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This is a profile about an African American man. A man who is somewhere between an idiot and a genius. A man that is the Alternate Captain of his own mind. A man that lives in a rural area, and is still looked at as being odd for loving hockey and not the expected basketball. After a life shake up he is reconnecting with the things he loves, and facing his fears he originally had about pursuing a career in creativity.

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  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 21 days ago

    It is good to hear that the games are getting re-released, and that they are done well. I gotta disagree about X3 not being a great X game, even though I was likely reading your guides back in the early 00s Nadia, X3 was the best of the SNES games. It was like climbing a mountain, harder than X1 which was great, and not cheap like X2 was. Once you got the hang of the game and starting messing around with the upgrades, (if you could find them which was a little hard,) the game made you truly feel like a robot busting bad ass. X4 did it better, but I liked the old SNES styled graphics. I'm surprised they didn't try to cram the PSP version of X on to the collection too. Vile mode was surprisingly fun.

    Posted in Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 Review

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    I love hearing about Tactics Ogre. The only things I didn't like about it was I hated grinding skills. Once you get around level 44, you have to start a new type of strategy. It was fun though. It is the one game I miss not having a PSP to play anymore. I just really loved how making the decisions actually had clear impacts when you did them.

    It also took a long time to get to the enemy party though. I like mixing it up in battles quickly.

    I'm playing Ogre Battle 64 now, and I'm still trying to figure out that one. Both are fun though.

    Posted in Exploring Ultima and Teletype RPGs, Plus #24 on Our Top 25 RPG Countdown

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones A month ago

    Good on you for the Cody love. I enjoyed playing as him in that game.

    My favorite summer gaming memories were:

    1)A conference call at the end of summer with my friends while I pestered the chocobo lady's baby egg in Legend of Mana until it broke. Surprisingly after bugging her child to death, she still was okay with me when I went in and bugged her after leaving her and coming back.

    2)Beating my friend in WWF No Mercy in a steel cage match after getting the crap kicked out of me for 20 minutes. He didn't know that all you needed to do was to get on Special and escape the cage. That was what he got for only playing on Beginner. He got me back by erasing the save on the game in which I unlocked most of the stuff for him when he gave me the game though. Jerk.

    3)Playing through the Last Ranker while the Capitals shockingly won the Stanley Cup. I still can't believe it. Go Caps!

    Posted in Playing Pokemon Instead of Doing my Job, And Other Summer Gaming Memories

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 2 months ago

    @Vonlenska I recently gave Ogre Battle 64 a shot, and I'm not against it being on there. I'm a little confused by it though.

    Posted in Nintendo Trademarks N64 for What Sure Sounds Like an N64 Classic Mini

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 2 months ago

    Your analysis still makes it "seem" interesting at least. I really wasn't wowed by the Retro Mega Man 9/10, mainly because I got into the series in the X era.

    Though, with each passing Mega Man release, the Mega Man Legends 3 debacle still hurts... So close... Sigh.

    Posted in Mega Man 11 Hands-On: The Polar Opposite of the Nostalgia-Laden Mega Man 9 and 10

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 2 months ago

    All it needs is WWF No Mercy. I started messing with create a character and still had a blast. The game is still fun today. Needs more character creation slots though.

    Posted in Nintendo Trademarks N64 for What Sure Sounds Like an N64 Classic Mini

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 2 months ago

    I'm so glad to hear someone complain about Xenoblade Chronicles X in the ways I did about the original game. The NPCs are the laziest people I've ever come across. Reyn carried that game.

    The game I wish had come out over here is The Last Ranker. I just love the art style. There is a partial English translation out there, but It seems like a one that got away.

    Posted in Long Lost RPGs We Desperately Want to Play, but Probably Never Will

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 2 months ago

    I want this... I loved that game. I prefer darker themed Ivalice to the GBA game.

    Posted in Final Fantasy Tactics 2 Was Real, and Here's What it Would Have Looked Like

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 3 months ago

    @LBD_Nytetrayn I love to hate/love Cassie. I want her back too...
    @Iliya-Moroumetz You know, it could have gone and ended up being like Mortal Kombat and Sophitia could have ended up being a lizard...woman... *shivers* Will she still be married to Rothion this time, or can I crush on her with out feeling bad about it? Time will tell...

    Posted in Leaked Soul Calibur 6 Trailer Introduces Taki

  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones Jeremiah-Jones 3 months ago

    That would have been interesting. It would have provided a shock like with the Magikarp into Gyrados evolution. You know though, I'd just like to get the pikachu in the article image as an evolution. SO ADORABLE!!!!

    Posted in Pikachu Almost Had a Monstrous Third Form Called Gorochu