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  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash 12 days ago

    There are a few:

    Chrono Trigger - Once every few years.
    Symphony of the Night - Ditto.
    Contra - This is often a stress relief game for me; I've played through it so many times it's easy now!
    Tecmo Super Bowl - I tend to dive into the updated rosters from time to time to spice things up.

    I guess of those, it would have to be Contra, just because it doesn't take too long to play through. Fifteen minutes and you're done!Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in What's Your Most Replayed Game?

  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash 15 days ago

    My word, I would love to get my hands on that Dragon Quest III build. That's one of my most nostalgic RPGs of all time. After playing through it again recently (this time on SNES), I still think it is an absolute masterclass of RPG design.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in The Day I Finally Met Dragon Quest's Creator

  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash 25 days ago

    And Xenoblade 2 is down for the count! Just in time!

    Posted in What Game Are You Planning on Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash 27 days ago

    Probably some more Xenoblade 2. I'm too far in to give up now...

    Posted in What Game Are You Planning on Playing This Weekend?

  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash 28 days ago

    This was absolutely the coolest game I saw in the Nindies presentation. I'm a sucker for NES-styled platformers. If this hits anywhere the level of Shovel Knight as mentioned, we're in for some good times!

    Posted in The Messenger Could be the Next Shovel Knight: Switch Indies to Watch

  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash 29 days ago

    I don't know if a union is going to help if you've got lots of folks clamoring to get into game development. Too much supply, I guess.

    That being said, crunch happens in other industries as well. My brother is dealing with it at his aerospace engineering firm. I've dealt with it to a more limited degree, but in an academic environment, so it's not as bad. Regardless, it's no fun, and I can see why folks would be upset about working long hours if there isn't any additional compensation for it.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Pro-Union Advocates Show Up in Full Force at GDC Union Roundtable Discussion

  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash A month ago

    Well, that's disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. I didn't really cotton to the first game either, so I wasn't expecting much. At least it sounds like it's somewhat competent, but I'll definitely be waiting for a sale.

    Posted in Ni No Kuni 2 Review

  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash A month ago

    @Hoolo : I was hoping someone would mention Black Sigil! Honestly, it's pretty rough until about the ten-hour mark, then it gets good for quite some time before becoming pitifully easy. That's a bit jarring given that the game starts out quite difficult, with the House of Black Stone being one of the toughest areas in the game.

    I've been tempted to take up DS hacking just to see if I could fix up some of the bugs and balance issues. That's really all it needs to be a bonafide great game.

    Posted in What's Your Favorite Critically or Fan-Panned Game?

  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash A month ago
  • Avatar for SargeSmash SargeSmash A month ago

    @Godots17thCup : I can totally relate. Most of my games were bought on special from various places, especially video stores and pawn shops. But I do have fond memories of visiting the local Toys 'R' Us (by local, I mean an hour away) and playing games that I would pretty much not own for years and years. I particularly remember being enamored with both Mario 64 and Panzer Dragoon Zwei.

    Also, does anyone remember the old NES demo units that had like 10-15 games? There was one of those in the local Walmart for some time, and it was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid.

    Posted in RIP Toys R Us: The Giant Corporation That Weirdly Controlled My Childhood