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  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 8 months ago

    @riderkicker they wouldn’t really need to tone anything down. In fact, I expect it to run better because the PS3 version after a certain point just started to get chug. If it doesn’t run much better then I’ll be disappointed. As for the online, that can work as always. The online component is great but if I’m in a long card ride, I’ll five that up to play on the go. A great thing to do if they can implant it would be to download latest server stats when offline so that you can see messages and ghosts at the very least.

    Posted in Dark Souls Would Be an Odd Fit for Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 9 months ago

    @NiceGuyNeon It's just one of many game awards. This one just happens to be televised and more dude bro 'Merica heavy,

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wins Big At The Game Awards 2017

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 9 months ago

    @DrCorndog You May feel it’s not a strong argument is because there is no objective good or bad here. As ususl, these types of things are on the eye of the beholder like any artistic medium.

    Posted in There's More to Pyra—and Xenoblade Chronicles 2—than a Sexy Fanservice Outfit

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 9 months ago

    @Podunkus I see what you’re saying and where you are coming from, even if I don’t agree with all your points since the things you list as being things you don’t like are the exact things I love about Japanese rpgs not named Final Fantasy.

    Now, to your question. Is it okay for the designer to do that? The answer is yes. The moment we start saying it’s not okay for an artist to do create something how they wish to do so, is the moment a slippery slope starts. That to me is what is not okay.

    Would you say it’s not okay for all these talented artists who did those gorgeous illustrations for Heavy Metal to do the art that they do?

    What is okay is for an individual to look at something and say, no, that is not for me. That is perfectly okay.

    Another thing too is that making art that is sexy does not mean it’s sexist. Just as how specialization and objectification are not mutually exclusive.

    There are so many talented female artists who also do sexualized art; of women and men. The problem is that you don’t see enough of them, and that goes back to the age old problem of diversity and representation.

    Why do both men and women do sexy design pieces? The answer sometimes is the simplest one. Human beings are sexual creatures. Women are just as sexual as men. But again, they have a lack of representation outside of independent comics and counter culture magazines like Heavyweight Metal, which yes, many of those artists were women.

    I’ll be honest. I love sexualize designs too. Not because I’m sexist or see women as an object. So when I see a sexualized design I judge it against other sexualized art.

    That being said, I also accept the that not anyone does. And that’s also okay. Not everything has to be fore everyone.

    As for Pyra. I actually like her outfit fine. My only issue with her design is that I’ve seen better outfits if that nature from other designers.

    Posted in There's More to Pyra—and Xenoblade Chronicles 2—than a Sexy Fanservice Outfit

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 9 months ago

    @Zebetite Yeah, I understand some of your frustrations, but as a huge Splatoon 1 and 2 fan with absurd hours as well into the game, I have to disagree with some points. I feel overall the game feels like a proper sequel, with the new modes, campaign, Salmon Run especially.

    Yes, we have less maps... for now. Game has also been out for a little over 4 months. As for the returning stages, that is due to fan feedback and requests... like myself who wanted those stages to come back and be thrown into the pile. I just want Camp Triggerfish now and I'll be happy.

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Is Finally Starting to Feel Like an Actual Sequel

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 9 months ago

    I have to disagree with matchmaking for Turf War. Leave it as is. I don't want to go into a quick match or Turf War and play against a team of 4 friends who will have an unfair advantage. I like that it mixes it up.

    Now if they want to add a Turf War League Mode where you can go in with a group of friends like they do with the other modes, then great.

    But not for quickplay.

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Is Finally Starting to Feel Like an Actual Sequel

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 9 months ago

    @captainN2 Or you know, you can not buy the game? I personally love the character designs, and so does my wife, but we are both big into anime.

    I respect everyone's right to care for them, of course. But who says America needs to be the moral police for the rest of the world? The Xeno series is already a niche title in itself and are very much made for a Japanese audience. While Monolith Soft is part of Nintendo, Nintendo pretty much lets them do their own thing as they have always done. If this was an in house Nintendo game, it would be a different game made from they get go to appeal to no particular part of the world.

    I also think it's okay. The Xeno series is not a big seller and I am just glad they keep making games despite that because hell, even amongst JRPGS, it is pretty niche.

    I have said it before, but you all would have a heart attack if you ever came down to South America and saw people dress on television, including children's variety shows.

    My issue with this small controversy, because it is small at the end of the day, is that while I fully accept it is not everyone's cup of tea and people may be put off by it, is the constant barrage of art shaming. It's reminding me from something out of my grandparent's time. It's okay to not like something, be put off, or offend you. It's also okay to not feel any of those things and appreciate it.

    Or should I go ahead and burn my copies of Heavy Metal magazine now? Some of those covers are some of the best artistic pieces I have ever seen, and yes, many are sexual in nature. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just how there is nothing wrong with female artists who illustrate men in a sexual manner. Yes, the disparity is much smaller, and to me THAT is what needs to change. I want to see more female artists in the mainstream making the same types of illustrations and artistic design choices in male subjects if they feel like it.

    Again, not everything will appeal to everybody. That is perfectly okay! But if we are going to regress and just shame every artist and piece of art, then you know, that worries me more than breasts and revealing clothing.

    And of course art can be criticized. But this is going beyond that. It's entering shaming and dog piling. Edited December 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review: An RPG With the Heart and Soul of a Titan

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix 10 months ago

    @jago81 Then wait for a price drop. The reason your complaint is not valid is because every time this game gets re-released on whatever platform, they charge full price.

    I paid 60 dollars a year ago when it was re-released on the PS4. Thee months later it started dropping in price. Like all third party games. So just wait.

    A company usually charges full price when doing a new release on a different platform.

    Posted in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for Switch Preserves That Dragonborn Feeling on a Small Screen

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A year ago

    Terrific write up! Metroid 2 was my first Metroid game oddly enough, and I was just a lad back then, so I struggled with the original and never got far with how obtuse it was. Even more so than the first one since your character was so big and screen real estate made everything cramped, so of course I is nonsense of direction. So while I always loved the look and feel of the game, not to mention Samus, I did not fall in love with the series until Super Metroid. I am very happy to read in your review about all the changes and additions to keep it more in line with Super Metroid and the games that came after, and this weekend cannot come soon enough.

    Perfect timing too, since Hurricane Irma left me without power and Internet, so now I have something to help the time go by :)

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns Review: A Near Perfect Remake of an Underappreciated Gem

  • Avatar for Modern-Clix Modern-Clix A year ago

    Great write up! I myself perder mayo over red sugar paste, but unfortunately there are traitors in my home that chose ketchup while I stepped out to the patio for a few minutes.

    One point I do want to add, there is a bit of purpose with all the ketchup vs ketchup battles when one with mayo could not be found. As the Splatfest went on, did you notice your mayo/ketchup power? It's a way to keep the team balances in check. So a bit of background round robin of sorts is happening. For example, not teaming a lowly powered ketchup team versus a high powered mayo team. For example, I had three ketchup matches in a row, which then took me to a mayo battle in which both of our teams had sinmilar power levels. It's a way to compensate for the populour vote, so mayo and ketchup not only battle out equal matches for the vote, but to make them fair matches. That way we don't have a 2000 power mayo team against a lowly 1000 powered ketchup team.

    Posted in The Road to Becoming the Mayo Queen of Splatoon 2's First Legit Splatfest