4.0
    Descent FreeSpace

    Klonoa: US and EU releaseEdited 4 times. Last edited August 2014 by Unknown

    Posted in Greatest Years in Gaming History: 1998