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  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 3 years ago

    Nadia and Jeremy both agreeing on this being a great traditional Kirby game? Sold.

    I'm guessing the Smash Bros Lite mode is more of an afterthought, with just one stage and no attempt at balancing powers against each other? Still sounds like a fun demo to tide us over till the real 3DS Smash Bros, mind.

    Posted in Kirby Triple Deluxe 3DS Review: Content Tourism at Its Finest

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    Damage Incorporated was a pretty great early modern shooter, and one of the first to really embrace the military side of things (as well as being one of the earliest with command-able squad members, I think?) without also being sci-fi or fantasy.

    Kind of like an early, tongue-in-cheek MW slash Rainbow Six

    Posted in The Best Classic First-Person Shooters

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    I remember playing a lot of Spectre Supreme as a kid. I think we had that, the original Spectre, and Spectre VR on some old MacFormat discs. Definitely one of the classics - I barely understood how to play the one Marathon game we had, though (Infinite), so that might be why.

    Posted in Daily Classic: Spectre VR, an Old-School Shooter Even at the Genre's Dawn

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    A new (and boardgamey!) Tactics game from Matsuno? Best news of TGS for me.

    Posted in TGS: Yasumi Matsuno's New World

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    Great article, Pete. An interesting and talented business visionary that spanned more generations than most can dream of.

    Posted in Hiroshi Yamauchi: The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    But... wasn't Big Boss only voiced by Hayter in MGS3, PO and PW? Big Boss was voiced by someone else in MGS4 already, so considering they're aging the character from MGS3 age till the older man in MG1+2 and MGS4, doesn't it make sense to transition that voice?

    Otherwise it'd be pretty trippy having Hayter talk to himself when/if they reach the MG1+2 era when Solid Snake and Big Boss meet.

    Posted in David Hayter won't be playing Metal Gear Solid V

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    Shadow of the Eternals but no Aces Wild? I know it's recent, but... it's pretty much the best thing on there right now.

    Posted in 100 New Games Greenlit on Steam

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    @n00bsauce Shadowrun Returns, X-COM, Banner Saga, Massive Chalice... there's quite a few TRPGs coming from the West these days! But yeah, it's totally fair to put Japanese TRPGs in with JRPGs, I just didn't think of them was all.

    Posted in Console Exclusives Aren't Dead; They've Changed

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    @n00bsauce Mistwalker and Vesperia were what I was thinking of for the 360. I guess I kinda see Disgaea as its own thing, since TRPGs are kind of a genre unto themselves at this point.

    Posted in Console Exclusives Aren't Dead; They've Changed

  • Avatar for Pombar Pombar 4 years ago

    Your PS3 is the JRPG machine? Portables, surely! But even those aside, as someone who hasn't touched his 360 in years, the 360 has more exclusive JRPGs than I can recall for PS3 - they're just all from around 2006-2009.

    Posted in Console Exclusives Aren't Dead; They've Changed