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  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst 29 days ago

    Thanks for the review, but I didn't notice one element addressed. I see that World supports single player, but is it just a series of hunts, or does it have a story mode like 3 Ultimate on Wii U (that's the only one I've played)?Edited 5 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Monster Hunter: World Review: A Sublime Safari

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst A month ago

    It's of course fine to prefer Galaxy to Odyssey, but after reading the article it doesn't seem like 'art direction' is really the focus of the criticism, but rather the style of game. Odyssey's kingdoms are larger and contain many more moons (stars) because the gameplay balance is tilted in favor of exploration versus platforming, while the opposite is true in Galaxy. Even considering art direction, the chief complaint seems to be the lack of coherence between the kingdoms. But then the argument is contradicted by the praise for the Bowser dragon boss fight ( just works(?)). That kingdom is the one most conspicuous for being yanked out of another game series. Maybe I shouldn't be responding to this at 5:30am, but it doesn't appear to me that the details provided support the argument well. Enjoyable read nevertheless, and I appreciate the effort that went into it.

    Posted in Clearer Art Direction Helps Super Mario Galaxy Shine Brighter Than Super Mario Odyssey

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst A month ago

    If it's actually a 2018 release, Metroid Prime 4

    Close second due to the addictiveness of the Bravely series and its demo, is Octopath Traveler

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Game Are You Looking Forward to Most in 2018?

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst A month ago

    @kat.bailey You're brave to make any predictions about Nintendo's 2018 first-party output about a week before its January Direct! Let's see where things stand a week from tomorrow....

    Posted in 2018 Will Be the Year of the Switch Port

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst A month ago

    While I had fun with some PS4 games like Resident Evil 7 and Horizon Zero Dawn for a time, once the Switch released in March, I never picked up a dual shock to play a game the rest of the year...

    1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2- still only in chapter 5 but with 70 hours (and ___-___!), I can confidently say this will be my favorite game of the year. Rex, Nia, Morag, and Zeke are wonderful characters and the game is both drop-dead gorgeous and a joy to listen to.

    2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - the original NES game was my second-ever videogame and the first I beat, so my love for the series certainly informs my fondness for this latest title. What a relief it was to get right to playing this one and not sit through gate after gate after gate in an opening village, and it was downright terrifying dealing with all of the enemies once I got off the great plateau. Now Nintendo, add some NES-inspired labyrinths and bosses to the sequel and we're set!

    3. Super Mario Odyssey - I never thought I would enjoy dress-up as much as I did in this one, and some of the postgame content had me smiling from ear-to-ear.

    4. Sonic Mania

    5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    6. DOOM for Switch

    7. Fire Emblem WarriorsEdited last month by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What are Your Top 10 Games of 2017?

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst A month ago

    Great choice with Breath of the Wild, although I encourage you to give Xenoblade Chronicles X another shot one of these days. Talk about secrets!- that game is a big, wet kiss to all of us who adore intricate overworlds just begging to be explored. X marries on-foot terrain combat and then the skells that allow for re-exploration from a totally different point of view.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my personal GoTY, but Zelda and Mario are close 2nd and 3rd. It will be nearly impossible for Nintendo to top 2017 in my eyes.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is USgamer's Game of the Year for 2017

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst 2 months ago

    Nice to see Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sneak in there. Have you started playing with the music on yet? I wander around Mor Ardain just to soak in the atmosphere! I remember you tweeting about playing while watching tv or listening to podcasts or something...

    Posted in Kat's 10 Favorite Games of 2017: Japan Reigns

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst 2 months ago

    We don't automatically earn rewards for completed side quests?! Noooooooooooo! That was the best innovation of the original game - why on earth would they change that?

    Posted in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review: An RPG With the Heart and Soul of a Titan

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst 2 months ago

    I am thankful for the staff of USGamer and their commitment to highlighting games that tend to go unnoticed on most major sites. Axe of the Blood God and the flagship podcasts are both fantastic and I look forward to more wonderful coverage in the new year.

    PS I'd be even MORE thankful if the next game to get a weekly report is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It'd be a fun switch to have Nadia be the experienced player and Kat the newbie.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Kat and Nadia List What They're Thankful For in RPGs

  • Avatar for Neifirst Neifirst 3 months ago

    My issue is that this opinion piece presupposes that Game of the Year awards from various sites and the internet-only Game Awards are relevant or important in the first place.

    If it's the content of reviews of that matters, rather than the score, doesn't it follow that the conversation around the collection of the 'best' games at the end of the year is what matters, rather than the eventual 'winner'?

    And Xenoblade 2 isn't even eligible apparently, so nuts to the Game Awards anyway : )

    Posted in Opinion: Nominating PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Game of the Year is a Terrible Idea