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  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz 6 hours ago

    I don't know that it's a favorite, but I enjoyed the hell out of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest at the time it was released. I was in middle school, sure I'd beat FF2US , and sure MQ was easier, but it came at exactly the perfect time for me. Hell, I'd already beaten FF1 at this point, FF2US was easy mode, so being even easier was fine, it was fun. I thought that the ability to use all your weapons for environmental reasons was awesome. The enemies appearing on the battlefield obviously was way ahead of its time. The monster art looked absolutely fantastic and I still adore the incredibly clean sprite work. It may have been FF Kid Edition, but I was a kid and I loved it.Edited 3 times. Last edited 5 hours ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz Yesterday

    @riderkicker This is both the only reason we ever go there which sure didn't help its demise, and I think to the point of the article, why it creates so much nostalgia. For myself and for my kid, TRS is the place we went with the birthday money or whatever and walked around for an hour trying to decide what to spend it on. It's helplessly attached to happy memories, both from my childhood, and those spent with my kid.
    I mean, sure, we can go walk around the Wal-Mart instead, but it's just not the same.

    Posted in RIP Toys R Us: The Giant Corporation That Weirdly Controlled My Childhood

  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz 15 days ago

    Honestly, I'm cool with the idea of the console just keeping on keeping on as it is. At this point they're just PCs, adopt the iDevice concept. All games that work now will continue to work, and at some point, maybe rev 3 or 4, start putting a minimum spec on what console you'll need to play a game. Like right now all games have to viable on PS4, and PS4Plus, but when the Plus2 comes out, maybe some games no longer work on the OG PS4. It will be a little weird at first with the fragmentation, but will it be worse than releasing a whole new architecture every decade? At least this way stuff stays backwards compatible. People still only need to upgrade every five to ten years or so. They need to figure out a naming convention quick though or it will get overly annoying to keep up with.Edited 3 times. Last edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

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  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz A month ago

    Honestly, probably the PS1. I played a billion RPGs on the PS1, and staring at the PS1 Classics I've bought and not played on PSN, there's a billion more I haven't gotten to.
    So the question is, would it be cheating to bring a PS3 and play those PS1 games on that, and still have the PS3's library as well?Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in What Would Be Your Desert Island Console?

  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz A month ago

    There was also The Last Remnant that came out as an XBox360 exclusive thing as well, that no body remembers either. It eventually came out for PC also. I don't know if it's any good. I own it on Steam, but haven't ever gotten around to playing it.
    But then, most recent Final Fantasys fall on that scale of "is this actually any good, or am I playing it because it's called Final Fantasy?"Edited 2 times. Last edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Microsoft Was Reportedly Very Close to Buying Square in 1999 [Update: Also Nintendo, Apparently]

  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz A month ago

    I don't know when or if they will ever create a Final Fantasy XIII dungeon, but Lightning has already visited Eorzea a couple of times. I like the way they just straight up go, "I'm a visitor from another dimension/universe/world" and roll with it. Shantoto from Final Fantasy XI has visited in the same way. I think Jason over at Kotaku said it best referred to it as "a hodgepodge of Final Fantasy fanfiction that also substitutes as an MMO."

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Sea of Thieves Beta, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Monster Hunter World

  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz A month ago

    So with all the negative talk about Bioware lately, I decided to do the dumbest thing possible by turning on a SWTOR account and upping a sub on it. I never played it when it was new and only dabbled a hair when it went F2P.
    But I decided I want to see the game, run through at least one of the stories and see the final expansion story stuff that's out. I rolled a Sith warrior since so very few games let you actually be an evil character.

    Posted in What New (or Old) Game Are You Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz A month ago

    Hahah, I've tried to give a kitten a bath and have permanent scars from it. Achtung Kitten indeed!Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Nintendo Labo, Fable Rumors, Street Fighter V Arcade

  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz 2 months ago

    Will not turn WoW back on. Will not turn WoW back on. Will not turn WoW back on. This is pretty much the one thing I've been asking for for years. Will not turn WoW back on.

    Posted in World of Warcraft Patch 7.3.5 Launches January 16 Without Allied Races

  • Avatar for Pandalulz Pandalulz 2 months ago

    So the bad part is that I skipped a lot of the PS3 era to instead dick around in World of Warcraft for a decade. So I eventually bought a PS3 and bought a backlog of games to play on it that I haven't finished nearly as fast as I would have liked. And then I bought a PS4. So worse than playing remakes I've played before is that I'm buying PS4 remakes of games that I bought and still haven't got around to playing. My PS3 backlog gets shorter as my PS4 backlog gets longer instead.

    Posted in It's Hard to Play New Games When There Are So Many Exciting Remakes on the Way