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  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox 8 months ago

    @SatelliteOfLove Here's hoping. I also wish they bless us with an orchestral score. That music made DQ VIII for me. I've bought all the DS/3DS remakes (save DQ VIII) and I can easily say that I've spent more time on the PS2 game than all the other entries combined. I'm not knocking the quality of the other titles though. The DQ series is quaint and comforting, but Level 5 really came in and raised the bar quite high in terms of art direction and presentation when they entered the fray. Square Enix then spicing up the Western release with VA and an orchestra truly put me over the fence with this franchise. I'll support it, (and will play it for quite a bit) but it will probably just add to my pile of shame in the long run.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI's 3DS/PS4 Split Release Takes The Series To Uncharted Sales Territory

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox 9 months ago

    @brionfoulke91 Same here. And it doesn't help that I'm going to be equally invested in FF12.

    Anyone on here not playing Yakuza 0, get on that now. It is totally a JRPG and Kiwami is right around the corner. Don't think you'll just breeze through it though. My play clock read 125 hours when I was done with that sucker.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Are You Playing for JRPG July?

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox A year ago

    I hope Persona and SMT fans don't start devolving into the same arguments as FF fans as to which games are better. I'll go on record as stating P3 was more my jam simply for the color scheme and music being more to my liking without taking anything away from P4's technical superiority. I own and respect the older Personas, but the new "style" introduced in P3 is nothing to scoff at. I feel that P5 is a defining moment in the series refining on everything that has come before and solidifying its place in the SMT/Persona Universe. I CANNOT wait for next Tuesday, and am already praying that I don't have to wait 9 years for another one.

    Posted in Persona 5 Review

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox A year ago

    @Kuni-Nino It should change your mind. I've only played for an hour and a half, but it's really just the tone and atmosphere that harkens back to old RE in my opinion. There are several nods and winks, but this is still a fresh new take.

    My favorite aspect (without spoiling anything) is how the game is designed to subvert your expectations in any given scenario if you decide to play multiple times. I replayed a few early scenarios several times because A. they're awesome, B. I died, and C. comparing VR to non VR. Even knowing what to do, the AI is designed to "F" with you and change tactics when you devise a so-called "solution" and think you're in the clear. I just hope that holds up throughout the game.

    Posted in Resident Evil 7 PS4 Review: REwinding To The Beginning

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox A year ago

    Excellent piece. I for one, cannot wait for RE7. It comes out on my birthday, and is currently engendering the same excitement I had for RE2 and RE4 (my favorites), which also came out around my birthday.

    I got a PSVR, not soley to experience this game in VR, but it was a deciding factor in taking the VR plunge. I'm not about to listen to the naysayers slamming this game or the VR aspect. I've already given "Beginning Hour" a spin in VR and it is intense. This is both a blessing and a curse. I can only do the bare minimum of finding the back door key and getting the "bad ending" because I'm too freaked out to delve any deeper. I now question my ability to even play this game completely in VR. Either way, I am completely stoked for this.

    Posted in Opinion: Finding Resident Evil Again Requires Letting Go Of Resident Evil

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox A year ago

    @moroboshi Yeah, the soundtrack is important for me in all my games. I've seen a few videos, and while I wouldn't call the soundtrack bad, I can say that it doesn't vibe with me stylistically. I would fall asleep within minutes, it's so soft and generic.

    Also, no disc means no sale considering this is a full priced game. I will not pay $40 for a digital-only title. If it had debuted at $20 like most standard digital titles, I might have taken the plunge. How much was it on that PSN sale? At this point, I will only get it if it's a PS Plus free game.

    Posted in I Am Setsuna Won't Have a Direct Sequel, Says Tokyo RPG Factory

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox A year ago

    I just want an orchestrated soundtrack. I don't think I could get through 100 hrs. with that MIDI track playing. The aural presentation really elevated DQ VIII to another level in my opinion, even though series vets consistently talk about it not being the best entry. Here's hoping they hook us up in the West.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI Gameplay Revealed, Switch Version Confirmed

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox A year ago

    I'm going to have to agree to disagree. The orchestrated soundtrack is what pulled me through in my 100+ hours with DQ VIII on PS2. The aural presentation in any game is personally a big deal for me, and often is the reason I continue to press on in long RPGs (especially the DQ series or SMT franchise). As a matter of fact, DQ VIII is the only DQ game I've ever finished, and I highly attribute that to the orchestrated tracks. I just never tired of it, and still occasionally listen to it to this day. I will buy this to support the cause, but I can tell you now that I probably won't finish it.

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox A year ago

    @NiceGuyNeon See my first comment. I can't actually compare these games to the originals as I haven't played either, but as an aging gamer who doesn't have the time to play everything (along with the glut of titles being released), I have to be pretty choosy.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be paying for the developers as the boost in quality might just be too little too late. Funny how Assassin's Creed got away with it. Remember how all the critics dookied all over the first game, and it sold like gangbusters? I guess people didn't feel so burned back then as the second game went on to legitimize the franchise.

    Posted in Quality Isn't Everything: Watch Dogs and Titanfall Don't See Success in Improved Sequels

  • Avatar for Obsidian-Ox Obsidian-Ox A year ago

    It's interesting because I'm the exact reverse of this situation. I had zero interest in the first outing of both of these franchises because of their tone and selling points (multiplayer focus of Titanfall and the dour atmoshpere of Watch Dogs). The allure and reception to the Campaign of Titanfall and the more colorful and fun tone of WD2 are exactly what led to my purchase of these games. I hope they find the success they deserve lest the corporate machine gets the wrong impression and call the consumers out on their fickleness.

    They drove the first two games down our throats with their ad campaigns. People were burned, but they listened (the developers at least) and have genuinely attempted to appease the fans. Damned if you do, damned if you don't I guess.

    Posted in Quality Isn't Everything: Watch Dogs and Titanfall Don't See Success in Improved Sequels