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  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 2 days ago

    @DrinkingWithSkeleton for me it was the worst fight in a game full of really dull fights, since I really didn't get on with World at all. For me it said everything that they felt the need to throw Nergigante into the middle of the Zorah fight to make it interesting.

    I'm really not sure who it is that they make these giant concept fights for as I've never met a single person playing that actually likes them, even as a change of pace. Perhaps my social circle of people that play MH is just too limited.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Elder Dragon, Kulve Taroth, Gets Limited Time Event

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 2 days ago

    Colour me cynical, but I'd much rather have a smaller, faster monster than something like this.

    I dont think Capcom have ever made a Giant (like Zorah in World) or even very large (think Xeno from world) monster that's been really fun for me. They're great concept fights but poor on the execution side, I find.

    I suppose it's nice that they're updating the game for free at all.Edited Yesterday by Unknown

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Elder Dragon, Kulve Taroth, Gets Limited Time Event

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 7 days ago

    Not entirely sure I'm on board with the combat changes. Part of what I loved about the previous games I played was the contrast between the brute force and violence of Kratos personality and the elegance of the moves used to carry out that will, shifting from enemy to enemy, into the air in graceful fashion. The combat I've seen doesn't really follow that gameplay loop anymore, which seems to be borne out in the review. Most of the other changes I'm neither into nor particularly against (crafting systems and level-ups, yawn).

    I don't suppose there's going to be a demo of this is there? I REALLY miss the days when I had the opportunity to try before buying.

    Posted in God of War Review

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 26 days ago

    Bayonetta 2 for me, then maybe some Pokemon Blue/Stadium later on.

    I'm saving the new Kirby game for a weekend away from my TV and PC.

    Posted in What Game Are You Planning on Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies 27 days ago

    This is a real shame because I think World really needed a bit more variety for the monsters. I'm not really a fan of its current selection at all to be honest, with the exception of a few outliers.

    Would have been nice to have more of each element represented as well, fire and dragon are a constant thing but ice, thunder and water got shafted hard.

    Posted in Lagiacrus was Prototyped for Monster Hunter: World

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    And so the reason that you can't skip cutscenes becomes more clear.

    Posted in Monster Hunter World is Finally Going to Let You Edit Your Character Creation Mistakes

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    It was the Elder Dragon quartet that did for me after a thoroughly underwhelming trip through Low Rank and most of High Rank. Bazel was initially terrifying but he's a big old softy glass cannon once you take the time to actually hunt him on his own.

    Hardest thing I've fought so far is the HR49 Tempered Kirin - partly that was due to weapon choice (note - Sword and Shield isn't really that helpful when you can't put out much damage with each hit) but I managed to win the battle of attrition eventually.

    I'm thinking that Tempered Kushala, Teostra and Nergigante are where the real fun begins.

    Posted in Monster Hunter World's 10 Most Frustrating Fights, Ranked

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    @Roto13 I love the series as a whole but World really isn't doing it for me. For all the problems it solves (And it really does fix a lot of them) I think it's added others, some of which I think are even more pronounced than the previous ones.

    Very mixed feelings here.

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World is the Best-Selling Game in Capcom's History, and it Just Keeps Going

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    Surprising, and probably deserved, given the effort put into it. The more time I spend thinking about the game the less I like it though - I have very mixed feelings about it and I'm not sure I'm the target audience for it.

    I think I'm going to stop playing until the PC version drops and see if I like it better with a round of DLC drops.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World is the Best-Selling Game in Capcom's History, and it Just Keeps Going

  • Avatar for Mooglepies Mooglepies A month ago

    1 has the best soundtrack, definitely. I'd also say that it's best bosses are the best bosses in the series as well. That being said, I think 64 has better variety and better, faster action so my overall vote goes to that.

    Star Fox lives in the same unhappy place for Nintendo that F-Zero does, I think, because they're not really sure where to go with the series but don't just want to make a simple iterative sequel. Unfortunate, I hope they work it out at some point.

    Posted in The Original (And Best?) Star Fox Celebrates its 25th Anniversary