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  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 2 years ago

    @UnknownJones I bought it on PsP 5 years ago. Couldn't believe they were selling it with no mention of its unplayability, or even attempting to sync the screen response with the buttons. I mean optimisation isnt impossible right? I'd never heard this mentioned before I bought it. I figured with my PsP settings , all kinds of workarounds - I just couldn't believe they'd sell it in that state without even a mention in the store. And beyond the odd forum post - the internet largely ignored it. Great way to treat one of the greatest games of all time.

    At least I still have my Lammy disc - still - that was one of the last digital Sony titles I bought.

    Posted in Video Game Cheats 'n Beatums #48: Leave it to Someone Else

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 3 years ago

    I've had this cart for three days now. It's fantastic.

    Yeah, sure I could probably do without the Pokemon lite storyline of PvDZ - which tends to drag on a bit ...

    But the core gameplay is fantastic, it's addictive as hell, the artwork/designs are pleasing (if not entirely original - but what is?) - and the whole package is well presented.

    Thanks for giving this game coverage - it would've most likely flown under my radar had I not read the piece here last year about the quality of the f2p version, resulting in me checking out the 3DS demo when it arrived, then preordering - I'm hours in, scratching the surface, lining up combos - and loving every minute. Great game.

    Posted in Puzzle and Dragons Z and Super Mario Edition 3DS Review: Match Three Duo

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 3 years ago

    On the strength of Jaz's earlier iOS review/rundown of the title a year or so ago - I've had this preordered for a while, just waiting for it to arrive in the post.

    Looking forward to it - I enjoyed the demo - and as someone who has bought the three Puzzle Quest games multiple times over various systems (PQ1,G,2 on 360 & 1, G on DS) - I'm fairly certain I'll get my $AUD50 worth of entertainment. And yes, I am one of those OCD types who gets destroyed by f2p games, and have waited for this version.

    Posted in Puzzle and Dragons Z and Super Mario Edition 3DS Review: Match Three Duo

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 4 years ago

    Thoroughly enjoyable and relatable.

    Truly that thrill of the big game hunter, procuring that wild rare target - in the wild, ( doubt, wildly too, because - why not? ) has no substitute in digital delivery.

    "Radiant Silvergun - $10 - what a score!"
    "Oh my wordy! Unbelievable! Flea market? Garage Sale?"
    "Xbox Live Marketplace!"

    - it just doesn't have the same zing.

    Posted in Xbox One Launch: Live From the City of the Dead

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 4 years ago

    Great read. Really making me think twice about the wisdom (or absence of) in waiting for a Gen8 version before I return to Los Santos.

    The Martin Riggs reference would not have been out of place in an old C&VG or Mean Machines magazine from those heady days. Gold. SiZZler!

    Posted in GTA 5 Online Guide: How to Play, Easy Money Tips, Build Rep Fast

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 4 years ago

    Release a downloadable version for consoles and I'd most likely take a bite.

    Release a mission construction kit/randomised mission generator/ expansion mission DLC - and I'd be overjoyed.

    Use the game mechanics/levels in a larger XCOM style strategic missions linked to larger metagame/campaign - and I'd buy the disc version with limited edition chotkes.

    Hopefully this leads to something bigger....

    Posted in Space Hulk Review

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 5 years ago

    So many memories of this, the "longest generation".

    Interesting choices - and for a generation where more genres were reinvented then invented - asynchronous multiplayer/leaderboard/friend list integration truly evolving on the 20+ year old arcade game meta objective of taking that high score ingame, to see your current play through score there at the top of the screen in the HighScore line, while you were increasing it. Open World/sandbox going truly vertical - to mention just a couple of USG's examples.

    We saw the Western Action RPG reinvented with Mass Effect. Through digital distribution as an outlet - we saw the first really viable online competitive application for home consoles of many modern card & board games - Catan, Ticket To Ride, Lost Cities, Carcassone, MTG, Risk et al.

    I'll have many great memories of this longest generation, and though it may have been full of more refinements and reinventions than truly groundbreaking invention of say Gen4 - its been strong on many levels.

    Posted in The Greatest Games This Generation: Xbox 360

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 5 years ago

    Not to sound like that guy, but I recall Indies(though we just called them bedroom coders then) being a driving force in the zx/c64 days, through the early cga/ega days of PC gaming, from Captain Comic through to Commander Keen - and even the original ID games to a certain extent. Its never really gone away, and been a driving force ever since you could buy someone's tape game from an ad in Zzap, or send money to the Captain Comic creator. The distribution is finally in place (Steam, other digital delivery avenues) for them to garner more exposure - but "the rise of Indies" happened 30 years ago. They may be more popular than before, or a select few titles are, and the entire market is near ten times the size it was in 1987 - but I'd garner a higher proportion of c64/zx/pc releases in the 80s were indie than they are now. Although I guess Minecraft has sold more copies than most games released in the last few years - like the Wolfenstein 3d of its time - and just like in the 80s/early 90s - a ton of innovation from certain (though not all) Indies is driving the market in some new directions - the "birth" and "rise" of Indies actually happened decades ago.

    Next up "The rise of rock" - charting how the White Stripes and The Strokes brought rock n roll music to the forefront of the music scene. Maybe a good parallel. Sure rock was subverted for a few years, and came back (again) to birth the neo hipster rock movement - but it's disingenuous to pretend there weren't plenty of previous eras where Rock sprang forth from the bedrooms and garages and knocked bigger production, corporate fodder onto its bum.

    I've been playing indie games as long as I've been gaming - and continue to support many Indies - but I just groan when another indie comes out again ( usually with some graphics or gameplay inspired by something I played 25 years ago - though usually tweaked and improved greatly) and everyone hails it as a breakthrough, like the first person to play a guitar with distortion while wearing a dirty pair of jeans just emerged with this new garage invention called Rock n Roll.

    TL;DR - I love Indies, they've always been a huge part of gaming, but find it a bit silly people act like they started with Minecraft , or Braid or Flow. They're the foundation stones the modern industry was built on 30 years ago - and never went away.

    Posted in New Documentary Charts the Rise of the Indies

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 5 years ago

    I believe Xbox 360 has had this feature (being able to play your digital content on any system as long as you're signed in/connected if not the "play as you download" feature) for a good number of years, and it also applies to DLC. Mention in the article?

    Posted in PlayStation 4 lets you play your digital games anywhere

  • Avatar for JimmyDanger JimmyDanger 5 years ago

    I sprung for Xbox One, purely because I think the initial exclusive launch offerings look stronger/more suited to my tastes. I also trust in MS to have a tighter integrated OS/functionality/feature set at launch, which for most multiplatform titles - I value highly. When The Order comes out - maybe I'll have a look at PS4.

    Posted in Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 vs Wii U: Which One Would You Buy Right Now?