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  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 6 months ago

    You can still use the headphone jack on Switch while docked for headphones and analog stereo out. The hdmi audio to the TV will be muted though when the headphone jack is used.

    Posted in The Nintendo Switch 4.0.0 Firmware Update Secretly Added Wireless USB Audio Support

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    Just rewatched the Zelda cartoon for the first time in years and its still one of my favorites. I think what helped is that the episodes were only 14-15min long so they were able to keep the production values up and pacing. The choreography of the action scenes, the settings, and the script, made it stand out as an action cartoon during its time.

    The Captain N episodes with Link and Zelda is like an epilogue of sorts to the cartoon, long before Justice League Unlimited came about and continued storylines from the Batman and Superman cartoons. They were also heavily promoting Zelda II: The Adventure of Link with the second season of Captain N.

    A modern Zelda animation could adapt Akira Himekawa's manga adaptions.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda's Only Cartoon Aspired to Competence in a Landscape of Trash

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    I agree with Shikata that Zelda doesn't have to be about the Triforce, Zelda and Ganon since Link's Awakening did it first as a side story (but with references to those elements) and it opens up more adventures for Link. Good question on how Shitaka's games are less traditional while ALBW got back on track, but I think there are other elements that make Zelda that he doesn't mention, like an overworld.

    It seemed like they should have done a Four Sword game on Wii using DS systems.
    @bobservo@Kuni-Nino From the few hours I spent playing Skyward Sword, I thought it was going to fix the mistakes The Wind Waker made by having the 2 world dynamic of the Sky and the land of Hyrule below, but they intentionally turned the empty Sky overworld into a Super Mario Galaxy style level select with linear stages to choose from. The sword play is less the sword fighting of Zelda 2 and Ocarina of Time and more puzzle solving, and they intentionally held players hands because they thought it'd be fun if you didn't get lost. They overcomplicated the game with the A button and stamina meter that made it go against the design philosophy that Ocarina of Time had to be as stress free as possible.Edited 2 times. Last edited October 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in Breaking Tradition: An Interview with Tri Force Heroes' Eiji Aonuma and Hiromasa Shikata

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    Super Cheep Air (Water Land W3-A)
    334B-0000-0095-A28AEdited 2 times. Last edited October 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in Contest: Think You're a World-Class Mario Maker? [Contest Closed!]

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    For sharing level codes you can also use the Wii U screenshot feature to post to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr by pressing Home->Internet Browser-> and logging in, but a text post with the code would be easier.

    Posted in 5 Ways Nintendo Could Improve Super Mario Maker

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    The Plague Knight DLC was part of the original Kickstarter stretch goals, but Yacht Club mentioned they had delayed and redid Plague Knight to get it right because it wasn't working out with what they originally had. They also have King Knight, Specter Knight, and Battle Mode to release. It should help re-promote the game with the upcoming retail release too.

    Posted in Shovel Knight's Plague of Shadows DLC is Great (and Free)

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    I had heard before that Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy 3) was expected to sell millions based on NA's population.

    I bought Final Fantasy VI when it came out from Toy's R' Us for $66 (USD) because I had rented Secret of Mana after reading about it in Nintendo Power (which advertised "From the makers of Final Fantasy on the box"), and then rented Final Fantasy 2 (IV), and read the multi-issue coverage of Final Fantasy VI in Nintendo Power. It seemed like everything Final Fantasy 2 was and more.

    I think its the kind of game that left a lasting impression on the number of people who played it when it came out even if it didn't meet sales expectations.

    According to Power+Up (Kohler), Final Fantasy VI sold 2 and a half million copies in Japan and was the 15th best selling game ever at the time. It was a top selling game in the U.S. for 1994 but was expected to sell millions in the U.S. based on the population.Edited 7 times. Last edited September 2015 by Unknown

    Posted in Hironobu Sakaguchi Clears the Air on Final Fantasy VI

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    @secularsage@Voncaster Someone new to Mega Man should start with Mega Man 2 (Normal mode) or Mega Man 3. Mega Man 1 is really difficult, there's no password system, and the physics are rougher.

    Even if a player has a hard time playing Mega Man 2 and 3 for the first time, they can still have fun skipping around levels with the non-linear boss select screen, or look up passwords that let you skip to later stages or give you extra E tanks. Mega Man 3 even had the super jump debug code on Controller 2 that was fun to play with to jump in and out of pits (I don't know if they preserved that in the collection.) This was how I played through Mega Man 3 as a kid, and got to see most of the game even though I wasn't good at the game to beat it like I can today.

    Posted in Mega Man Legacy Collection Xbox One Review: The Robot Museum

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    The interview covered everything and got across that they're interested in the core gameplay experience of the game than advancing Samus' adventures.

    Federation Force seemed like a followup to Hunters, and having the series producer working on it made sense. The backlash is from it not being a traditional Metroid or Metroid Prime game.

    The Wind Waker comparison makes sense when you compare the game to the more realistic Space World 2000 demo they were working on that followed Ocarina of Time's style before changing the artstyle, and essentially the main character, Link.

    Either its a typo or mistranslation, the Prime games should be between Metroid 1 and 2. There was another interview recently where Tanabe "said" they were between II and Super, which seemed like a mistranslation.

    Tanabe originally said that the Prime games took place between Metroid 1 and 2 because there were no more Metroids after 2 and they needed to use a lot, and had consulted with Sakamoto. Also for the reason he said about placing all of the games in that specific time pocket, it was to give the Prime games creative freedom without interfering with the R&D1/SPD1 games.

    Posted in "I was quite surprised by the backlash": Kensuke Tanabe on Metroid Prime Federation Force

  • Avatar for Makgameadv Makgameadv 2 years ago

    Someday there might not be any CRTs left to play old games on with the amount that gets recycled each day at electronic retailers.

    Component is separated into Red and Blue colors, and Luma (Black/White) on the Green cable (like S-Video) with the TV filling in the color Green.

    Posted in Making the Connection: A Guide to Essential Gaming Cables and Tech