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  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    Seems like a given that BotW will overtake TP this year to be honest. If nothing changes dramatically, only a fraction - like 1 in 15 or so - of new Switch owners needs to end up buying BotW this year for it to overtake TP.

    Posted in Breath of the Wild is Now the Second Best-Selling Zelda Game in the Series

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    @docexe Fair enough, but what I meant was just that ... well, what could be the reason for such a delay on such an important project? Nintendo is not exactly breaking new ground here, maybe if they were on their own, but I figured that why they brought DeNA in. All in all, the industry now has some 15+ years of experience with building an online infrastucture. It's not rocket science after all. Plus, Nintendo should have all the ressources they possibly need to pull this off. On top of that, I'd say that launching the whole thing in late'ish 2017, 6+ months after their new system was already somewhat ... uhm unamibitious. I guess that we all agree that the system - for the most part - should have been in place day 1 basically.

    In short, if it's not due to them feeling comfortable with pushing this back, due to it not being THE top priority right now, I'm not sure what it could be. But if this is how it is, then I'd say that qualifies as some version of Nintendo being cocky. I guess, there could be another explanation, maybe they simply COULD not do it in a more timely fashion, but frankly, that is quite the harrowing thought. Maybe they are just trying to reinvent the wheel, but stuff like cloud saves, to name just one singular aspect, does not really need reinventing. We'll see, after all none of us are probably eager to pay for another subscription anyways, am I right? ^^

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Service Arriving September 2018

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    @docexe I'd take that as well! :-) I mean, these are not mutually exclusive ideas.

    Posted in Super Mario Animated Movie Announced, Shigeru Miyamoto Co-Producing

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    @docexe I was about to comment about exactly the same thing. I totally agree on everything you mentioned.

    The only thing I would add, is that this feels already like a strike against the systems momentum. I mean, September is still ways off, and this announcement will probably translate into at the very least anther 6 months, where we will hear nothing on how their service works, what features it will include, how or if the system itself will be updated to accomondate those features, whether we'll still have to deal with that damn app, what the VC console will look like and if there will even be one outside some NES games we might get ...

    that's a fair bit of uncertainty that they feel comfortable in artificially creating, which to mean sounds like they are about to get back to that cocky old Wii-self of theirs, which would not good news for anyone. I also don't like the talk about how Labo will just be the beginning of acessories added to the Switch. Again, this sounds like they might be on course to get themselves sidetracked one more by more or less silly gadgets whose existence then must be justified by vasting precious development ressources on pointless projects.

    I hope I'm wrong though, I really do. The Switch has so much potential, it's hard to see how even height-of-Wii-hype-cocky-Nintendo could squander it. It's not impossible though, Nintendo has great capabilities here in both directions - unfortunately.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Online Service Arriving September 2018

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    @docexe Agreed, although part of my family is totally crazy for Despicable Me, I never managed to consider them anything more than decent for the most part. I'd also argue that they grew worse over the time, as I think I liked the first one best by far.

    I didn't even manage to sit through the 3rd one to be quite honest. They weren't horrible, just ... repetitive, with many jokes falling really flat, and just a very predictable structure, that made many of the jokes incredible predictable as well, which in turn meant that those jokes - even if they were competent in and off itself - could not land for me. Plus, Minions was just bad all around.

    Still, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt here, and see where this goes, but yeah, there would have been better alternatives.

    Also, I'd love for a traditionally animated Zelda movie to happen, maybe in cooperation with Studio Ghibli or Ponoc. The Zelda 'look' as established in BotW would lend itself very well to this kind of movie, and all the other elements were always in place anyways. At least in my imagination, that would turn out to be a grand project, and I feel that Zelda, as a franchise, really deserves this kind of artistic expression.

    Posted in Super Mario Animated Movie Announced, Shigeru Miyamoto Co-Producing

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    Most of this sounds reasonable, but I hope they don't tinker too much with the battle system, as I really enjoyed the way it worked in the demo. I'm not sure I can think of something right off the top of my head that in any way, shape or form really bothered me about the combat system.

    Being able to skip cutscenes is probably the best addition on that entire list. There is little in games as infuriating as long, unskippable cutscenes before boss battles .... there are a few games that did this and were successful in driving me to the edge of sanity this way :-)

    Anyways, all of this sounds like the game is receiving pretty much it's finishing touches. I hope we'll hear more about an eventual release soon, I mean it cannot be that long off now, can it?Edited January 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Fans and Developers Work Together to Improve Project Octopath Traveler

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    Darn, those screenshots really show the difference. I had not paid that much attention to this version, as I was perfectly fine with the HD release previously released. I mean, it does look very good in and off itself, but I totally get the point on how 'the magic is gone'.

    I think if you have never played the game before, you would still have a great time with it, and never stop to think that something might be off. But having played the game before, and having read the article, and seeing the images side by side ... I don't think I'm interested in this remake.

    There is a sheen to the game now, that looks ... just generic. I mean, maybe, just maybe if the game had always looked like this, just y'know significantly scaled down (which would still not have been possible, but for arguments sake), it might be different story, because back then, we were simply not this used to that kind of "game'y look" (comparable to the infamous "cinematic look" so common in American movies, with a predominance use of shallow DoF and all that).

