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  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 days ago

    It would be pretty easy to keep random battles in certain areas - in some dungeons, for example - while eliminating them from the rest of the world map. Or, reverse the way the Safari Zone works and have several Safari Zone like areas which let you battle wild Pokemon the old-fashioned way but have the normal 'Routes' use the new capture system. That way you keep a livelier, fresher capturing experience for those simply following the story routes but give those who want a deeper experience (and plenty of grinding options) optional zones and areas where they can battle and catch wild Pokemon.

    Posted in Pokemon Let's Go Has Convinced Me That It's Time for Pokemon's Random Encounters to Die

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 3 days ago

    @hiptanaka This year seems to have a particular focus on multiplayer - Smash, Tennis, Mario Party, even Pokemon Let's Go has the multiplayer angle. I suspect that's part of their desire to get multiple Switches into people's households; if there are more two and four player games, then more people are likely playing and experiencing Switch games and are more likely to want to buy a Switch. Similarly, these games will all strike a chord with the family market.

    Next year should be better for single-player focused games from Nintendo's studios and their development partners - Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Daemon X Machina, Pokemon Gen 8 and, hopefully, Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4.

    Posted in Mario Tennis Aces Review

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 17 days ago

    Release dates for Smash, Yoshi, Fire Emblem; maybe a surprise game for October (Punch Out?); Star Fox Grand Prix to be real; new trailers for Pokemon Let's Go; teaser trailers for Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 (2019); and maybe a look at one or two more 2019 games - Animal Crossing is the best bet.

    Beyond that, with the usual Nindie reels and the time spent on third party games, there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of room for surprises at this stage.

    Posted in Nintendo E3 2018 Switch Games Preview

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 17 days ago

    I am ready for a remake or spiritual sequel, but I'd like it on Switch. I wouldn't be surprised if one is in the works for 3DS, but it could come to Switch too, please.

    Posted in Link's Awakening's Soundtrack Was a Legendary Achievement on the Tiny Game Boy

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 28 days ago

    *obligatory Switch port request*

    (I mean, I'll buy this on PC, but given the convenience, Switch is my go-to device)

    Posted in Suda 51's Killer7 is Coming to Steam This Fall

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    I fully expect what we'll get on Switch are dedicated apps for whichever systems Nintendo decides to bring over. So when NES games launch in September, you'll get the option to download the NES app and access the games through that. It might look a lot like the UI from the Mini hardware. Similarly, when Nintendo add SNES (which I'm confident they will, beyond that is anyone's guess), there'll be a dedicated SNES app. I expect there'll be an additional subscription fee for adding SNES to your Nintendo Online subscription; I can't see them allowing people to access dozens or hundreds of games from multiple consoles for $20 per year.

    It means Nintendo can retool the emulation and front-end they built for their mini hardware range and it also avoids something that is already a big problem: eShop visibility. The store front has been struggling for months with the rate of releases; frequent retro releases from Nintendo themselves would only complicate that.

    Posted in With Mega Man Legacy Collection's Switch Debut, Nintendo Needs to Reassess its Retro Priorities

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo A month ago

    A decent start. Some caveats to consider when looking at hardware numbers: hardware numbers in Japan have been fairly underwhelming so far this year. In the last few weeks Switch has accounted for 50 to 60% of hardware sales without posting particularly strong numbers, and PS4's numbers have collapsed since the Monster Hunter boom back in January. Both systems have solid, though unspectacular year-to-date numbers (~750k for each system), and it's clear that 3DS and Vita are on the way out now. I'm not sure what system sellers PS4 has coming later this year that would give it a shot in the arm, especially with Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest already out, but with Smash Bros and potentially Pokemon coming, Switch will skyrocket again at some point this year. It's also the case that April, along with October, tends to be one of the slowest patches of the year in Japan. It's Golden Week next week, so when sales numbers crop up in 2 weeks time, expect to see big boosts - for Switch and PS4 especially.

    If Labo is going to be a long-term hit, Labo's Golden Week numbers might even be higher than its launch weeks numbers. Nintendo's 'audience expansion' (touch generations and Wii series games) sold less than 10% of their lifetime sales in their opening week, so at this point it's far too early to judge how Labo will do. It can quite clearly go either way from here on out: Nintendo don't appear to have convinced many Japanese consumers to buy a Switch for Labo at the outset, but that also means there's a potential market for Nintendo to address in the months ahead.

    Posted in Labo Gets off to a Great Start in Japan, but Doesn't Appear to be a System Seller Yet

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 2 months ago

    I hope it does well - but without a PS4 I'll be waiting for the Switch version. Disappointed that version seems to be a while away.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI's Battle to Win a New Generation of Fans is Becoming Urgent

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 3 months ago

    Yeah, having played since the first generation I'd have to agree - it left me a little cold on its original release. I enjoyed the remake more, but don't have a soft spot for it the way a lot of people do. Generation 2 was such a huge leap; but to be fair to Ruby/Sapphire, has Pokemon as a series had such a huge step-up since then? Admittedly I'm not up to date (haven't done any of the Sun/Moon games), but even with big presentational changes and streamlining in X/Y, nothing's ever matched gen 2 for me - especially the scope of the post-game content (leaving metagame/competitive gaming aside).

    Posted in Happy Anniversary to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the Worst Games in the Pokémon Series

  • Avatar for Mr.Spo Mr.Spo 4 months ago

    I'm on my second playthrough of Breath of the Wild and still loving it. Kudos to everyone at Nintendo EPD for taking risks with the game - not only is it cleaning up at most (if not all?) game award ceremonies, it's also well on the way to becoming the best-selling Zelda game yet. I've loved pretty much every Zelda game I've played, and have always maintained that the games are not the carbon-copies of one another detractors would argue - which series has the kind of structural, thematic and aesthetic variance of titles like Ocarina, Majora's Mask, and Wind Waker, for example? I loved Skyward Sword's visuals, music and narrative, despite the criticism that game has received for its linearity. That being said, I really think Zelda needed Breath of the Wild. It needed to return to what the original game did, and BotW does that brilliantly.

    One thing I find interesting about game awards now that Switch is on the market - what happens to the portable category? Every Switch title should really be eligible for that award!

    EDIT: While I want the open-formula to continue for Zelda, I do want changes. No shrines next time - incorporate heart piece/stamina segments into challenges that are less obviously distinct (think the labryinths in BotW but without a shrine, for example), and incorporate longer, more challenging areas into the overworld. More enemy variety in every sense is a necessity next time - bring back Darknuts and Stalfos and give me some weird new enemies, and have more than four or five types of boss in the overworld. Why isn't Dodongo, Gleeok or Manhandla somewhere in Hyrule? Finally, do what Link's Awakening and Majora's Mask do brilliantly - move on from Hyrule, and give us something weirder and more personal.Edited February 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wins Big at 2018 DICE Awards, Including Game of the Year