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Dalton Williams, Chapel Hill, TN, USA

I'm the sole proprietor of Also a big fan of games(obviously), and certain types of music!

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  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 2 years ago

    Fantastic recommendations! If I may toss another one into the list, Off-Peak, found here is really good. That train station has one hell of an atmosphere.

    Posted in The Gateway Guide to Walking Simulators

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 2 years ago

    I'd love to get one of these personally. I've actually got two in-box Game Boy Cameras, and I'd enjoy the chance to let it fill a slightly more plausible camera role. Still not gonna take magnificent landscapes or whatever, but I wouldn't have to keep stealing receipt paper.

    Posted in Inside the Greatest Game Gadget That Never Was

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 2 years ago

    RESIDENT. EVIL. Just picked up the Director's Cut for PS1, and DAMN. Within the first fifteen minutes I was already cracking up from the... noteworthy... voice acting. This'll also be my first really difficult RE experience, I think. I previously completed RE3 and the REmake, but RE3 has loads more ammo, and REmake has a grenade launcher ammo glitch. I've also got the RE2 demo disk with it, so I can give that a shot too.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game are you Playing Right Now?

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 2 years ago

    I can't name a single one! I usually keep myself busy with older games, and 2015 has been no different.

    If I can just say a game I obtained this year, I'd go with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. As much as people complained when Resident Evil 4 came out about it moving away from the horror, Resident Evil 3 was already doing that. With the gunpowder mechanic, I never ran out of ammo once. I also had enough of a stockpile that I was able to hoard gunpowder until I had about 150 or so Magnum rounds.

    I gotta admit, I had way more fun with it than the earlier, more survival focused Resident Evils. And, when I played through it again, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they swapped stuff around a bit. Not much, naturally, but I found the 629C where the Hk-p would've been.

    Oddly enough, the whole reason I was wanting to pick it up is I had gotten a copy of Dino Crisis last year, and just got around to playing recently. As you may know, Dino Crisis came with a Resident Evil 3 demo disk, which I played the crap out of until I found the full game.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Game So Far This Year?

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 2 years ago

    Well, this'll keep me busy for a bit. By the way, it's nice to see you doing 101 Free Games again! It was always one of my favorite features from the 1UP days.

    Posted in 101 Great Free Games That Are Worth Checking Out

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 2 years ago

    Oh Christ, I had almost forgotten about Evony. I still remember when I first heard about it from some 1UP podcast with Scott Sharkey talking about both the game and the ads. Good times.

    Posted in Playboy's Splatoon Video Is Coverage, Not Marketing (and a Few Real Marketing Missteps)

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 2 years ago

    It's gotta be Nintendo 64. Being born in '95, it was my first console, and therefore I have the best memories of it. Of course, somehow eight-year-old me managed to kill it. How, I'll never know.

    Anyway, I gave my games to my cousins who also had a N64. Years later, when I picked up a N64 again for cheap, I was surprised to learn that my cousins' N64 was still kicking! Since they still had the games I gave them all those years ago, I managed to reclaim my old copy of Super Mario 64. I also finally realized my childhood dream of owning Banjo-Tooie. I don't know why, but Banjo Tooie was always one of those games that I just couldn't ever get. Not sure if it was just out of stock or what, but playing it now feels nice.

    And discovering classics that I was too young to play like Perfect Dark or Rogue Squadron is pretty awesome too.

    Ultimately, the Nintendo 64 was a big part of my childhood. It never influenced what I wanted to do though, like some other games I've played (Deus Ex opened me up to how complex and interesting games could be, and it's pretty much the biggest reason I'm doing the small website I am now.), but it stuck with me.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Console Evokes the Most Memories for You?

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 3 years ago

    Educational! Having worn out my copy of Emerald first, then Sapphire, I've had a fair bit of time with this particular generation (My favorite Pokemon game overall remains between Crystal and the more recent HeartGold). I never realized that is wasn't as well received until startlingly recently. Between the magical breathing under water for hours at a time and all the damn Braille, I can certainly comprehend the problems with it though.

    Posted in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald: A Brief Primer

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 3 years ago

    @jeremy.parish While not completely broken, Eternal Darkness for GameCube has an annoying glitch that can make you restart the game. Near the end of one of the chapters there's a room that, if you leave it after a cutscene plays showing the door opening, when you return the door will be closed. Granted, its ability to screw over is a bit hit-or-miss depending on how diligently you saved, but the mere potential is a bit unfortunate.

    Posted in 8 Games With Completely Broken Releases

  • Avatar for Pokedalt Pokedalt 3 years ago

    @bobservo Well... I guess RE5 was... dumb fun? I kinda enjoyed it, but honestly, Resident Evil has moved away from what I want out of Resident Evil. At this point, the first two Dead Space games have picked up what I want out of a Resident Evil game. Granted, DS2 got a bit action-packed at points, but if jetting from a solar array down to a space station is wrong, not to mention improbable, it's still f*****' cool.

    Posted in Capcom's Resident Evil REmake... Remake Pays Proper Respect to the Astounding Original