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  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 2 days ago

    While an interesting step, I don't think I'll be going for this unless there's some real good picks on here. My main goal is Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete, though I don't think we'll be getting that particular game. Give me the Lunar love, Sony.

    This could be interesting for Europe, though. A bunch of PlayStation games never made it to European shores, like Chrono Cross or Xenogears. Getting something good now because we got hosed before, though... that's a cloud on a silver lining.

    Unfortunately my prediction for the software line-up would consist of PSOne Classics only, meaning I might as well stick with my Vita where I have already bought most of the PSOne games I really care about. If we were talking about a PS2 Classic, though... hoo boy.

    Posted in Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic Mini-Console

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 7 days ago

    At least Symphony of the Night's voice acting makes some amount of sense in context. Compare that to Tales of Phantasia for GBA, where everything not only sounds bad, but Dhaos utters "What the heck is that!?" after getting an Indignation - Thunder of the Gods thrown at his head.

    I recently looked at a transcript of the opening of the DXC version of SotN, and it is just... bland. Chew the scenery more! Where's my narm?

    Posted in Koji Igarashi is Begrudgingly Appreciative of the "Die, Monster" Line from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos A month ago

    Grandia: definitely intriguing, will probably purchase this somewhere down the line.

    The real hope: these games do well, Lunar also gets a remaster.

    I heard Lunar: Eternal Blue has a lot of rights issues, but that game looks pretty amazing and I did enjoy Silver Star Harmony on PSP. Silver Star has gotten like five or six different releases at this point, Eternal Blue has... two? More releases, I say! More!

    Posted in Grandia and Grandia II, Two Excellent RPGs, Are Being Remastered for the Switch

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos A month ago

    I... am playing Final Fantasy IV

    The After Years. Again.
    That's right, the best Final Fantasy game (after VIII). And let me tell you, Palm's challenge dungeon is a load of crock still.

    I'm also plugging away at Etrian Odyssey IV again, got to the third land and retired my party, so now I have to get some levels to be able to actually defeat my foes again. So it goes.

    Posted in What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos A month ago

    I got into Etrian Odyssey with IV a year or two back, and I don't think a month has passed since where I have not played an EO game. I finished up the NDS games a few months back and have been plugging at IV again since, this time on the non-Easy difficulty. I haven't touched either of the Untolds or V for more than an hour or two, but I will be getting this game day one. Or maybe day six, a timely birthday gift.

    At this rate, I'll be playing my 3DS until 2021, easily. Maps, maps, maps.

    Posted in Etrian Odyssey Nexus Concludes the Franchise's 3DS Run When it Comes to America Next Year

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos A month ago

    Agreeing with@NiceGuyNeon here, I hope these panels get archived for podcast usage. Asked about it on Twitter, but got no reply.

    I would love to go to Seattle again but it's simply not feasible for me right now... not that I would have been likely to have PAX tickets in the first place.

    Posted in Join the USgamer Crew at PAX West for Two Panels!

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos A month ago

    At this point, it really depends. I like giving meaningful names to the little critters, and have been naming them since... I guess around Gen V? Before that I wasn't really into the whole naming thing, but now it's cool.

    My Pokémon naming really got its start with Mystery Dungeon title Explorers of Time / Darkness / Sky, though. Since Pokémon hatched from eggs have slightly better stats than other Pokémon you can recruit, they are worthy of names. Plus, they're my babies! How can I not give them names. That really made me want to give them meaningful names, so here's some examples from my Wii U VC run of Explorers of Sky:

    ♦ Elanor the Sunflora, whose name apparently comes from a reference to Lord of the Rings and means 'Star Sun'.
    ♦ Nepenthes the Weepinbell, a genus of carnivorous plants.
    ♦ Melissa the Vespiquen, whose name literally means 'bee' in Greek.
    ♦ Starfy the Staraptor. I should play a Starfy game sometime.
    ♦ Claude the Altaria.

    It sounds like cloud.

    ...I'll show myself out.

    Posted in It Turns Out Most People Don't Name Their Pokemon

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 2 months ago

    I love Picross games big and small, 2D, 3D, what have you. The top left corner of my 3DS touch screen bears the marks of constant switching between the blocks and crosses used for drawing and leaving the others blank, back from when I used stylus mode. Now I use the buttons (thanks, 300 Mario's Super Picross puzzles with no stylus) and my handhelds thank me.

    I have... Something like 10, 11 Picross games on my 3DS alone, and then there's a bunch on PC and as flash games as well. Suffice to say that I really, really love Picross games.

    Steam also has some really nice puzzle games too, like Hexcells, WayOut(?) and Interlocked. I'm not sure on the names, but there's some really cool stuff there. However, there can be only one, and that one for me is Picross.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Puzzle Game?

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 2 months ago

    There's a few I've been meaning to have a go at once I had enough time to play games after graduating uni (I did! Yay~) and now that I have time... I'm playing Etrian Odyssey III instead. Oh well, that was on my backlog too, and it's third stratum time.

    After, though, I need to go finish Breath of Fire III, start on Final Fantasy IX, finally actually play Steins;Gate... Maybe hit up Disgaea...

    But for now I have floor maps to draw. Gosh, I love drawing maps.

    Posted in What Games From Your Backlog Do You Plan to Play This Summer?

  • Avatar for Macuelos Macuelos 2 months ago

    It's unfortunate Parasite Eve is not on this list, those Mitochondrias worked really hard to reanimate a triceratops in the American Museum of Natural History, don't you know?

    EVO being on the list is nice, though, that game is kinda meh but it does come with Koichi Sugiyama music, I'm pretty sure. A score to accompany the necessary grinding, to be sure. I think the dinosaur chapter had some real sad stuff, too... you know, considering it's Earth and they all die out. There might have been some holed up in a cave in a later chapter, though, for more gut-punches. Nothing says gut-punch like dinosaurs becoming extinct, after all.

    Posted in In Honor of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's Release: The Top 10 Coolest Dinosaur Moments in Games