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  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    60 FPS is definitely the better option, given that the DMC games were designed around their 60 FPS operation. It would be unconscionable to sacrifice framerate to render those ancient assets at higher resolutions.

    But with that being said... really? Devil May Cry was released in 2001, which will have been nearly 17 years ago by the time this collection releases. The PS2 on which it ran was released in 2000, making it 18 years ago. Nearly two decades' worth of hardware advancement and they're still having trouble rendering 17-year-old assets at 4K?

    Maybe that push for the PS4 Pro and XBoneX as "wow 4K machines" was misguided.

    Posted in The New Devil May Cry HD Collection Won't Support 4K Graphics

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    @chaoticBeat Yep! While we cannot know for certain what Capcom's plans are post-World, at least for the immediate future, MHXX is the last 'traditional' MonHun game, with the oldschool mechanics and systems in place. X/Generations (and by extension, XX) is basically an "all stars" release to bridge the gap between 4th gen and 5th gen (World), bringing back all of the old towns and NPCs and such. World is the largest departure the series has had to date.

    And don't worry about equipment stats: though the words for Attack Power, Sharpness, and Defenses are in Japanese, the numbers and sharpness bars are very obvious and easy to compare. Kiranico will have you covered on skills.

    Posted in Monster Hunter World’s Beta From the Perspective of a Hardcore Fan

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    @chaoticBeat Honestly, the language barrier isn't very high in Monster Hunter. You won't understand any of what the NPCs are saying, which can be a bit of a bummer if you enjoy the series' writing, but none of it is critical and Monster Hunter isn't a story-focused game to begin with.

    Quests mostly have obvious targets from their pictures, and a little bit of series knowledge will see you through the non-obvious ones (Picture of mushrooms? This must be a "deliver special mushrooms" quest!). Picture of little crabs with a number 10 in the quest target spot? Okay, that's kill 10 hermitaurs. Picture of a giant crab with a number 1 on the quest target, and an unusual color/shape along the top of the quest card? That's a "capture 1 Daimyo Hermitaur" quest.

    The menus are laid out the same as they always are in the series, so muscle memory can serve you well there, or maybe a little bit of experimentation. You might not know exactly what parts you need to make this or that weapon or armor, but you can usually either tell it's a part from the same monster (same color and monster parts icon), or some common part and you can match symbols.

    Being able to read Katakana/Hiragana will go a LONG way, as many menu items and nearly all monster names and most common resources (ores, mushrooms and the like) are spelled out in recognizable names, just in kana -- though you may need to know the Japanese names of monsters. For example, there's a "Deliver 3 Gargua eggs" quest, which is an egg icon and has the number 3, but also mentions Gargua in kana if you can read it, so you know which eggs to get even if you can't really 'read' Japanese.

    Ultimately though? Kiranico will see you through. You can hit up and change the language to English with the drop-down in the top right, and if you've got Japanese languages installed on your machine (which I believe is there by default on Windows 7 and above?), you'll get both the Japanese and English of every monster, item, piece of gear and quest in the game.Edited December 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Monster Hunter World’s Beta From the Perspective of a Hardcore Fan

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    As a series veteran dating alllll the way back to the 2004 original, I was initially very worried that World would go too far in making concessions to people that simply didn't want to play a Monster Hunter game. The beta, though, allayed those fears almost entirely.

    I'm actually very, very pleased with what Capcom has managed to pull off here. They've made a game that is simultaneously MUCH more inviting for new players, and easier for them to get to grips with, while simultaneously still feeling like a Monster Hunter game for seasoned veterans. The scout flies are just about the only change that I don't like, but that's only because they're constantly filling my screen with distracting glowy crap -- I do hope there's a way to turn them off or unequip them or something in the full version.

    Everything else, though? Any gripes I might have, they're either totally optional (like the new, permanently-tracking lock-on camera ala every other action game out there) and I can just ignore them, or I can turn them off if they interfere too harshly with my decade and a half of muscle memory (like the new stick-based radial menus for item selection -- it's possible to completely disable them so that items work exactly the way they do in every previous MonHun game).

    The new additions to the weapon movesets add a very pleasing amount of depth to the game, as with every iteration, and the game feel is the crunchiest, most satisfying it's ever been. I'm really looking forward to World. It looks like Capcom has managed to do the impossible and make a Monster Hunter game that can appeal to just about everyone.

