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  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter 11 months ago
  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter A year ago

    I knew nothing about it but the weird ads I saw in magazines, but took a chance on a clearance game called EarthBound for $10 at Best Buy.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the Best Game-Related Deal You Ever Found?

  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter A year ago

    There really are a lot of great options to choose form. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep for Borderlands 2, The Lost and Damned for GTA IV, Lair of the Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2... but if I only had to choose one it would be the Burial at Sea chapters for Bioshock Infinite.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Game DLC or Expansion?

  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter A year ago

    Well, I've been playing this game for over a month and it does nothing to alleviate any of your fears. Many characters like Wall-E, Boo, and Rex cost between $15 and $20 a piece (cash equivalent for gems) and gems are earned so slowly as to be a meaningless reward. The "Magic" currency is earned more quickly but major milestones cost so much to overcome that it could easily take a player a whole week to unlock one new thing.

    There are no energy mechanics that prevent you from playing because there's nothing really to "play." All characters have cooldown timers, so you can send them to do a task for 2 or 4 or 8 hours or whatever, collect the reward, and then send them to do another thing.

    And it's not like you even get to build a cool theme park in the style of rollercoaster tycoon. Every couple of weeks you place a new ride wherever there's room and the result is that you now have one more object to tap whenever you decide to launch the "game."

    This process is repeated until the player realizes how short life is and how futile their efforts are. Though I do suppose that if you were willing to spend $50-$100 on it there would be at least more things to tap on. But your life will still be as short and I doubt you'll be any happier.

    Posted in Gameloft Needs to Play Fair When it Monetizes Disney Magic Kingdoms

  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter A year ago
  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter A year ago

    @vincentgoodwin88 That's funny because my memory was similar. I was stuck at some leadership retreat nonsense that was going to "look good on my college application" and staying in a dorm. During free time there were plenty of folks who were going out to play sports or do mock trial or whatever but I'd just hang out in the dorm playing Circle of the Moon. I got into college all the same.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Game Boy Advance Memory?

  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter A year ago

    I initially thought my answer was going to be Blue because they pretty well nailed the formula out of the gate. Then I considered Black & White for maintaining the refinements that have developed over the years while also returning to a manageable number of Pokemon.

    But then I remembered the Pokemon: Trading Card Game. What I like most about it is the way it distills the elemental types into easily employable strategies. In the main games of the series, you have to balance leveling up a team over a long period of time while also paying attention to elements. As a meta-strategy, this is fun to think about. But it's also highly inefficient and not necessarily the way I want to play.

    In Pokemon: TCG, you roll into a gym knowing what kinds of Pokemon you'll be facing and can build your team in support of it. This tests the player's ability to create a tactical deck of cards and there's a real satisfaction to the cycle of planning and execution.

    The game is also short enough that I can pick it up every year or so and play all the way through. So, while Pokemon: TCG is not as a great an accomplishment as Red/Blue or the innovations in its sequels, it has an unparalleled elegant simplicity.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Pokémon Game?

  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter 2 years ago

    @Vaporeon I too was one of those people who scored EarthBound at Best Buy unbelievably cheap. I didn't even know what it was—I just liked the big box.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Best Ever Gaming Bargain?

  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter 2 years ago

    @prymusferal I was going to say EarthBound too, but assuming that we're still playing it in the year 2015, I'd be concerned that some of the sluggishness and older design sensibilities would make it harder to appreciate.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Game Would You Like to be able to Play For the First Time - Again?

  • Avatar for MainCharacter MainCharacter 2 years ago

    @Namevah Yeah, astounding how well (and creatively) it captures the mechanics of that level.

    Posted in The Best Tributes to Other Games in Super Mario Maker