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  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom 11 months ago

    Great piece. Didn't realize Josh was the last man standing at Black Isle. Can't imagine how frustrating that experience was. Glad all of these talented folks are still in the industry.

    Posted in The Last Days of Black Isle Studios

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom 11 months ago

    I ordered and got my email. I think the people who are getting cancellations got in at the last second before the website caught up with the stock number. That chat representative in the tweet just seems misinformed... you can't preorder it because it comes out on September 29? Doesn't make sense.

    Posted in Walmart's SNES Classic Pre-Orders are a Mess... Again

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom A year ago

    I purposely didn't nuke my save because I wasn't done trophy collecting. I intended to go back and replay Ending E to do it because I felt obligated after killing some other guy's save in the process of finishing the ending (I also nuked my save in the original Nier) but then decided to hold off on the chance that they did DLC for it... I thought maybe they'd make it accessible early on in the game similar to The World of Recycled Vessel in the original Nier, but alas.Edited May 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Nier: Automata's DLC is Out Now, but You'll Never Play It

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom A year ago

    Incredibly powerful, John. Thank you for sharing. It is interesting how games or music we retreat to during difficult times become indelibly linked with those times. Given Bloodborne's themes around pregnancy and birth I can only imagine how that conversation went.

    Posted in Dark Souls Needs to Die: My Complicated Relationship With the Series That Helped Me Beat Cancer

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom A year ago

    Like someone said in the Nier thread, this is the best time for videogames.

    Posted in Persona 5 Review

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom A year ago

    Nice interview Mike. As always, it's evident that you play the game when you interview him because your questions are a lot more nuanced and specific than what I normally see in FFXIV coverage except by MMO niche sites.

    Good question about Flash! I've abandoned PLD for DRK and WAR now but I agree. Overpower and Unleash feel way better than Flash.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XIV's Naoki Yoshida Discusses New Jobs, End-Game Gear, and the Stormblood Expansion

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom A year ago

    Also shout out to Ryota Koduka, because SMT IV / Apocalypse's soundtracks are fire

    Posted in The Shin Megami Tensei Games You Should Play After Persona 5

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom A year ago

    If you dig tough games with weird/minimal exposition that ooze style (I didn't say the DS word but you know where I'm going with this) then I highly recommend Nocturne.

    However, if you're new to the series and still need to grok the terminology ("What's a Mabufudyne?") then I'd start with a friendlier entry like Persona 3 or 4.

    And if I remember correctly Strange Journey is one of Kat's favorites, but I much prefer Persona Q as far as the more modern first person dungeon crawlers go. I beat Strange Journey, but it was a couple of dungeons too long and got really damn hard toward the end.

    Posted in The Shin Megami Tensei Games You Should Play After Persona 5

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom A year ago

    yeah@catymcc, how can you like Orange if you disliked Apple?

    Posted in Nier: Automata Review

  • Avatar for Kadrom Kadrom A year ago

    @NiceGuyNeon I would personally move Resonance of Fate and Nier to the top of that pile!

    Posted in Starting Screen: What Do You Do When Too Many Great Games are Coming Out at Once?