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This is a profile about an African American man. A man who is somewhere between an idiot and a genius. A man that is the Alternate Captain of his own mind. A man that lives in a rural area, and is still looked at as being odd for loving hockey and not the expected basketball. After a life shake up he is reconnecting with the things he loves, and facing his fears he originally had about pursuing a career in creativity. <br /> <br /> Falcoon (the artist of the avatar) got too much crap for his designs in King of Fighters 2006/Maximum Impact 2. Once he hit the big leagues, people turned on him. The art for that game was amazing, and wildly fun. You can still see traces of it in the most recent KOF games too.

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  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 3 months ago

    I always enjoyed the darker themed Sonic Cartoon. It was just so appealing to my 8 year old brain. I always wished that that had continued. I was always annoyed that all they put into the PS2 collection was the cover arts of the comics and not the actual issues.

    Jaleel White was always the best sonic IMO. He gave Sonic a level of fun the other actors didn't.

    Posted in Sonic Forces Reminds Us Sonic the Hedgehog Has Always Tried a Bit Too Hard to Be Cool

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 3 months ago

    @Kat.Bailey I'm glad UsGamer is here.

    I only went to GAF for the High Res Game Art thread. I will miss that...

    Posted in NeoGAF's Fall is a Sign of the Times in More Ways Than One

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 4 months ago

    @riderkicker An easy way to beat the Mantis Ant without being hit, is just to run to the top of the screen so you get behind the guy. He'll endlessly try to jump in front of you and not attack. Wait until he hits the ground and attack. He'll never be able to hit you.

    I love Secret of Mana. I played that game so much, that when I played the initial music you hear when walking around in the forest, my Mother said "I remember that music."

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Loot Boxes, Ys's VIII's Localization, Secret of Mana Report, FFIX Report #4

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 4 months ago

    I found I had this problem with playing through Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time this summer. I loved the story. Loved the characters, but I hated the quests. I got to the Bionis Leg, and did everything since I didn't want to lose out on the "timed" quests. The problem was, that then all of the enemies afterward were so under my level, they were afraid to attack me. At the end of the game, I almost didn't make it to the end. The need to purely grind or wander around to get that one random floating item was almost too much. The ending saved it though.

    I started New Game Plus a few weeks ago, and at levels in the 90s, it took 7 hours to get the first area's available quests done. It was crazy.

    There are other things that annoy me, but that was my most recent annoyance...

    Posted in Down With Grinding

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 4 months ago

    NHL Stanley Cup.

    Granted, I know people complain about the easy goal trick in the game, but it is MODE 7 Hockey! For a super nintendo game to try to have a "behind the back" hockey game was pretty cool for its time. It is not for people who have motion sickness, but it was so fun to play.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Additional Game Do You Want on the SNES Classic Edition?

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 5 months ago

    Totally excited for this... I missed out on the original. God, I can only hope that the game comes out with that secondary artbook that was released in Japan, or more color options. I long for a chocolate amazon... Drool...

    Posted in Dragon's Crown Pro for the PlayStation 4 Includes Eye-Bleeding 4K Support

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 5 months ago

    That's good to hear! That's how to cash in on my nostalgia Nintendo!

    Posted in Nintendo Puts The NES Classic Back Into Production

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