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  • Avatar for KCC KCC 2 months ago

    Another allegation (not verdict) resulting in personal and career murder.

    "Innocent before proven guilty." Not sure if anyone in the western hemisphere remembers this, but once upon a time it was a foundational code of these societies.

    Oh well. Moving to Asia in a few days for good; best of luck to you all in the Orwellian, hyperventilating, authoritarian and "socially just" world you've all begged for. Peace!

    Posted in IGN Fires Editor-In-Chief After Investigation Into 'Alleged Misconduct'

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 3 months ago

    I missed most every game this year and actually don't care. I bought a PS4 finally this year to play FFXV, and it was great. I had also intended to play Persona 5 and Yakuza Zero (as well as Tokyo Xanadu on Vita), but then I had just come back from living in Japan for a year and found i just didn't care about Japanese life simulators anymore--- I had just done it, and found then, and now even, that I'm really over it :P Sold my PS4 some months ago to prepare for my next move to Asia, albeit this time to China for a year (crossing fingers it does more for me than Japan!).

    I think the only one that really bothered me was Yooka Laylee. Bad reviews aside (which I don't care about), I grew up with a 64 and Rare collectible-based games, and was crazy to play it. I was going to buy it for PS4, but then when I heard it was coming to Switch decided to wait--- and then it was delayed, and delayed.
    And now it's out! ...except I just played Super Mario Odyssey and don't care that much anymore for 3D collectible platformers. I'm "satisfied," sort-of, although I do think SMO is pretty crap (and Zelda too). Nintendo's current game design philosophy doesn't work for me at all, so who knows; I think I might just go ahead and pick up Yooka Laylee still before the year ends.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which 2017 Game Did You Miss out on That You Still Really Want to Play?

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 3 months ago

    Should be good; always been more into SMT for the gameplay rather than Persona and it's social emphasis.

    Crossing fingers they don't gimp the gameplay though. SMTIV was pretty weak on the 3DS, and I don't really understand why they did that. With that title, the "difficulty" was basically set exclusively to gamble; either you'd get hit with a weakness and chained to insta-death, or not. But that's not really what SMT difficulty "is," or at least has been; strategy has been integral to each game up until IV in addition to random insta-death scenarios, and this is the major part of the fun of that series.

    So we'll see. I wasn't disappointed by SMTIV as a whole, but as a longterm fan of the series I was a pinch more than expected. In regards V, I'm a bit skeptical.

    I'm also, admittedly, terrified of censorship. TokyoMirage was a great game--- except in America. So I'm excited to see if this ends up being the proof that NoA is still out to castrate videogames for their own image's sake.
    *but major concerns lie with Fatal Frame; please please please berate NoA whenever FF6 is announced regarding censorship.*

    Posted in Shin Megami Tensei V for the Nintendo Switch Is Coming to the West

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 4 months ago

    I'd appreciate Persona 5, but that's because I can't bother with long games on console. The others don't interest me/don't need on a portable.

    I'll just summon up the old one of Catherine. Still feel like it's crazy that Atlus didn't try and bring this to Vita, or acknowledge how many of us out there were nuts over getting this game on a portable platform.
    But for the Switch it could work, so--- here we go again!

    ...I'd still prefer it on Vita though :(

    Posted in Ten Last Gen Games That Should Join Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Switch

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 4 months ago

    I would appreciate the Disney Afternoon collection. It has such a beautiful presentation <3

    Megaman Collection would be fine also, of course.

    But really, reallllllllly, having modeled a Switch edition of Okami would have been key, particularly because Breath of the Wild is not really all that much of a traditional Zelda experience and didn't satiate boring old farts like me concerning. Okami is the best Zelda game ever made, so---!

    Posted in Capcom Promises More Nintendo Switch Support, Including Ace Attorney Games

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 5 months ago

    The deals Blizzard had to make to get a branch in China exceed whatever comes to your imagination. China is full-speed on nationalized businesses, so that Blizz was willing to take whatever severe amount of cost and headache came with establishing a branch and releasing huge amounts of control over their properties there indicates a significant effort and huge investment.

    So yes; they worked very hard to get there, and to get there legitimately. So if somebody is going to come at them with Knockoffs, then you better believe that they are going to aggressively ensure that their overwhelming efforts are not sabotaged by cheap knockoffs.

    I'm excited to be moving back to China next year, and have some budding ambitions of beginning a business of my own there in the future. That being said, it requires an intensive amount of investment, forfeit and risk for foreigners, and it only gets more and more problematic the larger a scale your business is and, more importantly, profits are (particularly whether or not those profits are going to be used in China or not). Either way, it's completely reasonable, and this should not be considered negative press should western gamers be offered even the slightest bit of information regarding the degree of challenge faced when creating a branch in China.

