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  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist 7 months ago


    It is easily the best Dragonball fighting game in terms of competent mechanics (not counting Fighterz), I also adore the art-style as it hews really close to Toriyama's manga.

    Posted in The Gateway Guide to Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist 11 months ago

    The reality is the DMCA did not anticipate the current digital landscape, and it is the relationship between developers, publishers and influencers that have allowed Youtubers and Streamers to produce content, not any ambiguity in the statute.

    Nobody should be surprised when this informal ceasefire dissolves and companies start exercising the protections granted to them under statue for any reason.

    Posted in

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist A year ago

    I can't wait to decide whether I hide behind a dumpster or a car during another one of David Cage's really awful made for tv movies.

    Posted in Detroit: Become Human Asks Players To Choose Between Pacifism and Violence

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist A year ago


    Your analogy actually works rather well, as just like a Blu Ray will not work in a DVD player, a new Direct X 11/12 title released in 2017 will not work on XP/ME.

    You seem to have misunderstood the article however as Blizzard aren't pushing the remaster as a new update to the existing client. The existing client will be eventually be depreciated and this will be a new paid retail release.

    Your complaints are the equivalent of expecting Super Mario All-Stars to work on your NES.Edited March 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Starcraft Remastered Brings a Classic Into The 4K Era

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist A year ago

    @Funny_Colour_Blue There are a myriad of technical reasons that make it impossible for it to work on a legacy OS. By your logic if a studio remasters a film from the 80s they should also rerelease it on VHS and Laserdisc.

    Posted in Starcraft Remastered Brings a Classic Into The 4K Era

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist A year ago

    My gaming sessions in front of a television are nearly non-existent; living in a single bedroom apartment with my girlfriend necessitates our current compromise: handheld gaming. I carve out my game time on my 3ds and my vita while she watches the television.

    The Switch speaks to me in that it is an elegant execution of the promise of the Wii U gamepad, I loved off-tv play but the compression, the screen size and the chunky toy-like build of the gamepad always made it feel like a half-baked concept. With the Switch I can finally chisel out some game-time provided Nintendo repair some of those third party relationships and give Virtual Console the attention it so thoroughly deserves.

    Posted in Opinion: Switch Isn't for Everyone, But It's Definitely For Me

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist A year ago

    I'd just like to buy one of the controllers and use it with all of the NES Virtual Console titles that I bought on the Wii.

    ..If I could find one.

    Posted in NES Classic Review

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist A year ago

    The older I get, the more importance I lend to portable or off-screen gaming. I have been looking forward to the NX ever since the leaks described a hybrid handheld/console experience, here's hoping that's what we're getting.

    Posted in Nintendo Revealing the NX Tomorrow Morning

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist A year ago

    I've treated FFXV as an obligation of sorts. A game that I'm not terribly interested in playing but instead am bound to play through, as if over the past decade a legally binding non-delegable duty to see the game through has arisen.

    Contractual obligations aside, I'll admit Jeremy's preview has me at least approaching next months release with a kind of enthusiastic ambivalence.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV Travel Diary, Day One: Against All Odds

  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist Hero-Protagonist A year ago

    I wanted a surprise announcement of PsOne titles on Ps4.

    Posted in PlayStation Meeting Livestream Today: PS4 Neo, Slim, and More at 3pm ET