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  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 3 days ago

    It's not out yet, so it certainly isn't "more than expected."

    Posted in The Final Fantasy VII Remake is "Moving Along More Than Expected."

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 9 days ago

    I thought the Starfield announce was weak, not enough meat on that bone, and it's not connected to anything previously known, so "we have a title and a vague something" isn't really enough to excite like a Metroid announcement or something.

    The RE2 and Control ones did the best job by far of taking something from nothing to "wow, that looks good" in a single trailer. Control gets an extra nod for not being a remake or sequel.

    The Cyberpunk trailer should definitely be up there, and there are some other trailers I thought were great, but were for previously understood titles so I guess they don't count (like the Smash roster reveal).

    Posted in 10 Best Game Announcements at E3 2018

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 9 days ago

    As an outside observer, I have to say Kingdom Hearts or Tsushima, but I hear everyone who actually saw the Cyberpunk demo lost their minds, so I expect that to be the eventual winner.

    Posted in Help Us Choose the Best Game of E3 2018

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 11 days ago

    I'm definitely looking forward to this one. I could never get into the Soulsborne games because of the difficulty level, but I loved the Tenchu franchise, and the "posture" combat system sounds very much like something I've wanted for a long time, where fights are eventually decided by a single clean combo, and everything leading up to that being prologue. The only sad thing is how we seem to be getting two great ninja/Samurai games in the same cycle, and there will inevitably be conflict.

    Posted in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Finds Inspiration in FromSoftware's Tenchu

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 11 days ago
  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 12 days ago

    This game is SO gorgeous. The gameplay doesn't look quite as varied as Sekiro, but the AC vibes definitely seem like they might fit my playstyle better than if Sekiro is a Soulsbourne. I can't wait to see more of both.

    Posted in Ghost of Tsushima Trailer Shows Off Some Beautiful Art Direction

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 12 days ago

    This game looked interesting, except for the generic hunk of plastic aspect. The ships don't look remotely cool enough for me to want them on my desk. Build Fighters this is not.

    Posted in Starfox to Appear in Starlink: The Battle for Atlas on Switch

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 12 days ago

    I really miss Assassin's Creed. If these games are fun for some people, that's great, but they shouldn't call them "Assassin's Creed" anymore. They're slowly eroding the core gameplay elements that differentiate it from other games. There should be one timeline, one character (male or female, but pick a lane), the combat should be reaction-based and stealth-based not button mashing brawler style, now it just seems like "generic historical fiction game," and from the E3 press conferences we have like a half dozen of those coming out over the next couple years.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Odyssey Will Have Multiple Endings

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 12 days ago

    I want a defensive, reactive AC game again. At least we have Spider-Man.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Combat is Aggressive Like 300's Spartans

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 13 days ago

    Yeah, I am not digging this art style, but it may just be a cinematic trailer style. Hopefully they have time to make it more anime styled. Still, super hyped at the potential of this thing, Light gave me hope that they'll have plenty of less obvious choices. I can't wait for Yukihira Soma vs. Koro Sensei. Peanut butter attack!

    Posted in Jump Force Brings Beloved Anime Heroes Together to Kick Each Other in the Face