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  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 7 days ago

    It showed the USD equivalent to the right of each option when I switched from portrait to landscape on my phone.

    Posted in Come and Take the USgamer Readership Survey 2018

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 2 months ago


    It’s interesting to try and link SSRI use to violence when they’ve been repeatedly shown to reduce violence. But it’s getting into an overly circumstantial set of events to go with “SSRIs and violent games together did this” when the positive effects of these medications (particularly with well done therapy) has been repeatedly shown to benefit people.

    One also doesn’t put out a sporadic highlight reel of violence when they aren’t already pushing a specific take.

    Posted in Video Game Scapegoating is More Shameless Than Ever

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 2 months ago

    The article has some good ideas in terms of where Bungie could/should go; however, I don’t really know that anything would put me back into Destiny 2 on a regular basis. My rotating group of friends and acquaintances (about 15 consistently on Destiny 1 for the first 6 months or more of the launch and yearly “expansions”, but consistently 6-7 in the first couple months of Destiny 2) all put 500+ hours apiece in the first Destiny, but only 1-2 of that set still plays Destiny on a weekly basis. A few of us did the Verses grind-fest in the recent Osiris add-on, but I haven’t even convinced myself to finish the main story portion of that.

    The game isn’t even “bad”, it just lacks a reason to put time in beyond the raid. Even if it was to have a significant overhaul, it’s hard for me to justify going back to it when Monster Hunter is still pretty fresh—not to mention a mixture of backlog and games I want to replay (Witcher 3 on One X, some of the Kingdom Hearts Collection on PS4, etc).

    That being said, I’m very likely to pick up Destiny 3 when that comes out.

    Posted in How Destiny 2 Can Win Us Back

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 2 months ago


    They’re so much better than the originals too. I’ve been hoping they’d bring these to console, since I really like the first one on PC and many of my friends won’t mess with PC. They really capture the Adventure FPS style of the 90s (like a simpler Jedi Knight), which isn’t seen enough these days.

    Posted in Turok 1 and 2 Coming to Xbox One from System Shock Remake Devs

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 3 months ago

    A large part of this problem seems to be that the game’s industry hasn’t been eager enough to self-regulate in terms of the “minimum” described below by Sen. Hassan—most of the heat from this situation would go away if the industry immediately started labeling games as having the boxes, and provided in-game (and online) listings of the drop rates (such as China recently did).

    As a mental health professional, I firmly believe that game “addiction” can occur; however, I feel that we’re moving the wrong way by acting like “gaming disorder” is distinct when we simply use the specific substance to describe a use/abuse/dependence disorder (alcohol use disorder vs opiate use disorder) since the individual reason for misuse of any substance is often more meaningful than getting hung up on me “oh it’s the video games, we should act like it needs its own set of disorders”. It’s also clear to me that loot boxes are frequently exploitative; however, this problem isn’t anywhere near to a video game only problem. Cereals, toys, trading card games, and even games with perceived “benign” loot boxes (Overwatch) all use methods to tilt people towards buying into (or more of) their product. Regardless of whether game related issues get a specific disorder, the industry isn’t helping themselves by fighting the gambling/addiction aspect instead of just labeling games more effectively.

    “While there is robust debate over whether loot boxes should be considered gambling, the fact that they are both expensive habits and use similar psychological principles suggest loot boxes should be treated with extra scrutiny. At minimum, the rating system should denote when loot boxes are utilized in physical copies of electronic games.“

    Posted in U.S. Senator Urges ESRB to Review Ratings Process in Response to Loot Box Controversy

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 4 months ago

    TWEWY has one of the most fun soundtracks in games. I don’t always want that style of music, but it works well with the fast paced gameplay.

    Posted in The World Ends with You: Final Remix is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 5 months ago

    I’ll wait and see if the raid lair draws my group back in, but I’m kind of doubting that it will beyond trying it a couple times. A friend and I were joking that the One X patch was more exciting than the Osiris expansion (it is!)

    My Destiny clan members and I did hop on to help max out our clan level for “season one” (the base game) and get the alternate colored clan banner stage, but only a couple people out of ~20 of us had even been on Destiny at all in the last month.

    Posted in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Finally Lets Other Enemies Shine, But That's About It

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 6 months ago

    The existence of a strong secondary market doesn’t make the TCG comparison any less apt. If anything, the monetary values and chance of getting a high value card to cash in on (or get more trades for) provides a more traditional “gambling” connotation. Both loot boxes and TCGs (and any “blind box” mechanism) have the key part of gambling and addictiction with their inconsistent reward cycle—sometimes you get great stuff, sometimes lesser, but you can’t guarantee you’ll get something of particularly high value every time (and I don’t count knowing you get a “rare” rank card in every pack of cards as “consistent reward” when different ones have different usefulness, particularly with a secondary trade market).

    Keep in mind that I’m not saying loot boxes are examples of “good” ethics and morals. I’m just discussing it from an addiction/gambling research perspective. I personally don’t have an issue most “blind boxes” (particularly not TCGs), but coming to a legal consensus that hits one side but not the other is challenging to say the least.

    Posted in "It's Awkward Right Now:" What Some in the Games Industry Think of the Rise of the Loot Box in 2017

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 6 months ago

    My other concern with this one is that it won’t be limited just to EA/Battlefront. What’s to keep overly active interventions from deciding that any “blind box” or TCG (such as Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone) from being knocked out as well? They’re not that different in terms of randomization from packs that a consumer would buy.

    In terms of any new laws that could be written, it would be quite hard to distinguish cosmetic boxes (Overwatch) from skill cards (Battlefront). I don’t think the argument of “well one of those grants an advantage and is bad” stands up in the context of gambling either, as gambling itself has nothing to do with buying advantages.

    Posted in Hawaii Will Investigate "Predatory" Loot Boxes, Potentially Pursue Legislation to Ban Them

  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond ShadowTheSecond 6 months ago

    I do like that they bothered to make the 4K, HDR, and Enhanced distinctions on the boxes and online lists. It’s at least nice to know what the One X will do for a given game without resorting to a forum to find said information.

    Posted in "Xbox One X Enhanced" Doesn't Always Mean What You Think It Does