    One minor correction though: 3 Ultimate was not the first appearance of full online support. The original PS2 game (and it's Japan-only sequel, Monster Hunter Dos) had full online play via the PS2's modem attachment. Monster Hunter Tri, for the wii, also had proper online play. It was the first instance of full online in one of the portable titles, though.

    Posted in Monster Hunter World’s Beta From the Perspective of a Hardcore Fan

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    Hooray for continued English-localized versions of Super Robot Wars! Bamco's whole SEA-Region Import solution has really been working out well for English-speaking fans.

    Have to admit I'm a little disappointed that they're STILL going with a barely-updated Z engine for the mainline games, and with no new OG game in sight. I know it would be a massive undertaking to retool all of their animations for the OG engine, but... well, they managed to do it for the OG games. And heck, even some of the units in OG are still using the OGs/OG Gaiden-era animations, but they're dynamic enough that they look alright next to the updated ones when they're upscaled in similar resolution. They could do something similar for the mainline games; update the animations for just the Big Three units for the first outing and slowly update more as they make more games.

    Posted in Super Robot Wars X Announced, English Subtitled Version Coming April 26

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    Finally picked up a switch about two weeks ago, and I'm overall pleased with it despite several minor gripes.

    The joycon system is silly for someone that plays almost exclusively in TV mode -- having to dock the joycons to the tablet and switch to handheld mode to recharge the controllers is an inconvenience, but one I can deal with. The gamepad grip should have had a pass-through USB port to connect to the dock and charge like the other consoles.

    I'm not fond of the cartridge slot and overall cartridge design as the contacts are HUGE and it's easy to touch them accidentally when dealing with that fiddly little rubber grommet cartridge door -- I'd have preferred some kind of solid plastic flip design.

    The Switch E-shop is a freaking mess. As far as I've been able to determine there's no real good way to categorize things, and it looks like there's no preview videos/trailers of any kind? That's really weird given that the Wii U had those. It's like Nintendo took about a step and a half back from the system they already had in place.

    But as far as being a device to play games on, it's good, and I can appreciate the hybrid functionality. The games are great so far, and 2018 is looking to be good as well. Hoping that the hardware's very good performance will prompt more third-parties to take it seriously.

    Also secretly hoping that the seeming success and hype around Monster Hunter World will either convince Capcom to localize MHXX Switch, or convince Nintendo to help incentivize them to do so. Fortunately the Switch is region-free so I can get by playing the Japanese version, but I'd love to have it in English and get my friends that are afraid of weird symbols involved as well.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Still Matching PS4 With 10 Million Sold in 9 Months

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    Interesting. I was wondering how they planned to handle the usual "Base->G/Ultimate" cycle for this one, given how different it is from their usual release style. Looks like it'll be in the form of updates to the base game rather than an G/Ultimate version release as a separate SKU.

    That, or this will be the first Monster Hunter that updates the actual monster roster mid-cycle and THEN goes a G/Ultimate SKU.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Will Get New Monsters Via Post-Launch Updates

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    @Godots17thCup Well, I mean, in fairness their first mistake was spending $40 on any version of Street Fighter II to begin with. Balance tweaks and Violent Ken or no, it's a 20+ year-old game and wasn't ever worth $40 to begin with.

    But yeah, pretty crappy move on Capcom's part to sell SFII as a standalone and then sell not one, not two, but three versions of it along with a bunch of other SF games on a similarly-priced collection not two years later.

    Posted in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Coming to PS4, XB1, and Switch

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    @Paul-S Eh, that kinda fits with the original novel, though. If it's a story that is largely about just rapidly name-dropping nerd-pop-culture things, it makes sense that a movie of it produced in 2018 image-drops things that are more likely to be immediately recognizable to its more modern audience.

    Posted in New Ready Player One Trailer Has a Tracer and Chun-Li Cameo

  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior KaiserWarrior 7 months ago

    @docexe Bethesda managed to pull off modding for the console versions of Skyrim and Fallout 4. Stuttering baby-steps, perhaps, but as proof-of-concept things they show that it can be done. There's no reason other studios can't clean it up and really make something of it -- give people the tools necessary to bake console-target versions of mods and a place to upload them so that they'll be available for others to download and play.

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Might Not Bring Back Microtransactions at All