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  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni Yesterday


    Exactly. I have no interest in having something truly unique to me, I just want something cool, regardless of how many other people have it. Games that prioritize "exclusivity" just mean that most people won't have the things they want.

    Posted in Bitcoin Tech Has Some Interesting Implications for Game Design

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 2 days ago
  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 6 days ago

    I'm concerned about over-regulation, but I'm far more concerned about the possibility of under-regulation, that we might be left with nothing but a loot box-filled hellscape. I don't really think serious over-regulation is likely in the current environment. I don't see politicians getting into this topic at all unless they or one of their staffers has a personal understanding of the issue, since it's just too fringe.

    Also, so far nobody has suggested an outright ban on loot boxes (in the US, at least), just that games that include them be rated AO, which is technically what the ESRB should already be doing, since they claim that any game that includes gambling should be so rated. The only other thing I've seen proposed is that they should need to display their drop rates, which several countries, like Japan, already require. Now, to be fair, rating a AAA game in the US as an "AO" game would likely make it completely non-viable in the marketplace, leading to companies censoring themselves to prevent that, but I think it's for the best.

    Posted in Hawaii Moves Forward With Legislation to Regulate Loot Boxes [Update: The ESA Issues a Statement]

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 7 days ago

    "Hey, I respectfully disagree man. Just choose not to buy them. It doesn't matter if they continue putting them in games - just look after your own gaming experience."

    The problem is that over time there will be less and less player experiences available for people who don't want to play with loot boxes. Loot boxes are just too profitable. This isn't like "If you don't like anchovies, then don't order anchovies," this is a situation where they would be arbitrarily putting anchovies on every single food item available, regardless of restaurant, and it doesnn't matter to them because while most people wouldn't enjoy them, some people would be willing to spend thousands of dollars on those 'chovies.

    Loot boxes aren't in games because most people want them there, they're there because a very few people are willing to spend a fortune on them if they are there. If "most people" want to have any say in the process, then it needs to come from outside the direct customer/business relationship.

    "Any government in the world will see video games as a soft target - they'll have the backing of the gutter press, who love to sensationalise."

    This isn't the 90s. Most people, *especially* the gutter press, play games themselves. They would prefer the "scandal" of out of touch old white men coming after our games than they would "games corrupting our youths." Most legislators will know well enough to stay out of the way and follow the trends.
    "No, not really. Indeed, I would argue that’s actually a massive Pandora box. History (both here in Mexico as well as in the US) is full of examples of legislation being passed by clueless legislators who in trying to address a problem ended just making things worse."

    In some cases, but regulation has also made a LOT of things better for a LOT of people. The world would be a much more dangerous, toxic (literally, not figuratively), and uncomfortable place to live without regulations protecting safe medicine and food, clean water, clean air, safe working hours, safe working conditions, etc. If an individual regulation misses the mark, you just pass a new bill that corrects it. Nothing is perfect, the only failure is when you stop trying to make things better.

    Posted in Hawaii Moves Forward With Legislation to Regulate Loot Boxes [Update: The ESA Issues a Statement]

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 8 days ago

    My new hero in the Senate. I should get my senators on board with this.

    Posted in U.S. Senator Urges ESRB to Review Ratings Process in Response to Loot Box Controversy

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 9 days ago

    @SargeSmash It's the ONLY way to handle it. Nothing will stop game companies from wanting to have loot boxes, more and more loot boxes. The only hope gamers have is if some outside force prevents them from having loot boxes, like governments, or retailers.

    Posted in Hawaii Moves Forward With Legislation to Regulate Loot Boxes [Update: The ESA Issues a Statement]

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 14 days ago


    But the question is, is she better than EVERY male player in the league, and if not, how many of those other players have entire articles devoted solely to them? That's the point, we need to write the world we want to live in. So long as women in gaming are treated like unicorns, they will be considered unicorns. If the gaming media would catch up to the actual gaming community, of which women have long been a part, then we could move into a future where everyone, gamers and gaming press, understand that women can play games too.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Overwatch Player Geguri Set to Join the Shanghai Dragons Overwatch League Team [Update]

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 15 days ago

    I assumed that the EA license was exclusive, like their sports team licenses. Disney is just allowed to offer the license to whoever else they want without renegotiating the EA license?

    Posted in Star Wars Should Do for Video Games What It's Doing With the Movies

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 15 days ago

    @WiIIyTheAntelope But willy, she is a girl, who can play video games! Surely this unbelievable situation is deserving of more attention than any other player in the League. After all, the other players are all men, who are all born having top tier Overwatch skills and therefore have no handicaps to overcome.

    Posted in Overwatch Player Geguri Set to Join the Shanghai Dragons Overwatch League Team [Update]

  • Avatar for Ohoni Ohoni 27 days ago

    One of these days, Destiny 2 will finally be Destiny 1 again.

    Posted in Bungie Suggests it's Overhauling Destiny 2's Controversial Single-Use Shaders