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  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo 8 months ago

    I wish he had.

    Posted in No, Doomfist Didn't Murder Tracer

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo 9 months ago

    I loved Red Dead Redemption, and was anticipating this game immensely, but it was never going to top Destiny 2. Shrewd play from R*.

    Posted in Red Dead Redemption 2's Delay is a... Relief?

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo A year ago

    Fair enough review. Personally speaking, I'll still be keeping my pre-order; the multiplayer in 3 was excellent, for me, and that's something I'm looking forward to again in Andromeda. On Twitter you said that there weren't any hiccups on the PS4, so, that's also good :)

    Few questions, though, if you don't mind me asking.

    1. How long is the main story line if that's all you do (no side quests involved)? 15 hours? 20 hours?

    2. Did you get the sense that the Kett were going to be the major antagonists of this, presumably, new trilogy? or is there room for BioWare to pivot towards a new threat in the sequel? Could the Kett still be worthwhile villains in the future?


    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo A year ago

    32GB internal memory. Fuck. Me. Again.

    Posted in Reaction: This Was Pretty Much the Switch's Worst Case Scenario

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo 2 years ago

    I'm not getting my TE2+ until March, so, this works. SFIV benefited from it's later releases, and I think SFV following suit (hopefully) without having to purchase newer iterations < free patches and updates, we'll see an even better fighting game than SFIV, which was already pretty legendary. One can hope, at least; I'm not too worried right now about what's currently left out, however, if I was a newer player I'd be a bit intimidated, but if you want to embrace Street Fighter, I mean, you have to not fear getting your butt kicked (online) at some point, and it might as well be right away so at least you have a chance of improving before the meta really thickens later on.

    Posted in Street Fighter V PC Review: Tournament-Ready, And Not Much Else

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo 2 years ago

    Oh, nice resource, and in alphabetical order!

    Posted in 2016 Video Game Release Dates & Reviews

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo 2 years ago

    @TernBird and as it happens, some people are so tragically contemptuous that they cannot help but make fools of themselves by presuming another's question to be rhetorical rather than literal.

    Posted in Mortal Kombat X PlayStation 4 Review: Fatality Attraction

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo 2 years ago

    Better than P4A's story mode and Brawl's Subspace Emissary?

    Posted in Mortal Kombat X PlayStation 4 Review: Fatality Attraction

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo 3 years ago

    7.8/10 - Too much Zork.

    Posted in USgamer's New RPG Podcast: Axe of the Blood God

  • Avatar for Matieo Matieo 3 years ago

    As someone who's not into toy figurines, but is a dedicated Smash player and Nintendo fan, I succumbed to the pressure of purchasing these little [expletive] over the holidays.

    They're neat. They're better than any LVL9 CPU, I've noticed. Some of them are really nice looking, too, especially for how much they cost at retail. Being a dumb painter for a living, I can't help but notice the overspray on most of them, though I'd still say they're well done for the most part. Can't say I like keeping them in their packaging, nor do I care for complete sets; I'm content with just getting the ones I main or alt with on Smash.

    I hear Nintendo might reprint all amiibo later this year, Marth at least, which would be terrific. And should the West Coast Port Strike end soon, well, hopefully we won't have to deal with hoarders and scalpers anymore, because, truly, they're awful people.

    Posted in The State of Nintendo Amiibo: Availability, Compatibility, and Other Questions