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  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 14 days ago

    I love Picross games big and small, 2D, 3D, what have you. The top left corner of my 3DS touch screen bears the marks of constant switching between the blocks and crosses used for drawing and leaving the others blank, back from when I used stylus mode. Now I use the buttons (thanks, 300 Mario's Super Picross puzzles with no stylus) and my handhelds thank me.

    I have... Something like 10, 11 Picross games on my 3DS alone, and then there's a bunch on PC and as flash games as well. Suffice to say that I really, really love Picross games.

    Steam also has some really nice puzzle games too, like Hexcells, WayOut(?) and Interlocked. I'm not sure on the names, but there's some really cool stuff there. However, there can be only one, and that one for me is Picross.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Puzzle Game?

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 21 days ago

    There's a few I've been meaning to have a go at once I had enough time to play games after graduating uni (I did! Yay~) and now that I have time... I'm playing Etrian Odyssey III instead. Oh well, that was on my backlog too, and it's third stratum time.

    After, though, I need to go finish Breath of Fire III, start on Final Fantasy IX, finally actually play Steins;Gate... Maybe hit up Disgaea...

    But for now I have floor maps to draw. Gosh, I love drawing maps.

    Posted in What Games From Your Backlog Do You Plan to Play This Summer?

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 29 days ago

    It's unfortunate Parasite Eve is not on this list, those Mitochondrias worked really hard to reanimate a triceratops in the American Museum of Natural History, don't you know?

    EVO being on the list is nice, though, that game is kinda meh but it does come with Koichi Sugiyama music, I'm pretty sure. A score to accompany the necessary grinding, to be sure. I think the dinosaur chapter had some real sad stuff, too... you know, considering it's Earth and they all die out. There might have been some holed up in a cave in a later chapter, though, for more gut-punches. Nothing says gut-punch like dinosaurs becoming extinct, after all.

    Posted in In Honor of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's Release: The Top 10 Coolest Dinosaur Moments in Games

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos A month ago

    I knew Microsoft and Xbox weren't exactly on top in this console race, but I didn't know it was so bad they would let their customers walk all over their brand.

    Posted in Nike's Xbox Air Jordans Are... Very Green

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos A month ago

    I'll agree with whoever said Zero Escape games, because those are great. Virtue's Last Reward is the best in terms of CYOA (and quality, and also production value) in my opinion.

    But if we're going with bonkers answers, as some people have done, I will instead go with

    Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (and also its remake Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles). In nearly every level, you can choose which path to take, which will determine which boss you'll fight and also which level you will unlock to go through next. I know this practice really started with Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, but I like Dracula X Chronicles and think it deserves more attention.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Choose Your Own Adventure-Like Game?

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos A month ago

    In an ideal world, Capcom will bring Resident Evil VII as both a rental and an actual retail release, allowing people who don't care about having all the games in their library to remain there after they're done with them. And 20 bucks for a game + season pass that's still 50 bucks, available to you for 180 days? That sounds like a pretty good deal.

    What I'm more interested in is how long this Cloud Version will stay up. Will Capcom have a dedicated PC or server running until the end of time? Or will they let it stay up for five years, after which the game becomes unavailable to play on Switch? I think there's an interesting story there, and I'm keen on finding out what the plans will be in regard to that.

    And of course there's also the thought of which other games could be streamed through Cloud Versions. Persona 5 Cloud Version? It's now more likely than you might think.

    Posted in Resident Evil 7 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch With a Unique Streaming Release

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 2 months ago

    When I first saw the leak, I could not fathom how this adaptive controller would work. I still don't understand, but that's not important. The fact that it works is enough for me, and the knowledge that this exists is just amazing. I hope Sony and Nintendo and whatever other relevant companies are taking notes here, because this is what we should be working towards.

    What a great video. Microsoft is really doing some amazing things this generation.

    Posted in Microsoft Announces the Xbox Adaptive Controller for Players With Limited Mobility

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 2 months ago

    I got this game on Wii U with all of the DLC (it was on sale for some reason), though I had to do some puzzling to see which DLC packs included what loose things, and played it for a few hours then. I definitely found it enjoyable, but had to put it aside in favour of some other games. This is one of those games where you don't have to think too much about what you're doing in the grand scheme of things, so it works well as one of those games where you just pick it up whenever the mood strikes you and get some time in.

    When I finally get a Switch I'll be double-dipping on this game, maybe finally get around to Adventure Mode and whatnot. It's a game you could play for most of forever, so I'd rather be playing it on Switch, which I can take wherever, than the Wii U, which is more limited in location. I love my Wii U, but I'll stick to more... finite games on the system. Sorry HW, but I still like you. You just don't find in my life right now, but I'll return for you.

    Posted in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Review

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 2 months ago

    I picked up a Vita last year (!?!?!?!?) and do not regret it. There's a great many games on there that I never played, not really having a PSP (I borrowed one sometimes) or any other PlayStation device, meaning all the PSP games and PSOne Classics? They're open to me now...! And more of them since I decided to go with a North American PSN account, Europe got something like 50-70% of what the NA PSN got... which is also like half or less of what Japan got. With a NA account in Europe physical games don't do anything, so everything's digital for me already.

    The only downside is that some games never got put on PSN for some Gogforsaken reason (the PSP versions of Final Fantasy and FFII, for example. Very weird, probably to do with the PSOne version of both games) and Europe gets more and better PSN sales. Some games I put on my wishlist right off haven't gone on sale in NA for 18 months, while they still get put on sale at least twice a year in Europe. It's a mess all around and there's no best option.
    ...unless you can read Japanese, maybe. I'm not keeping track of that because it hurts too much already.

    Posted in Report: Sony Will Stop Making Physical PS Vita Games

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 2 months ago

    @Funny_Colour_Blue The entire Atlus and Sting Entertainment library would be nice. Especially in the case of Sting, Europe only got like half of the games NA did (in general), and NA only got like half of the games Japan did (also in general. Sting doesn't release a lot outside of Japan).

    On PSP, you'd get a whole bunch of Dept. Heaven games, there's Knights in the Nightmare, Riviera, Yggdra Union, Gungnir... Hexyz Force, too. The PSP had a bunch of cool games.

    Now if only Game Arts had made a Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Harmony on PSP in addition to Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, all would have been well. Oh well.

    Posted in PSP Emulator Found in Parappa the Rapper Remaster, Paving Way for PSP Hacks on PS4