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  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 13 hours ago

    I really don't see Sony including a game that requires DUALSHOCKs with a nostalgia bundle that doesn't already have them. =/

    Anyway, as I've said before, I'll be happy as long as Metal Gear Solid and a Resident Evil are included in this. But other stuff that would be nice...

    ~ A Mega Man Legends game, definitely.
    ~ Twisted Metal 2
    ~ Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    ~ A Crash Bandicoot and/or Spyro game
    ~ A Square jRPG that isn't a Final Fantasy (Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, etc.)
    ~ A Square game that isn't a jRPG (Einhänder, Bushido Blade, Ehrgeiz, etc.)
    ~ A jRPG that isn't a Square game (Breath of Fire IV, Suikoden, Persona 2, etc.)
    ~ A King's Field game
    ~ A racing game that ain't got cars
    ~ One sports title (probably golf)
    ~ Armored Core
    ~ A 2D Capcom fightmans

    Posted in PlayStation Classic Wishlist: The Games We Want for the Final 15 Spots (And Then Some)

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 17 hours ago

    @Neal-Akuma Don't I know it. Sony definitely has a bad tendency to abandon old properties in favor of the new hotness. I personally couldn't give two shits about Uncharted or The Last of Us, but I was happy when the PSone Crash Bandicoot trilogy got remastered and when it was announced that the Spyro trilogy and MediEvil would also get remasters like that.

    It sure would be nice if MediEvil had a brand new modern installment, though. And Ape Escape. Or hell, I'd settle for an Um Jammer Lammy remaster optimized for HDTVs. Girl's game was arguably better than PaRappa's titles.

    Even Ratchet & Clank has slowed down since the move to PS4, only getting a movie tie-in game. I'm less in need of a new game for that, but I would kill just to have a way to play the Future series on PS4 without PlayStation Now streaming.

    Posted in The PlayStation Classic is Going to Have a Much Harder Time Selling its Nostalgia Next to the SNES Classic

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 17 hours ago

    You underestimate the power of a little plastic PlayStation-shaped box that can play Final Fantasy VII, Nadia. Even if it's on PS4, and Steam, and phones, and coming to Switch and Xbone, there's still a lot of appeal to playing it on a li'l babby PlayStation.*

    As long as the PlayStation Classic has a good third party focus and has one or two more weird obscure games I missed like Jumping Flash!, I'll be fine with it. Start off with a big grab bag console with popular stuff and cult classics, maybe make Special Editions consoles focused on more specific genres (RPG Edition, Survival Horror Edition, etc.) later. If it sells well enough, maybe Sony suits will get it through their thick skulls that there might be an audience for PSone Classics on PS4.

    * I've already nicknamed it "The Real PocketStation." Not that it's portable, but it is small.

    Posted in The PlayStation Classic is Going to Have a Much Harder Time Selling its Nostalgia Next to the SNES Classic

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas Yesterday

    Okay, I'm not too picky. Aside from the already announced stuff I just need Metal Gear Solid and one of the Resident Evil games on this. Surprise me with whatever for the rest.

    Posted in Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic Mini-Console

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas Yesterday

    @boxofficepoison The NES Ghosts 'N Goblins is not the version I'd recommend, but barring a potential port of Capcom Arcade Cabinet, or a port of Capcom Classics Collection, or a brand new Capcom Platformer Bundle, or Capcom actually giving a flying fuck about supporting the Arcade Archives line, it's currently the only version on the Nintendo Switch. Or really, modern Nintendo platforms in general.
    -@WiIIyTheAntelope Outside of buying the original cart or emulation, Tecmo Super Bowl is not readily available and Super Mario All-Stars has only been rereleased as a physical Wii disc. Arcade Gradius at least has a PS4 port to its name.

    Arcade Ghosts 'N Goblins is better off than those, though. The arcade game may not be on Switch, but it is on iOS and Android (Please don't play those versions), and it's part of Capcom Arcade Cabinet which is on 360 and PS3, and available on Xbone via backwards compatibility and PS4 and PC via PlayStation Now. Also it's in Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded along with Ghouls 'N Ghosts and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts, which can be bought digitally for PSP and Vita.

    A Capcom Platformer Bundle sure would be nice, though.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online: The NES Games You Need to Play, and the Ones You Can Safely Ignore

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 2 days ago

    I am perfectly fine with Pokémon omitting hold items and abilities. Arceus knows the series has built up way too much item baggage (Gen 4 was when I first started dreading it), and it'll be very nice to be able to one-shot Geodudes and Magnemites again.

    Posted in Pokemon Let's Go Confirmed to Cut a Couple Key Features From the Core RPGs

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 2 days ago

    @SkywardShadow It's the passive abilities that each Pokémon comes with since Gen 3, like Pikachu randomly paralyzing anyone who hits it with physical attacks or Clefairy attracting Pokémon of the opposite gender that hit it or some Pokémon being immune to being K.O.'d in one attack. That sorta thing.

    Posted in Pokemon Let's Go Confirmed to Cut a Couple Key Features From the Core RPGs

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 3 days ago

    My opinion: Final Fantasy VIII not being on Switch has a lot to do with the game not having a preexisting PS4 or mobile port to work with. Of course, then the question goes to why it doesn't have a preexisting PS4 or mobile port, but I think the answer's simply that it's a bigger project to undertake than VII and Square Enix didn't save the original assets like with IX. Also FF9 kinda took priority on the port front 'cuz it didn't even have one lousy PC version for over a decade.

    I'm sure a Final Fantasy VIII port for all the things (instead of just the Steam version of the PC port and PSone Classics ports that can't be played on PS4 (Thanks, Sony. =/ )) will happen eventually, but it's gonna take some work.

    Posted in A Chat With RPG Legend Brian Fargo. Plus: Where the Heck is Final Fantasy VIII on Switch?

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 5 days ago

    @docexe Speaking of Echo fighters, or rather characters who are like Echo Fighters but still have enough differences that they don't directly fall in that mold (i.e. Wolf, Ganondorf), I really want Doctor Eggman as a heavier Bowser Jr. clone. A lot of the work is already done, just change up a few of the attacks a bit and give him a different Final Smash.

    Posted in What Character Would You Like to See Next in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

  • Avatar for MetManMas MetManMas 6 days ago

    Isabelle is definitely a great addition.

    Anyway, I still really want Ryu Hayabusa in Smash as a Koei Tecmo rep.

    Posted in What Character Would You Like to See Next in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?