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  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 15 hours ago

    Is TP really that disliked? I feel that for every person I see disliking it I see like 10 who say they don't get why people dislike it. That seems quite the opposite to me. I sure loved it.

    But speaking of Zelda, Skyward Sword is a great game, and I am 100% convinced most of the people hating on it either didn't have the patience to learn the controls, or didn't give it a fair chance because the overworld isn't 'connected'. As if overworlds of previous 3D Zeldas were such masterpieces. Both the overworld and the dungeons were great fun, and the controls simply work. Yes, Fi talks quite slowly, but if you're letting something petty like that get in the way of playing a game...

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Critically or Fan-Panned Game?

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 4 days ago

    I doubt the competitive scene has had that much of an effect on Smash's popularity. The simply solid and quite unique gameplay, plus the fact that it's not just a cheap fan-service tribute but a top-tier game is alone to make it a best-selling series. I'm not saying that it has absolutely no influence, but even if there was no competitive Smash scene, the games would be among Nintendo's best-sellers. The people who care about the competitive side are, in the end, a minority.

    The fact that the games don't rely on combos, the fact that you have to learn the characters instead of all these input commands and game-mechanics, the fact it's a game both newcomers and people who want to get deeper into it can enjoy, the fact that it unites some of the most beloved characters of all time. Those are the things that made it a success if you ask me.

    Posted in How Smash Bros Became One of Nintendo's Most Important Franchises

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 4 days ago

    It wouldn't surprise me if it's the same collection of games that's currently on Steam.

    Posted in Sega Genesis Collection Announced for PS4, Xbox One, but Not the Switch [Update]

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 4 days ago

    Is Lego City really worth mentioning in that list of titles? I thought that one was pretty laggy and buggy. In fact, my brother got annoyed by how poorly it ran on Switch IIRC.

    Posted in Why WWE 2K18 Might be the Worst Game on the Switch

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 8 days ago

    I get that the guy who played Melee ever since he was a kid doesn't quite get why Sakurai considers Melee 'too hard', but really, I feel in total control whenever I'm playing Smash 4, whereas in Melee, after 17 years there are still moments where I feel confused by the weird quirks the game has.

    I'm sure it's great for competitive gamers, but outside of that context, it has aged quite poorly in some regards. Still a fun game of course, but the game simply hasn't aged as well as some Melee-heads seem to think. If you're in complete control of the game like competitive players are, this might be harder to see.

    Posted in The Rise of Nintendo's Curiously Divisive Competitive Communities

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 9 days ago

    "Crash hasn't only lived on Sony platforms, contrary to popular beliefs. But it's true that Crash has never graced a Nintendo system before."

    What? Sure he has! Plenty of times. Not the original games, if that's what you mean.

    Anyway, amazing direct overall. Apparently Nintendo is still not going to let me play something else than Splatoon 2 all the damn time...

    Posted in Nintendo Direct Recap: Smash Bros, Splatoon Expansion, and Ports, Oh My!

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 9 days ago

    You mean Chain Chomp Tennis Aces.

    Posted in Mario Tennis Aces Launches This June

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 10 days ago

    @LunarFlame17 Well I'm not saying they should do that, but it's interesting that the title they chose to mention is such a tame one. I can't really say they have that many titles known right now besides MTA though. Yoshi maybe, and MP4 but I don't think they would want to spoil whether or not they're gonna talk about that.

    Posted in Mario Tennis Aces Leads New Nintendo Direct For Tomorrow

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 10 days ago

    I'm pumped because the 15-minute Mini direct was pretty packed and was much shorter, but Mario Tennis Aces is the most exciting game they could've mentioned in their announcements?

    Posted in Mario Tennis Aces Leads New Nintendo Direct For Tomorrow

  • Avatar for Minkukel Minkukel 12 days ago

    I'd be fine if he just stuck to movies considering how great The Shape of Water was. It would be interesting to see him team up with some indie dev or something, though. Sounds like a better fit to me than Kojima.

    Posted in The Road to Shape of Water's Oscar Win Was Paved With Some Tantalizing Games