    Posted in Blizzard China Is Suing a Developer Over an Overwatch Clone

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 5 months ago


    Love the Switch? Great.
    Expect the Switch to be any different from 1st-party -entric monster than Wii/Wii U? Stop hallucinating.

    Nintendo has INCREASED it's anti-consumer stance since the Wii U era, and although the Switch itself is attractive this in no way means it is so for devs, publishers, or (swallow this down, crowd) consumers.

    You don't buy a Nintendo system for any reason other than Nintendo, and the group most drilling this home is Nintendo. 3rd party fully exist in a Sink-or-Swim world with the platform, and so they shell out just enough to have that gamble concerning, a calculated gamble, I add, which they can recover from should (really, When) it falls negative.

    It doesn't matter that the Switch is the first console platform that has the ability to hold console/pc-centric Gamer's hands as it leads them with non-bias lucidity into the option of portable gaming; that isn't as big as you think, because any type who has negated the portable experience this far, which has been PHENOMENAL since the GBA, clearly doesn't give a s*** about gaming portably, even if that is just lain prostate in bed.

    So what does this mean? Exactly what everyone with a brain already knew. Nintendo platforms are anti-consumer, ESPECIALLY in the digital realm which is increasingly (and will only increase further) important, seeing as you don't actually own anything but rather your Nintendo system itself does. And yes, the obtuse medium decisions further alienate consumers, which Nintendo has already proven, and will continue to prove, they are more than willing to further deviate and obscure so to force an intrinsic dependence upon the corporation itself to have an enjoyable experience (which is lunatic and increasingly proving to not work/be true).

    Let Nintendo die, please. Seriously. Let them go broke, and bring their teams to 3rd party where they would actually be able to celebrate their well-earned accolades and sales numbers without having to cripple such achievements by blatantly attacking those people who made such successes possible.
    It's a garbage company; accept that, and bring them down. Like a child, they will only learn from repercussions, and they're well overdue for such.

    Posted in No One Seems to be Playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team on the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 5 months ago

    Prior to FFXV's food pornography, which is truly wonderful, my answer would have been Lon Lon Milk in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Link chugs the bottle, breathlessly finishes, and life is effectively better. Big reason that one sticks with me is that game came out when I was in Elementary school, and sometime near playing it we had a field trip to a farm. Sure enough, they sold bottled milk, and you better believe I had my mum buy me one (thank goodness she chaperoned that one!) and I rushed off to the woods surrounding the farm, stood on a tree branch, and chugged that thing just like Link. Most magic of all, I somehow didn't vomit it back up.

    But nowadays--- it's FFXV. Those dishes are delightful, and inspire me to get creative with my own cooking as well.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Meal or Food Item(s) in a Game?

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 5 months ago

    Secret of Mana remake isn't coming to Switch.

    The Seiken Densetsu collection came to Switch in Japan, which is a barebones of collection of 3 SNES games heavily priced.
    SE also released the Dragon Quest Heroes I & II collection on Switch in Japan, which is a technically messy game that performs like garbage.

    So... right. SE are just going through the PR nonsense here, as so far they've been perfectly fine with captlizing on the launch period/lack of competition at the expense of producing quality software for the platform.
    Octopath, though, is an earnest trial of the system, their first authentic release that will gauge whether this time around Nintendo buyers are interested in buying non-Nintendo software for the platform, much in the way Capcom toed the water with Ultra Street Fighter (although the latter is less successful a gauge as it was too early in the system's life/less competition than there will be now with the system rolling).

    Frankly I don't care. I buy Nintendo platforms to play Nintendo games; SE can continue throwing millions at creating really beautiful games that only come out on the most powerful systems. That's fine; that's clearly what they've been doing for a while now, and I guess it's working? I dunno; but for the Switch--- ehh, that Nintendo line-up is mighty strong for the remainder of this year into early next year, so 3rd party better be ready for the same old disappointment.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV for Switch Prototypes "Weren't Satisfactory"

  • Avatar for KCC KCC 6 months ago

    Final Fantasy XIII. The worst. Broke my heart.
    Only good thing that came out of it was it made me finally look to handhelds. I'm an 80% jrpg gamer, and little did I know that the stuff I'd been playing, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Enchanted Arms, etc. were all utter trash in comparison to the titles that were coming out on the PSP and DS. Never looked back to consoles since.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the First Game You Bought That You Wish You Could've Returned?