    In this day and age though, with HD and UHD/HDR, it happens to be a completely different story. Thanks for the thought provoking article! :-)

    Posted in Shadow of the Colossus' Remake on PS4 Loses the Magic in its Quest for Technical Brilliance

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    I'm a pescetarian as well, but frankly, I can't say that I was ever bothered by any kind of meat-fetish (it's what people do, even if they can't or won't face up to it, it's absolutely a fetish in my experience for quite a fair majority) in games, or movies, or TV, or books.

    I think on an abstract level, it's an issue because media often legitimizes and normalizes the way we nowadays engage with our food - or for that matter refuse to engage, meaning it's just there .. somehow ... don't think about it ... just eat it. No, pigs are definitely no comparable to dogs or toddles in terms of inteligence or capabilities for pain or empathy ... no definitely not, I don't care for "scientists" ... those guys .. they uhm ... build atomic bombs and create super soliders to ... you'know kill us all ... and themselves and totally other stuff that's like ... uhm, I dunno, evil - shut up, I'm eating!

    I'm just glad that I have no problem telling fiction and reality apart, and as far as my personal life goes, I also have zero impetus to engage in missionary work. I for one want to get away with as much of a clear conscience as possible, avoiding cognitive dissonances whenever possible, so I act accordingly.

    Most people live just fine engaging in low-level sociopathy, by pretending that the animals that suffer and die for their sake every single day have no capacity for pain or feeling in general.

    As long as people can clearly draw a line betwen that "low level life forms", that just don't matter, and fellow human beings, I am ... well, "okay" with that. In general, I would welcome more empathy though, but it's hard to imagine when or how we could get there.

    Looking at it this way, maybe it would be start if we were to normalize other forms of engagement with animals, or food in general in games, and in media all-over. It's not about being preachy, god no, but you know, just slipping it in, tearing down those norms that grow out of repetition day after day, little by little.

    Killing a living being should always be a considerate act in the real world. The truth is, that it is anything but, and if anything, it's becoming less of a considerate act with every passing day. I don't want to rail against drones or anything, but we have become very adapt and turning killing into an abstract act. We can also never forget, that mankind did not just give birth to mass murder, but also to acts of industrially scaled and organized mass murder of human beings.

    Our lesson, our take-away, was to shift to the industrially scaled and organized mass murder of sentient beings, that we are so closely related to, that we feel comfortable giving them our life-saving medicines, even at the cost of rendering those same medicines ineffective for ourselves and our kids longterm, while also creating vast amounts of climate-changing emissions that cause ourselves and our kids all kinds of significant harm.

    Really not much more to say about this than that ... none of this is a good sign as far as our societal mental health is concerend, it's just NOT a sane thing to do, not at all.Edited 2 times. Last edited January 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Monster Hunter and the Conflicted Vegetarian

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 5 months ago

    ... demonize BioWare developers over monetization practices and make "EA seem like Disney villains."

    I'm sorry what? But that ship has sailed already, like a really, really long time ago. As sad as all of this is, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that EA is finally living up to it's purposes with Bioware. I see EA as a sort of cleansing fire in the industry. Since the dawn of time, EA has done little else than to swallow up great studios, burn them down and spit out the individual atoms, the talent, that made up those studios in the first place. They've done it countless times, and now, it's unfortunately Bioware's turn to be utterly devoured, grinded to dust and regurgitated.

    No doubt EA is going to try to monetize the living s**t out of Anthem, while repeating the same mistakes these MMO(esque) games have been making for decades now. It'll make them money, sure, but it will once and for all destroy any traces of trust gamers still had in Bioware as a brand, and it will be the last nail in the coffin that buries this great studio's legacy for good.

    Yes, I am totally hating on a game that is still ways off from being released. I could be wrong, but no, I don't feel any need to reserve judgement. We all know what EA is going for here. Hell, they are already talk about this game in terms of "10 year plans", same as Bungie did. This is not going to be a game so much as it's going to be a content delivery platform.

    It's just such a shame that Bioware and the Star Wars License being united under one roof did not turn into something great. That Bioware has to go out making a Destiny clone of all things, when the polar opposite, grand but limited singleplayer RPGs were always their bread and butter. Just ... *sigh* Let's hope that somewhere in this story, there'll be a phoenix, rising from the ashes ---

    Posted in BioWare All-In on Anthem as Game Slips Into 2019

  • Avatar for Ralek Ralek 6 months ago

    I love it as a concept. I'm just sceptical I would use it much myself, or that it is actually something that would speak to many kids these days - who from what I can tell, often care more about their phones and tablets than even a potential Nintendo system in the room, not to mention some "weird" cardboard thingy that somehow goes with that system.

    Again, I love the idea, but I'm not convinced that the target audience for this really exists. I imagine that a bunch of good meaning adults, parents, uncles, aunts, godfathers, godmothers and so on and so forth (myself included quite possibly) will buy this for their kids ... who will either barely touch it, or loose interest after an afternoon.

    I really hope I am wrong though. That piano in particular is rather neat, but I also love that robo suit. It's just so .... wonderfully uncynical and unadulterated playful. Given the companies history, it's also a wonderful bridge from past to present. If it works as good as adveristed, if it is sturdy and fun to assemble, it absolutely deserves success.

    So yeah, I hope my scepticism is unfounded, though I am really sceptical about that :-)Edited January 2018 by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo Labo for Switch Taps Into the DIY Spirit for New Types of Play